89 Replies to “Are you one of the “deplorables?””

  1. duggersd

    I don’t let other people define what I am. Just because I, like Hillary Clinton did a few years ago, believe marriage is a union of one man and one woman, that does not make me a homophobe. Just because I believe people who come to this country should be here legally, that does not make me a xenophobe. Just because I am willing to refer to people trying to kill people in the name of Islam Islamic terrorists, it does not make me an islamophobe. But to Hillary Clinton and many people who follow her, I am one of what she calls the deplorables. Fine, let her think so, but after I vote, it will be nice to see her into her retirement.

    1. Anonymous

      Amen, Dugger! And I am proud to be one of her so-called “deplorables.” She can apologize, even if half-heartedly and forced to, but it will never erase this statement which reveals her true contempt for the people who disagree with her.

    2. jimmy james

      No, not half. Way less than half of his supporters are “deplorable”. But there are more than a few, to be honest.

      What I think she meant to say is that half of the Republican ticket is a basket of deplorables.

  2. Porter Lansing

    Yes. I am deplorable. Don Trump says so …… over and over and over. I’m a few of these. You guess which.
    Women – Mexicans – Muslims – P.O.W.’s – The Disabled – The Pope – Native Americans and on and on and on. So now, a strong women stands up to those that agree with his insults and she’s the bully? Not Don Trump, who does it daily? This is a double-standard women live with every day of their lives. Biased media? Seems they castigate the woman much more than the male candidate. At least she walked it back. He’s still gyrating and imitating a poor disabled reporter while his crowd cheers. The media has been more than fair to Don Trump.

    1. duggersd

      Strong woman???!!!??? This is a woman who would not be in the position she is in if she were not married to Bill Clinton. Her marriage to him made it possible for her to be a Senator who accomplished 0, a SOS as a consolation prize and accomplished more death and destruction than what was there before and a nomination to be President of the United States. And how did this “strong” woman accomplish this? By being weak and being the doormat her husband believes women to be and staying married to him. This is her payback for “standing by her man”. A nomination. BTW, the Donald has had his share of criticism as well.

      1. Porter Lansing

        A very strong woman and an equal member of The Clintons. I think she and all strong women scare the Dickens out of you. She’s been a tireless advocate for women’s, minority’s and the underprivileged’s rights since Vietnam. Trump is really good at Country Club locker room mysogenist, women demeaning jokes and abusing poor people.

        1. Mr. Neiloh

          What is your definition of a ‘strong woman”? I think I am married to a strong woman. i would argue that she is no where near like Hillary.

          Yes you are right that a strong woman scares me. My wife scares me sometimes when I have done something wrong.

          I have loved this woman for over 25 years.

        2. duggersd

          One of my heroines was Maggy Thatcher. I also admired Golda Meir. I admired Mother Theresa. No, I have no fear of strong women. I do have a fear of what happens if a weak woman who you cannot even name an accomplishment she made without her husband at her side.

          1. Porter Lansing

            Why should she seperate herself from a successful partnership? To please your negativity bias? You sit down and watch, also. See how winners operate.

                1. duggersd

                  OK. this names three accomplishments. Let’s see. First accomplishment: HillaryCare–which failed. Second: First woman elected to Senate from NY–unable to be accomplished without her husband’s name as mentioned in a previous post. Third accomplishment: Vistited 127 countries and “repaired” the way we are viewed in the world. Russia, China and Iran all mock us and our allies are afraid we don’t have their backs. This is not a week argument, it is one you cannot answer.

      2. Anne Beal

        I agree that “strong woman” actually serves as a bad example to young wives everywhere. Should have given that hound dog the boot years ago, for all we know the Clintons are both infected with STDs. The problem actually became a joke on “”The Good Wife:” Baranski’s character gestured to a photo of Hillary in her office and tells Margulies’ character “if she can do it (stay married to a philanderer) you can.”
        Now that “strong woman” tires easily, loses her phone and falls down a lot. Old age ain’t for sissies, but it gets to most of us eventually. Hard to imagine that her family really wants to watch her kill herself in her quest for the presidency. This spectacle is really getting painful to watch.

