Congratulations Kristi Noem! Our Republican Nominee for Governor!

The tough part about having two good candidates for Governor is that you have to pick one. And South Dakota Republicans pulled the lever once again for Congresswoman Kristi Noem in droves last night.

This was not the squeaker many predicted it to be. It was far more decisive. Noem built her numbers up and down the I-29 corridor (missing Lake County) and moved west.

County Marty Jackley Kristi Noem Total Kristi %
Aurora 89 277 366 76%
Beadle 615 818 1,433 57%
Bennett 98 226 324 70%
Bon Homme 381 814 1,195 68%
Brookings (Vote Center) 1,129 1,448 2,577 56%
Brown (Vote Center) 1,938 2,288 4,226 54%
Brule 217 386 603 64%
Buffalo 29 48 77 62%
Butte 808 804 1,612 50%
Campbell 172 254 426 60%
Charles Mix 204 677 881 77%
Clark 225 388 613 63%
Clay 341 490 831 59%
Codington 1,577 2,496 4,073 61%
Corson 90 86 176 49%
Custer 763 1,028 1,791 57%
Davison 956 1,359 2,315 59%
Day 240 396 636 62%
Deuel 241 446 687 65%
Dewey 127 142 269 53%
Douglas 178 609 787 77%
Edmunds 200 305 505 60%
Fall River 498 844 1,342 63%
Faulk 340 466 806 58%
Grant 321 609 930 65%
Gregory 183 457 640 71%
Haakon 214 296 510 58%
Hamlin 454 1,064 1,518 70%
Hand 351 404 755 54%
Hanson 116 276 392 70%
Harding 150 199 349 57%
Hughes (Vote Center) 2,401 1,663 4,064 41%
Hutchinson 436 944 1,380 68%
Hyde (Vote Center) 118 201 319 63%
Jackson 156 254 410 62%
Jerauld 99 226 325 70%
Jones 140 217 357 61%
Kingsbury 533 707 1,240 57%
Lake 765 656 1,421 46%
Lawrence 1,668 1,609 3,277 49%
Lincoln 2,599 3,565 6,164 58%
Lyman 236 382 618 62%
Marshall 206 270 476 57%
McCook 225 497 722 69%
McPherson 232 291 523 56%
Meade 2,363 1,892 4,255 44%
Mellette 87 112 199 56%
Miner 89 144 233 62%
Minnehaha 6,228 8,385 14,613 57%
Moody 204 312 516 60%
Oglala Lakota 28 53 81 65%
Pennington 7,942 7,426 15,368 48%
Perkins 228 334 562 59%
Potter (Vote Center) 318 445 763 58%
Roberts 335 473 808 59%
Sanborn 83 230 313 73%
Spink 509 687 1,196 57%
Stanley 316 345 661 52%
Sully (Vote Center) 195 206 401 51%
Todd 107 131 238 55%
Tripp 383 578 961 60%
Turner 483 821 1,304 63%
Union 483 867 1,350 64%
Walworth 431 612 1,043 59%
Yankton (Vote Center) 1,140 1,422 2,562 56%
Ziebach 58 80 138 58%
TOTALS 45,069 57,437 102,506 56%

Attorney General Marty Jackley performed well in the Hills and in Lake County, but voter familiarity with Noem since her victory over Stephanie Herseth Sandlin paid off. Noem’s numbers were consistently high, and provided a margin of victory that defied the pollsters. They’ve voted for her time and again, and last night they placed their trust in her to be their next Governor.

33 thoughts on “Congratulations Kristi Noem! Our Republican Nominee for Governor!”

  1. the pollsters and mainstream media just wanted noem n jackleys money. so that’s why they said it was close. jackley did well to keep it closeish though.

    1. This comment doesn’t make a lot of sense. Are you arguing that pollsters stood to make financial gain by a close contest and thus lied about how close it was? Do you have any evidence, any at all, to support this claim?

  2. 59-7 in counties for Noem…and that is with Marty winning 2 counties by 4 votes each.

    Across the board victory for Kristi, our next governor.

