Lora Hubbel removed from precinct office, so Jim Bradford must be a convicted felon. ….Wait, what? (UPDATED)

I don’t go looking for this stuff, but like many of us, for me sometimes crazy just pops up in my facebook feed.

Today’s cognitive dissonance has us swinging wildly from complaints from Lora Hubbel’s (very proper) removal from precinct office when she decided to run as a candidate on a ticket against the Republican candidates for Governor & Lt. Governor…. and somehow morphs that into Republican approval of Democrat legislator Jim Bradford… with the article alleging Bradford has multiple felony convictions on his record, including armed robbery

Here’s the facebook post by Lora Hubbel who couldn’t wait to give creedence to the wild accusation, followed by the linked article:


Why is Donald Trump America’s Hero? In South Dakota his numbers are running high, especially among women who have found it nearly impossible to get some footing in the state when it comes to political leadership unless of course you follow the current leadership’s directives. Last year, Lora Hubbel ran for Precinct Captain in Minnehaha County and won by more than 73% of the vote – votes by the GOP electorate in the county. Three months later, the state GOP leadership under the direction of Craig Lawrence, the state GOP Chair, changed the bylaws and made them retroactive, stating no member may hold a GOP office if they ran under another party.


Patty Shiery ran for State Senate for the Pine Ridge, SD seat. Shiery is part Native American and Pine Ridge houses the second largest Native American population, a population who is dying. The infant mortality rate is as much as 300% higher than the national average and unemployment is 80% during parts of the year. OF AMERICA’S TOP 11 POOREST COUNTIES, 6 ARE LOCATED IN SOUTH DAKOTA – MORE THAN HALF! The seat Shiery hoped to occupy for her people was tightly coveted by State Representative James Bradford. He challenged Shiery’s petitions and the Secretary of State upheld the challenge without telling Shiery what was upheld and why she was denied a place on the ballot.


When I went to pull up Shirlee Bradford’s case file, James Bradford had an entry as well:

Who is South Dakota Senator James Bradford?

Who the hell is Ralph Woody? Same person? You tell me because Ralph Woody has been in and out of federal prisons nearly his whole life:

Missouri State Pen #48087 P.G. to stealing in Stoddard & Cape Girardeau Counties, served 09/12/1983 to 06/09/1987
Missouri State Pen #15365 P.G. to receiving stolen property in Pemiscot, served 05/17/1968 to 04/27/1971
Missouri State Pen #09916 T.C. assault with intent to maim in Scott, served 03/13/1965 to
Missouri State Pen #73239 = P.G. to armed robbery & jail break in Madison, served 01/03/1958 to 12/10/1960
Also #8410-1509 USM Sioux Falls, SD
#19965-175 USP Leavenworth, KS
#90065-132 USP Leavenworth, KS

Who is South Dakota Senator James Bradford?

Same guy? Is this the man who taught school to children? The man the state opened a case for in 2003 when he was teaching and when he was a State Rep of South Dakota at the time and said nothing?

I don’t know what agency has to come and arrest the entire administration of South Dakota, but they better get there soon! Where’s Donald Trump!

Read all of this craziness here.

This seems to be the only article originating from “MediaAgnostic,” and I suspect it’s for good reason.  I find it difficult to believe someone exhibiting this kind of disjointed train of thought has the mental capacity to lift a hand and flop it around a keyboard accurately enough to form words. Because they aren’t forming anything coherent.

I really doubt Jim Bradford would have been in a penitentiary in Missouri from 1983-1987, and the state would have not noticed it in issuing a teacher’s certificate. Nevermind the fact he obtained a degree from Sinte Gleski in 1987.

And the accusation has nothing to do with Lora Hubbel at all. Aside from it being utterly off the wall.

I’m not sure who the author “MediaAgnostic” is, but obviously they have a beef with Bradford to accuse him of being a multiple felon.

And whatever they’re smoking? They had better stop RIGHT NOW. They can’t afford to lose anymore brain cells.


I notice I hit a couple of nerves with this story.

First, under the comment section for the post, it appears that former State Representative Patty Shiery pattyshiery(or someone claiming her e-mail address) is trying to push the claim that Representative Jim Bradford is actually a convicted felon who committed armed robbery, etc.

Hint to those trying to do ridiculous BS under my comment section which could prove libelous…. Yes, I’m going to look up your e-mail that you provided, so you can take responsibility for it.

Which just happens to be the e-mail used by Patty Shiery elsewhere on the internet.

Coincidentally, about the same time I pointed this out, the author of the original article posted a screed against me, and doubled down on Representative Jim Bradford, claiming that he is a convicted felon by the name of Ralph Woody, who killed a jailer trying to escape in 1968.

There’s no evidence at the moment of the identity of “MediaAgnostic” at the moment, but I’d try three guesses as to who it is. And I’m not thinking I’d need guess #2 or #3.  But, that’s just speculation on my part.

SD Democratic Blogger says exposure to plastic can make you gay.

Larry Kurtz, a New Mexico based blogger who lobs bombs in support of South Dakota Democrats has long been banned from this and other South Dakota related web sites because of a constant string of profanity, bigotry and other hate speech.

Recently, Kurtz, who writes the ‘South Dakota Progressive‘ blog announced on his personal blogsite that he knows the causes for homosexuality in humans.

How does he know this? Because he just knows!

Gender dysphoria linked to environmental contaminants

I am not convinced that a person’s sexual preference is determined at conception or at birth. I have lived with or near more LGBTQ people than many have and every story is different: from hatred of a parent to exposure to hormone-producing environmental contaminants and lack of circumcision.