        1. Porter Lansing

          So is listening to your jealousy of the most admired woman in USA. The only thing more tedious was your foolishness about the grestest President of our lifetime being unqualified for service. He kicked Republican butt for 8 yesrs and she’ll be even better. Sit down before you hurt yourself Anne.

    2. Anonymous

      You might be deplorable, but I don’t think Trump ever called you that, even if you are a woman, a Mexican or whatever.

    3. Tara Volesky

      Porter, Trump has used those gestors many times making fun of Bush and others. He was not making fun of the reporter’s disability. He was making fun of his reporting. The media got caught in a lie by diverting attention away from the reporter’s article and news reports of cheering by radical Islamics when the twin towers came down. Just to set the record straight, the disabled reporter can’t even move his arm. Fact check by watching the full explanation of the story behind the clip.

  3. Troy Jones

    I’m proud to be called deplorable by someone who is as corrupt as Hillary. Isn’t that what the criminals call the police too?

    1. Porter Lansing

      Well, you are deplorable. Even worse, you’re a venture capitalist in the vein of a Mitt Romney, Ebenezer Scrooge and Theodore Mooney. Donate to Trump, big talker.

          1. Mr. Neiloh

            I tried doing that Porter, my problem is I love to work. I let my wife have all the fun.

            Still an evil business owner…..

    2. Jaa Dee

      — Was she talking about you? Are you a supporter of these Trump supporters? Are you going to defend these? You can agree they are “deplorable” or you can agree with them. Which is it? Why do they support Trump?

      David Duke, former Klan leader and a virulent anti-Semite, has asked his supporters to back Donald Trump. Duke has been active in the white supremacist movement for more than 40 years.

      Andrew Anglin, who runs the neo-Nazi website, the Daily Stormer. Anglin’s site is filled with virulently racist and anti-Semitic articles.

      Lee Rogers, who runs the neo-Nazi website Infostormer. Rogers posts viciously racist and anti-Semitic articles on his site.

      William Johnson, the head of the white supremacist American Freedom Party, has created the American National Super PAC, which has paid for a series of robocalls supporting Donald Trump for president. The calls disparage minorities and promote white nationalism.

      Jared Taylor, who runs the white supremacist site American Renaissance. The American Renaissance site features articles that purport to demonstrate the intellectual and cultural superiority of whites.

      Richard Spencer, the head of National Policy Institute, a small white supremacist think tank.

      Kevin MacDonald, a notorious anti-Semite, and retired professor, has said that electing Donald Trump “may be the last chance for Whites to elect a president who represents their interests.” MacDonald is also a leader in the American Freedom Party.

      Matthew Heimbach, a racist and anti-Semite who founded the white supremacist Traditionalist Youth Network.

      Rachel Pendergraft, a spokesperson for the Knights Party, a Klan group based in Arkansas says that her groups uses Trump’s candidacy as a “talking point” in feeling out potential recruits.

      Don Black, who runs Stormfront, the largest white supremacist Internet forum.

      1. duggersd

        Just because a fringe group supports a certain candidate, that does not mean that the candidate supports that fringe group. BTW, the Communist Party has come out in support of Hillary.

        1. Jaa Dee

          Have you conveniently forgotten the topic? Do you consider commies “deplorable”? Was she talking about you? Are you a supporter of these Trump supporters? Are you going to defend these? You can agree they are “deplorable” or you can agree with them. Which is it? Why do they support Trump?—— Can you not answer questions?

          Has Trump disavowed these groups after he lied about not knowing about Duke?

          Answer my questions….!

