Rapid City peanut butter business Nerdy Nuts drops $10k into Rapid City School Board races

Rapid City boutique peanut butter manufacturer “Nerdy Nuts” has apparently dropped an eye popping $10k into a PAC organized for the Rapid City School Board elections taking place next week on June 6th according to campaign finance reports filed with the Rapid City School District.

Campaign Finance Local Jurisdictions – Support Pub Ed-23 Pre Election Report by Pat Powers on Scribd

In addition to the $2,481 that the Support Public Education group raised from itemized and unitemized donors, the big bang came in the form of $10,000 from the Rapid City located peanut butter company “Nerdy Nuts.”

The Support Public Education political action committee appears to have turned around and split the 10k donation between $5000 for “Swan for Schools,” for candidate Walter Swan Jr., who appears to be registered as “Unaffiliated,” and  5000 sent to “Stephenson for Schools,” for Christine Stephenson, who ran as a Democrat in the 2022 District 32 House race.   (Yes, I know School Board candidates do not run on a party basis. I’m just pointing it out).

Nerdy Nuts is operated by Rapid City residents Erika Peterson and Craig Mount.


I also notice that Mount individually dropped $1266.71 into the “We Can Do Better Than Gerald Harvey PAC”

13 thoughts on “Rapid City peanut butter business Nerdy Nuts drops $10k into Rapid City School Board races”

  1. So are they supporting the “nuts” who are running or is that the other guys?

    (Sorry couldn’t resist)

    1. “most schools don’t allow peanut butter because its easier to restrict the entire school from having a certain snacks than it is for the parents of kids with peanut allergies to teach their kids to be responsible and not each other kids’ snacks.” Fixed that for you.

      1. Kids forget stuff all the time, allergies included. Clearly you’ve never raised children.

        1. Nah, I have kids. I suppose maybe I didn’t realize that my kids are just that smart and know not to eat things that don’t belong to them or could kill them.

        2. risk of inadvertent contact cross-contamination is a thing that can leapfrog over the wall built by wise choices.

  2. If you haven’t had their nutz, I suggest you try them. They are really good.

    1. All parties love money in politics, after all money is speech. Anonymous high dollar speech is the best.

  3. To be faaaaaaair… Gerald is setting a new record for the low bar. Which can be quite the accomplishment out west.

    Party and past races aside – if you listen to these candidates speak for 5 minutes on any topic – Christine and Walter are the choices you would make if you think about what is best for these kids and not a party affiliation.

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