Lora Hubbel removed from precinct office, so Jim Bradford must be a convicted felon. ….Wait, what? (UPDATED)

I don’t go looking for this stuff, but like many of us, for me sometimes crazy just pops up in my facebook feed.

Today’s cognitive dissonance has us swinging wildly from complaints from Lora Hubbel’s (very proper) removal from precinct office when she decided to run as a candidate on a ticket against the Republican candidates for Governor & Lt. Governor…. and somehow morphs that into Republican approval of Democrat legislator Jim Bradford… with the article alleging Bradford has multiple felony convictions on his record, including armed robbery

Here’s the facebook post by Lora Hubbel who couldn’t wait to give creedence to the wild accusation, followed by the linked article:


Why is Donald Trump America’s Hero? In South Dakota his numbers are running high, especially among women who have found it nearly impossible to get some footing in the state when it comes to political leadership unless of course you follow the current leadership’s directives. Last year, Lora Hubbel ran for Precinct Captain in Minnehaha County and won by more than 73% of the vote – votes by the GOP electorate in the county. Three months later, the state GOP leadership under the direction of Craig Lawrence, the state GOP Chair, changed the bylaws and made them retroactive, stating no member may hold a GOP office if they ran under another party.


Patty Shiery ran for State Senate for the Pine Ridge, SD seat. Shiery is part Native American and Pine Ridge houses the second largest Native American population, a population who is dying. The infant mortality rate is as much as 300% higher than the national average and unemployment is 80% during parts of the year. OF AMERICA’S TOP 11 POOREST COUNTIES, 6 ARE LOCATED IN SOUTH DAKOTA – MORE THAN HALF! The seat Shiery hoped to occupy for her people was tightly coveted by State Representative James Bradford. He challenged Shiery’s petitions and the Secretary of State upheld the challenge without telling Shiery what was upheld and why she was denied a place on the ballot.


When I went to pull up Shirlee Bradford’s case file, James Bradford had an entry as well:

Who is South Dakota Senator James Bradford?

Who the hell is Ralph Woody? Same person? You tell me because Ralph Woody has been in and out of federal prisons nearly his whole life:

Missouri State Pen #48087 P.G. to stealing in Stoddard & Cape Girardeau Counties, served 09/12/1983 to 06/09/1987
Missouri State Pen #15365 P.G. to receiving stolen property in Pemiscot, served 05/17/1968 to 04/27/1971
Missouri State Pen #09916 T.C. assault with intent to maim in Scott, served 03/13/1965 to
Missouri State Pen #73239 = P.G. to armed robbery & jail break in Madison, served 01/03/1958 to 12/10/1960
Also #8410-1509 USM Sioux Falls, SD
#19965-175 USP Leavenworth, KS
#90065-132 USP Leavenworth, KS

Who is South Dakota Senator James Bradford?

Same guy? Is this the man who taught school to children? The man the state opened a case for in 2003 when he was teaching and when he was a State Rep of South Dakota at the time and said nothing?

I don’t know what agency has to come and arrest the entire administration of South Dakota, but they better get there soon! Where’s Donald Trump!

Read all of this craziness here.

This seems to be the only article originating from “MediaAgnostic,” and I suspect it’s for good reason.  I find it difficult to believe someone exhibiting this kind of disjointed train of thought has the mental capacity to lift a hand and flop it around a keyboard accurately enough to form words. Because they aren’t forming anything coherent.

I really doubt Jim Bradford would have been in a penitentiary in Missouri from 1983-1987, and the state would have not noticed it in issuing a teacher’s certificate. Nevermind the fact he obtained a degree from Sinte Gleski in 1987.

And the accusation has nothing to do with Lora Hubbel at all. Aside from it being utterly off the wall.

I’m not sure who the author “MediaAgnostic” is, but obviously they have a beef with Bradford to accuse him of being a multiple felon.

And whatever they’re smoking? They had better stop RIGHT NOW. They can’t afford to lose anymore brain cells.


I notice I hit a couple of nerves with this story.

First, under the comment section for the post, it appears that former State Representative Patty Shiery pattyshiery(or someone claiming her e-mail address) is trying to push the claim that Representative Jim Bradford is actually a convicted felon who committed armed robbery, etc.

Hint to those trying to do ridiculous BS under my comment section which could prove libelous…. Yes, I’m going to look up your e-mail that you provided, so you can take responsibility for it.

Which just happens to be the e-mail used by Patty Shiery elsewhere on the internet.