          1. duggersd

            Um, you are the one who is lumping trump with groups of what many would call undesirable endorsements. And yes, Trump has disavowed Duke and other groups. “TRUMP: Ok, so let me tell you. I’m sitting in a house in Florida with a very bad ear piece that they gave me and you can hardly hear what he was saying. But what I heard was various groups — and I don’t mind disavowing anybody, and I disavowed David Duke and I disavowed him the day before at a major news conference, which is surprising because he was at the major news conference — CNN was at the major news conference and they heard me very easily disavow David Duke. Now I go and I sit down again. I have a lousy ear piece that is provided by them. And frankly, he talked about groups — he also talked about groups. And I have no problem with disavowing groups but I’d at least like to know who they are. It would be very unfair to disavow a group, Matt, if the group shouldn’t be disavowed. I have to know who the groups are. But I disavowed David Duke. Now, if you look on Facebook right after that, I also disavowed David Duke. When we looked at it — looked at the question, I disavowed David Duke. So, I disavowed David Duke all weekend long on Facebook, on Twitter and, obviously it’s never enough. Ridiculous.”

  4. Porter Lansing

    #LyinTed? #LittleMarco? #CrookedHillary? These are just projections by a common con-man. It is and will always be #DonTheCon.

  5. Michael Wyland

    I told people early last spring that only one thing could derail Trump. If he were ever caught insulting his own supporters, he’d be toast. [He came close in Iowa, but he successfully walked it back.] It never occurred to me that Hillary Clinton would insult his supporters first.

    In addition to putting her on the wrong side of multiple news cycles, what that does is exacerbate the already large “enthusiasm gap” between Trump supporters and Hillary supporters.

    This enthusiasm gap is already showing up in the difference between “registered voters” polling and “likely voters” polling. It may be even more significant when one examines the composition of polling samples. Some polls are defining their 2016 samples based on 2008 and 2012 turnout. This may be a mistake, for at least two GOP-favorable reasons. First, it may overcount African American voters who are less motivated to turn out for Hillary than they were for Obama. Second, it may undercount “Tea Party” voters who didn’t yet have that name in 2008 and who were not as motivated to support Romney in 2012 as they may be to support Trump (or oppose Hillary) in 2016.

    1. Mr. Neiloh

      If I may expand on your point Mr. Wyland, I have one other thought that might derail Mr. Trump. It has to do with whether or not most conservatives think that he is actually a Republican. Mr. Trump has given money to people, such as Hillary Clinton, and organizations that make many conservatives hesitant to vote for Mr. Trump.

      Your thought Mr. Wyland?

      1. Michael Wyland

        Personally, I think that’s far less of a concern. Trump’s primary appeal has always been that he’s an iconoclast. The electorate across the ideological spectrum is eager for a candidate who breaks molds and tells uncomfortable truths while identifying with voters’ fears and aspirations. He appears significantly more conservative than Hillary, but few voters seriously believe he’s a conservative by any conventional contemporary definition.

        On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders, a socialist who only briefly identified as a Democrat, nearly won the Democratic presidential nomination against all odds. If fact, if it weren’t for the Democratic Party’s reliance on superdelegates, one could argue that Sanders would have beaten Hillary. Many Democrats don’t know what a socialist really is, but they supported Sanders because he was a breath of fresh air – an iconoclast compared to the establishment Hillary.

        Back to Trump for a second. Many voters supporting Trump would have been identified as “tea party” Republicans in 2010. However, many this group are neither conservative nor Republican. They’re more libertarian and contrarian than anything else. Also note the softness of support for Trump from the evangelical wing of the GOP. Arguably the evangelical vote is the one faction of the GOP suffering from low enthusiasm. If it weren’t for the fervor of keeping Hillary from the presidency, I suspect you’d see many social conservatives staying home (not voting) this year.

        As it is, I see many voters, especially on the GOP side, voting for neither Trump nor Clinton for president but voting in the “down-ballot” races; i.e., Congressional, state, and local.

        1. Porter Lansing

          The only voting block with a Trump majority is white males with no higher education at all. Analysis reveals it’s psychologically easier for them to blame the gov’t or any outside influence than to blame themselves for being underachievers.

