Amendment C postcards hitting mailboxes statewide

Through member organization Americans for Prosperity group, South Dakotans Against Higher Taxes has sent a postcard statewide in favor of Amendment C, to put tax increasing measures on the same playing level at the ballot box as the hurdles that tax increases face in the South Dakota State legislature.

As noted by the Secretary of State, in a rare move, the statewide measure will be on the ballot next June:


Absentee voting for the measure begins April 22, 2022.

16 thoughts on “Amendment C postcards hitting mailboxes statewide”

    1. Are you sure? It kind of has a defensive feel to it.

      I mean .. I’m most certainly the village idiot and not worthy of anyone’s attention or consideration, so take this with a grain of salt, but …

      Doesn’t this prevent out of state money from coming into South Dakota and raising property taxes to force the poorer people (and eventually the rich people who are made poor through attrition of economic warfare) off their property that it might be consolidated by truly magnificent *cough* warriors for truth and Justice like Bill Gates?

    2. Anything that makes it a bit harder for a motivated plurality of voters to rise up in a down election cycle and reverse the duly elected legislature by putting the same threshold on them too is ok by me, especially when it’s a budget / tax matter. Is it “body elect” or “body present?” Hopefully the former.

  1. If you look up their website, you will find no one on this board or their officers are from SD.
    Keep the SD way of life it says. Baloney!! I called this a long time ago. I knew the ambulance chaser would find out of state money to get the ball rolling. Easy no vote.

  2. I will vote yes on C. It will keep a simple majority from imposing higher taxes on the rest of the people. Just like laws that require 60% for bond issues.

    1. I will vote no on C, it will keep the minority from imposing their will on the majority under the veil of “taxes”. This whole boomer notion of “your vote no longer matters” is getting old, quit changing the rules to get your way.

  3. What it really does is move the required vote total from 50% to 60% for initiated measures because ever measure can be interpreted to cost money, is this good or bad, depends on your believe if people can overrule the Legislature with a simple majority. There have been many times your taxes have been increased by expenditures put in the general budget which only requires a simple majority to pass. I always believed 60% should have been required for all expenses.

    1. There’s a clear legal definition of where the 60 percent threshold applies. C seems to clarify and clearly make the standing policy consistent. Over-reach-as-an-argument is overreach.

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