Chris Christie to announce for President next week

From Twitter, looks like more people are getting in on that presidential thing:

9 thoughts on “Chris Christie to announce for President next week”

  1. Chris Christie is about as similar in personality and political philosophy to Bill Janklow as anyone I can think of. He’ll be an interesting candidate and merits the consideration of South Dakotans.

      1. Its a money maker for him. Get those campaign donations, and live life good. Its all a grift. Running for federal office allows for a cushy life, financed by the voters.

  2. This and Pence are just excuses to fund raise and siphon some donations to their own coffers.

  3. Has anyone ever seen Pat Powers and Chris Christie in the same place at the same time?

  4. i’m steeling myself to endure the new jersey toll gate debacle-thing again. it’s never more fun than when the media takes it upon themselves to bury you the way they buried you the last time, when you try and pop up out of the grave.

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