          1. Michael Wyland

            That depends on which poll or polls one is reviewing. I’m open to being corrected on this point, but I remember during the primaries hearing reports and reading stories about Trump’s support not being limited to relatively uneducated white males. Of course, the electorate has been especially volatile this year, so what was true a few months (or even weeks) ago may no longer be true.

          2. Springer

            Don’t know where you are getting your info, Porter, other than the talking points of the Dems. And your elitism is showing too. In the first place, you have no right to label a person without a higher education as an underachiever. I know many people who don’t have a formal higher education but are “achieving” very well in their lives. I also know many more white males and females with college degrees who are avid Trump supporters (you know, part of that whole deplorable crowd). I also believe that many people, regardless of education level, could and would “achieve” more if the govt would get off our backs, i.e. regulations, taxes, etc. But you can continue to live in your bubble; it’s always entertaining to see your world view from that insulated Dem bubble.

            1. Porter Lansing

              Sounds like I hit a nerve. It’s a legitmate voting block and they’re/you’re the ones blaming others and our gov’t for their problems. All indices show how much things have improved. If they haven’t for you you should have gone back for updated training instead of blaming the gov’t.

          3. Steve Sibson

            “Analysis reveals it’s psychologically easier for them to blame the gov’t or any outside influence than to blame themselves for being underachievers.”

            You must be talking about welfare recipients who vote Democrat because they believe the Neo-Marxist propaganda.

            1. Porter Lansing

              My God. You’re that guy Sibby, aren’t you. The one with paranoia as deep as T.F.’d Nick’s borehole. I’m with the Illuminated Bildeberger Rothchild clan. Nice to meet ‘cha, Sinby.

              1. Steve Sibson

                Thanks for showing how much of a fool you are. Got called out for hypocrisy and you resort to personal attacks designed to avoid reality. Kind of like calling people you disagree with…deplorable.

          4. Anonymous

            Higher education doesn’t mean higher morals or better values. A lot of “highly educated” people are the scum of the earth because they have no moral base and are selfish, arrogant jerks-basically all of Hollywood. You sure come off as if you think you are a really intelligent guy, but I don’t equate that with being a worthwhile individual.

  6. MK

    I’m a “deplorable” too! Not really sure why Porter trolls this sight. The comments that are made have very little insight; lots of complaining, but no direction. It will be exciting to read the enthusiastic comments when Trump wins!!

  7. Anonymous

    I think she only referred to half of trump’s supporters as deplorable, so you can’t all be deplorable…sorry.

    1. Anne Beal

      Exactly. Everybody knows a judge’s demographic has no bearing on his decisions. That’s why the bench is staffed with nothing but white males. No need for diversity in the judiciary, they all think alike.

  8. Troy Jones

    Jaa Dee,

    Here is the point: Referring to people as “deplorables” (rather than their behavior/thought as deplorable, a distinction worth noting) is strikingly similar to Nazi reference to “parasitic vermin” and “deviants” who deserved euthanasia, eugenics, or the final solution.

    And then she went further to describe the other half of Trump supporters as dupes.

    Personally, I’ll stand with anyone who someone powerful wants to denigrate their humanity and deem them undesirable or deplorable, even those who I disagree with vigorously.

    But, to answer your question, I find everything about Nazism’s philosophy and actions deserving of firm denunciation.

    1. Porter Lansing

      The first person in any discussion that references Nazis automatically loses the interest of everyone else. It’s demeaning to Jews.

  9. Adam Zobel

    Porter, no one who is a legitimate champion of women or LBGT people would accept millions of dollars in contributions from oppressive regimes such as Saudi Arabia.

  10. Troy Jones


    What are you apologizing for?

    Saying outloud what you think or saying that which you don’t think to be true?

          1. duggersd

            It is interesting that you complain about the insults that DT uses on his opponents, but then resort to name calling rather than offering a response. I knew you could not help yourself. As I told you long ago, I truly hope you do not break your neck when you sit down.

            1. Porter Lansing

              Isn’t it hard to dance with that self-righteous stick up your butt? I knew it would offend you and it was just too easy to pick on you. Lighten up, Doug.