Packaging, packaging, packaging! Phthalate-laden bottled water alone makes up 1.5 million tons of plastic each year.

This blog has been chronicling gender bending chemicals in the environment from its beginning.

Read that here.

I’m sure members of the scientific and LGBT communities will appreciate the information. So, according to Larry, exposure to plastic, or not having a circumcision can apparently make you gay.


Kathy Tyler trying to claim bias in her firing. It’s not working.

So much for the state constitution.

In a press release this AM, Kathy Tyler is trying to politicize the state constitution this morning by claiming it’s biased against Democrats because of EB-5., despite the federal program being younger by about 140-150 years than the state’s founding document.


PIERRE, SD — Republican leaders have fired a legislative secretary in the State House of Representatives, leaving Democrats wondering whether the incident is related to the EB-5 inquiry.

Republican and Democrat leaders are allowed to employ staff secretaries during the legislative session. Both Republicans and Democrats have Caucus secretaries. Because of their minority status the Democrats only have two — a secretary to the House Minority Leader and a secretary to the Senate Minority Leader.

House Minority Leader Spencer Hawley interviewed applicants and selected former legislator Kathy Tyler as the House secretary, but she received notice that she was terminated on Friday (Jan. 16). Republican leaders pointed to a constitutional provision (Article 3, Sec. 12) that says legislators may not have an interest in a state contract while in office or for a year after leaving office. The provision has proved controversial in the past because of its vagueness.

Read it here.

Controversial? Apparently Tyler doesn’t know her state constitution. Or bothered to look at the issue other than having her written hissy fit.

Because last I checked, it’s been far more Republicans who have been stung by this. Such as in the last time this came up in Pitts v. Larson.

[¶ 5.] On February 9, 2001, the Attorney General of South Dakota learned from the media that Pitts was a state employee. The Attorney General advised Pitts that her employment with SDSU CES and her position as a member of the House of Representatives presented a conflict of interest. Pitts, her attorney and the Attorney General’s Office entered into discussions on the matter. At the conclusion of the discussions, Pitts was advised that if she continued her employment with the State after July 1, 2001, the date on which the General Appropriation Bill was to take effect, her employment contract would be voided and she would not receive any compensation for her services.

It was pretty cut and dried the last time the issue came up. If Kathy Tyler had bothered to look at the history of this constitutional provision she would have quickly found that it was neither controversial nor should it have come as a surprise.

For something she should have clearly realized, pouting about it in the manner she is just diminishes Tyler’s prior service and makes her look silly.

And that’s not shocking given her tenure.

Howie trying to convince people that Bosworth should be let off.

Gordon Howie, who abandoned the Republican party to run for US Senate as an Independent and received 3% of the vote, penned a missive today trying to convince the Attorney General to dismiss the felony charges against Annette Bosworth.  And in doing so, Howie underlines a shocking belief that rules should not apply to him and his friends:

She allegedly was not “in the room” when the actual signatures were affixed to the petitions. On the dates in question, she was actually on a missions trip in the Philippines (perhaps also a crime in the minds of some).

If she WASN”T in the room… is that REALLY worthy of twelve felony charges, or is it legal (or political) over-reach?


At Lincoln Day dinners across the state, Republicans routinely send their petitions around the room. They do not personally witness each signature, but sign the “oath” that they did. I would venture to say that even our Attorney General may be guilty of this practice. PLEASE, Marty, say it isn’t so… not even ONE?


You can make up your own mind, but I think the Attorney General, the people of South Dakota and the “integrity of our elections” would be well served by dismissing the charges. At the very least, offering a generous plea bargain that does not include a felony.

It’s time to move on, and give Annette her life back!

Read it here.

“It’s time to move on, and give Annette her life back?” Gordon may sympathize with Annette because they shared the same former S&M porn photographer who acted as consultant for both, but it shows a lack of knowledge when it comes to elections, as well as some questionable ethics.

Gordon seems to be operating under a theme of “But, everyone does it,” trying to claim that “even our Attorney General may be guilty of this practice,” referring to randomly circulating petitions for office at GOP dinners.What happened to the rule of law, and why is Gordon arguing it should be suspended?

(Also, the problem with Howie’s claim?  Candidates for Attorney General don’t circulate petitions. They’re nominated at their respective convention.)

In the past, Gordon has written about oaths and the importance of keeping them. The candidate swears an oath on the petition attesting to the fact that they were the person who circulating it. Why does this oath not matter to Gordon? We can only speculate.

But in the same breath as we point out he’s demanded adherence to oaths, Gordon’s request for leniency in Annette Bosworth’s case seems reminiscent of his same pleas when his friend Stephanie Strong lost a court case against Brian Gosch. Which again seems to ignore the rule of law:

The State leadership team and the Pennington County Republican leadership team should join together and make a clear, formal, written request to Speaker Gosh and his attorney to withdraw their motion against Stephanie Strong. That might make their cries for unity a bit more believable.

If State and County Republican leaders are serious about unity, they need to end the harrassment and disenfranchisement of conservatives. The dismissal of the action against Strong is where they need to start.

Read that here.

In case you’re wondering about the Strong case, Stephanie Strong lost her court case back in April, was ordered to pay over $30,000 in attorney fees, and as recently as this last week I’m told she has yet to pay anything to clear her debt.

I guess I’m troubled by Gordon (who keeps running for office) touting himself as a constitutional conservative. Because most of the conservatives I know follow the law, but here’s yet another example of Gordon arguing for it’s non-application.

What do you think?  Should constitutional conservatives be arguing for laws to be followed, instead of being ignored?