Coincidentally, about the same time I pointed this out, the author of the original article posted a screed against me, and doubled down on Representative Jim Bradford, claiming that he is a convicted felon by the name of Ralph Woody, who killed a jailer trying to escape in 1968.

There’s no evidence at the moment of the identity of “MediaAgnostic” at the moment, but I’d try three guesses as to who it is. And I’m not thinking I’d need guess #2 or #3.  But, that’s just speculation on my part.

28 thoughts on “Lora Hubbel removed from precinct office, so Jim Bradford must be a convicted felon. ….Wait, what? (UPDATED)”

  1. Young Ms. Hubbel is very pretty but she is absolutely insaner than most. Mr. Bradford is a stalwart young man, but not very sharp in the politics. I doubt he’s a burglar.

  2. PP,

    I know it’s entertaining sometimes, but I think it’s best to just ignore Hubbel’s incoherent craziness. She no longer holds elected or party office so her rants are no longer relevant, IMHO

    1. I don’t disagree. Believe me, there’s far, far more than this.

      But when she’s taking part in accusing a legislator of being an armed robber, I think it rises to the level of paying nominal attention.

      1. Pat, you have a story both ways. Either this is entirely made up, and someone needs to be exposed for brazenly fabricating malicious stories, or there really is something to this.

        1. Sorry for the confusion – When I said “Believe me, there’s far, far more than this” I was referring to crazy stuff from Lora, not the veracity of the accusation against Bradford.

          Not that I’m here to defend Democrats, but I think the accusation is ridiculous, and fairly vindictive BS.

          1. This is not her usual conspiracy theory or rant. While she and/or one of her friends were trying to dredge up more bologna on the AG, they may have stumbled up on this. If this is true, it is probably the only way someone would find it considering the date.

            1. Spencer,

              You’re right that it’s not her usual rant. It’s goofier, and could cause her to be drug into court. Even by looking at the pictures, it’s clear they aren’t the same person, unless Bradford had a chin transplant.

              It serves no purpose except becoming part of yet another conspiracy theory for people trying to justify why they failed.

  3. Maybe someone with more abilities and saner sensibilities such as Pat should look into it further, just in case. I think the only people who find this to be shocking or unbelievable are those who did not grow up on a reservation. This IS reservation politics.

  4. Lora should run again so there is plenty of material for war college. She gets a lot of ink here anyway, so why not just have her run? Deb Peters is extremely liberal. That would be very fun to watch. The last contest was only 40 votes different?

    1. After running as she did last time, against the GOP, I don’ t think she could win a primary for dog catcher.

        1. “30 – 40 votes. Peters’ liberal record. Lora may be in the Senate”

          That would be a disaster! Wouldn’t Hubbel go off into her conspiracy rants? I’ve watcher her speeches and they just went on and on and on. My sympathy goes out to her audience.

          One of the crazies in her group stated they should go to Pierre to conduct public executions and vigilantism. That’s disturbing! Should law enforcement be called on this guy?

          1. Why? have they done something wrong? Being conspiracy crazy isn’t against the law (yet)

            I would not be surprised to learn the State Patrol is keeping tabs on this group.

            1. Edward Cline posted “Vigilantism and public executions might very well be the only answer for cleaning out Pierre…worked 150 years ago….”

              Yesterday at 3:43pm

  5. I don’t understand why there is this attack on Lora Hubble! Especially in this instance. She didn’t write the story, just shared it. I have to wonder if anyone else other than Ms. Hubble would have shared this story if there would be more concern as to the possibility of authenticity.
    I ask Mr. Powers this….how do you know that Mr. Bradford obtained his degree from Sinte Gleska in 1987? Do you have documented proof of this? I looked online at teacherlookup.com and I saw that he was issued his teaching certificate 1/21/2003 for 1 year with an expiration date of 7/01/2009 Additionally, I remember seeing a comment on Ms. Shiery’s FB Legislative page last year from Bradford’s principal stating that there was some kind of problem with him in his teaching position.
    Looking at the document shared on mediagnostic it clearly shows Ralph Woody with aka James Bradford. Then there’s the question of the pictures that are provided. There is enough of a resemblance to be interested. So now I am left to ask, “Can this be correct?” If so, how would he even get a teaching certificate let alone be able to hold State Office? Furthermore, there is the issue with his spouse being convicted for selling drugs. As a Veteran, we were always told that we were responsible for the actions and behaviors of our families. I wouldn’t think that our State Legislators would be held to anything less than that same policy! Our spouse and children are a clear reflection of ourselves.
    I believe at this point comments and attacks towards Ms. Hubble should be minimized, if not ceased all together, and that each of us take the reins and do our own research to verify before we vilify anyone! This story is to serious to ignore, and deserves an answer post-haste! If this is true then something has gone terribly wrong!