                1. duggersd

                  Not offended. I am just amused you have such a lack of intelligence that instead of offering a legitimate argument, you just resort to name-calling.

  11. jimmy james

    Trump complaining about an insult? Really? And today he says that the debate moderators won’t be fair to him. Poor little Donald.

    Wake me when its over.

  12. Charlie Hoffman

    I actually see all this in a totally different viewpoint similar to the Oakland Raiders and Pittsburg Steelers of the 1970’s. Both were the Bad Boy teams of the NFL and cocked off rocket illegal hits anytime they could, not caring about penalties knowing fear (or respect) is what they yearned for.
    Trump knew all along the ego of his opponents would not sit idly by and gush out niceties while he attacked their weaknesses. Hillary just took his bait and he can go on script from now on looking Presidential while she sadly carries the nasty B label.

    1. Porter Lansing

      You’re calling Hillary a bitch. That’s a clear window into your respect issues for women and the self-esteem that fuels it.

      1. Springer

        Whether or not a person respects Hillary, a corrupt proven liar, has no bearing on a person’s respect for women in general.

  13. Charlie Hoffman

    No prejudice though JJ. I’d probably do it too if I had the had the chance. I’m a sucker for easy money.

  14. oldguy

    What bothers me about all of this is the President is President for all of the people not just people who vote for them. Why would you call any American names when you just disagree with them?

  15. jimmy james

    They will be writing books about this guy for a hundred years or more. How could it happen? A guy with no experience, virtually no knowledge of the issues and a total lack of temperament wins the nomination of a major Party. And could even win the Presidency.

    It’ll be without my help. Or vote. Never Deplorable!

    1. Springer

      I will take a guy with a wealth of business and interpersonal relationship experience over a person who has spent her entire career seeking power and influence via any means she can, has no qualms about lying to everyone about anything, and has no respect for over half of the American populace. And I think his temperament is just fine, thank you. It can be forceful or thoughtful depending on the situation. I actually believe she has the worse temperament but is just better at hiding it and not allowing anyone to report on it. You are right that they will probably write books about Trump for years, and I hope for the sake of this nation that these books will be able to include his time as President of the USA!

  16. Spencer

    Pat, I think liberals know this one really hurts. Better yet, this one you can use against her while letting the health issue and all the lies surrounding it slowly eat her campaign up. It is the perfect one-two punch at a terrible time for her. Just look at their desperate attempts to spin and excuse.

  17. Porter Lansing

    Sure, Troy. I was wrong to interject your occupation into a conversation about how well Candidate Clinton will be our next world leader. And I see no reason to continue our personal feud. I respect your beliefs and that you use your real name. It has nothing to do with anyone else on this ship of fools. If anyone can remember, we all had this same exchange four years ago. Dems won then and bohica, now.

  18. Cliff Hadley

    Mrs. Clinton’s comment reminds me most of Adlai Stevenson’s response when told by a supporter that he had the support of “all thinking Americans”: “That’s not enough, madam. I need a majority!”

  19. Porter Lansing

    Right wing beginning to self cannabalize …..
    ~ NeverTrump for Dummies ~
    Bret Stephens, The Wall Street Journal
    Q: How can you call yourself a conservative columnist when you’re rooting for Hillary Clinton in this election? A: Because Donald Trump is anti-conservative, un-American, immoral and dangerous

    1. Steve Sibson

      Wall Street is not conservative. It is here for the liberal global corporate capitalists and Hillary is their puppet. Why are Neo-Marxists supporting a crony capitalist? Answer, because the Democratic leadership took out Bernie.

  20. Anonymous

    Porter must like to see himself in print. Of the 81 posts before this one, 25 were from him. Or maybe he thinks it’s his duty to impart some of his fantastic knowledge onto the feeble-minded masses.

  21. jimmy james

    This is one of the most serious decisions we will ever make. The rest of you can dream up all the excuses in the world to support our reality star candidate but I will not be voting to give a “birther” control of anything. And never, ever the nuclear codes.