6 thoughts on “Anti-Sly ad from SD Taxpayers PAC”

  1. Mr Powers, I have watched this blog and occasionally participated anonymously. I want to tell you that many of us are shocked at the unorthodox Republicanism that you and many of your pro establishment supporters push.

    When did the SD Republican Party become the party of tax and spend? The proabortion party? The pro LGBT party?

    The only consistency we see on here is that conservatives who actually try to be Republicans in our government will be attacked by you and the establishment. And anyone who increases racing and spending and even abortion, will be promoted.

    Is there any truth to the urban legend that many of these politicians you support are former Democrats?

    I am truly sickened by what I am seeing in the Republican Party.

    1. So, you are saying that we shouldn’t have raised taxes to improve roads or bridges two years ago? Or we shouldn’t have raised taxes to increase state aid to schools/continue property tax reduction? I think you are forgetting why any society would agree to be governed in the first place: to provide infrastructure that an individual cannot provide alone. Both decisions were certainly difficult, but the alternative is roads/ bridges crumbling and schools without teachers and 35+ students in a classroom. Before you start saying that PP is abandoning the GOP, consider that the abandonment may be from those on the fringe that are forgetting the true purpose of a government. Go back to the basics.

      1. crumbling roads and bridges? the 2012 DOT annual report states SD has the lowest percentage of deficient bridges in the nation,,,, yet we are in a crisis 2 years later,, rrrrright,,,

        107 million tax increase to give 65 million to teachers ? are you gullible enough to believe that the “property tax relief” will continue for more than a couple years ? why increase one tax to pay another – is that your definition of tax relief ? teachers will receive very little of the revenue this tax will generate over the next 20 years, wanna see that spreadsheet?

  2. Humorously, when Rep Sly votes with a majority of Republicans in the legislature, her vote reflects the Republican point of view. These anti-republicans have the same economic perspective as Bernie sanders. They want to ignore the market and use fake math – they are socialists in conservative drag. We real Republicans are tired of these phonies – go hang with your bad at mathbuddy Bernie

  3. liars calling lairs; there is no difference; you are all just as full of it

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