    1. What is the excuse to ignore this? Either way this needs to be investigated. Either Senator Bradford is a fraud, or the accusation is baseless and needs to be corrected bringing the person responsible into the light of scrutiny.

    2. Yes, she shared a ridiculous story, poorly written under a pseudonym, poorly documented… did I say poorly documented? I meant with no documentation, except a passing reference attached to a NCIC check where someone used an alias that was close to his name.

      The article starts out ham-handedly trying to portray Lora as a poor victim of the big, bad Republican establishment, as it calls for Donald Trump to ascend to new heights. It has no point, other than to attack various people as some bile-filled rant for the sake of ranting. Without a doubt, it’s one of the stupidest, and ill-informed examples of libel that I’ll ever read. If Lora wants to own it, and promote it, she deserves as much blame as whatever supporter of hers who wrote it.

      Otherwise Patricia (Shiery), if you’re going to pimp rumors posted on your facebook page during the last election, go do it somewhere else, or actually make an attempt to be clever in trying to disguise your identity.

      Also… the state doesn’t use taxpayer dollars to heat Capitol Lake. It’s a natural spring.

  6. First of all Mr. Powers, is it totally impossible for you to stay on topic without resorting to insult of women? Also, would it be even possible for you to answer questions presented to you? You quickly dismiss and repudiate this story, it’s author, and whatever documentation provided, but don’t reveal where you get your proof of the graduation date from Sinte Gleska. How about some intelligent forethought? I’d like to see some astute and rational investigative reporting on this topic.

    Also….there’s no such thing as the Easter Bunny…even if you think you look great while wearing the costume!!

    1. Patty, save it for the funny papers, and peddle your vendetta somewhere else. You were once elected as a legislator, and should be embarrassed over pushing this story, pretending to be someone else.

  7. Congratulations Patrick! You broke the story! You know who “Voice Of Reason” is! As for Vendetta..have none…was simply making a statement. Curious you weren’t as concerned who “Anon,” “Anonymous,” “Enquirer” and “Planning Student” were. Additionally, VOR, is a name that was given me while I served in Pierre by a peer. Someone I respect fully and still call friend. Since you dug up the conversation between myself and Steve I will introduce you…Steve is my Fathers cousin, he just retired from the Missouri State Legislature this year, where he worked for LRC. He is a great, intelligent and wonderful man that I hold in the highest regards. Yes, I was a State Legislator as well. No, I am not embarrassed by my comments. It is rather embarrassing however,to see a grown man that is suppose to be a professional representing a major realtor group, berate, belittle, and minimize Professional Women. Disagreeing with a point of view is one thing ( nothing wrong with a little debate) but to it take further is a clear example of insecurity with signs of inadequacy, bordering on a superiority complex. Because I was a State Legislature and worked with Mr. Bradford these allegations concern me, as they would if it were any being made towards any other Legislator. This is not something that was just thrown out there! So where did it come from? Can it be possible? As for Mr. Bradfords teaching certificate, doesn’t prove he obtained a degree from Sinte Gleska. A one year certificate (Which Mr. Bradford was granted) is granted in good faith to teachers to prove themselves as well as to substitute teachers. Economically challenged rural schools have long had a problem obtaining teachers. Anyone showing an interest, that has some college credits can apply for a substitute teaching position. Without a full-time teacher and a teacher shortage, one can substitute teach as long as the school needs them. As for the picture, simple mistaken identity is inherently possible, however, facial changes over time with aging is also explanatory. I say, keep an open mind, pay attention to the facts and see where, if anywhere, this goes! We really do not know people as well as we would like to believe we do. Many keep skeletons in the closest.

    1. “Because I was a State Legislature (sic) and worked with Mr. Bradford these allegations concern me, as they would if it were any being made towards any other Legislator”

      Pardon me Patty, I didn’t realize you were the arbiter of legislative background checks. And which District were you trying to run as a candidate in?

      I find your claims denying a vendetta dubious. And the whole thing tremendously libelous.

      And Capitol Lake is a naturally warm body of water heated by underground artesian wells. Taxpayers don’t pay to keep it warm.

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