    Time to come together

    1. Across the board? Kristi got throttled by more than 18 points in Hughes County. Running against South Dakota’s version of the swamp apparently doesn’t play well in Pierre.

        1. I looked at it as the swamp voted against her and I am perfectly ok with that….if you look Hughes gave him the biggest margin of the 7 counties he won.

  3. No time to be complacent-we have to all push through to November. Also, if you have friends/family in other states, be sure they get out in November (especially in California).

  4. Nope! Kristi did not run a “come together” campaign. You do not run trashy ads 24/7 and send mailers full of lies about your opponent and then expect his supporters to blindly follow you. Not going to happen. Dusty also was not my candidate, but it is easy for me to support him in November. He is still a decent person, even tho he beat my candidate. Kristi – no way! I’ve heard Billie is a good guy. He has my vote. First time ever voting for a democrat. We’ll see how it goes.

    1. From the Argus Leader today: “The Republican nominee could become the first woman to hold the governor’s office. But first, she would have to overcome Democratic opponent Billie Sutton, who has cast himself as a moderate while Republicans Noem and Jackley waged their fight to the right.

      And Jackley said he would support her in that effort.

      “I had a nice conversation with the congresswoman,” he said late Tuesday. “I let her know if there’s anything I could do to assist her (I would).”

      1. Don’t care. Of course he says that. He’s a stand-up guy. If she would have run a clean campaign, and won on her own merits, I’d even join team Kristi again and help her out. But she’s a nasty lady. Worked and voted for her in her congressional runs, before her true colors came out. Will never vote for her again, no matter who her opponent is.

        1. Agree w/ William Beal. Good post.

          Marty Jackley is a stand-up guy who’s earned my respect

          For Gov., I support Noem 100%

          I’ll vote straight ticket Republican in Nov.

        2. You’re just a sore loser. You might have a point IF MARTY WOULD HAVE STAYED CLEAN. He didn’t. Don’t be a hypocrite.

    2. “I’ve heard Billie is a good guy. He has my vote.”

      That’s one of the more illogical rationales I’ve heard in awhile.

    3. Voting because you hear someone is a “good guy”, because it is historic (Obama), or because of sympathy (Tim Johnson in his last go round) is no real reason. What is the candidate going to have as their platform? What do they support? What will they try to accomplish? A moderate Democrat is not going to fight the fight against the socialist tide in this country like a conservative would, and, more likely, they will get swept up in that tide taking the State with them.

      I will be voting for Noem in November.

  5. Anon 10:49 you sound like a troll. Kristi did not trash Marty. It was overall a decent campaign. Both are good people. Each side did the standard attack against the other. As for the harrassment scandal in DCI was real, and it was fair game. Marty lost a lot of votes because of it.

  6. I’ve been on teh winning side and losing side in primaries and general elections. Based on my experience, I prefer winning making it easy to be gracious. And in defeat, I know how time to heal is needed.

  7. Kristi will never get another vote from me. Bernie Sanders would have to run against for for me to even consider pulling the lever for her. Her 300k negative push in the last four days had nothing to do with South Dakota. It had to do with her winning at any costs.

  8. Characterizing Pierre as the swamp voting against Kristi is not even close to accurate.

    Pierre is where Marty and his family has lived for 10 years. It is no different than Kristi getting 70% in Hamlin County. In both cases, it speaks well that those who see them day in and day out supported them.

    1. My view, too. Pierre is no swamp. South Dakotans have pretty good people in state government, and I would expect them to support their neighbor and coworker in an election.

      1. Yes great folks in gov. Dickie Benda. Joop Bollen. Dan Gerke. Kim Richards.

  9. Noem is likely to have a much bigger fight on her hands then she realizes. She voted to reauthorize EB-5 as is as a Congresswoman and she represented Aberdeen citizens and could have easily called on Rounds and Jackley to investigate the scandal. She’s burned a lot of bridges with her scorched earth torching of the AG and she faces, in Sutton, a Democratic candidate who is actually well-funded, well-liked, politically moderate and a personal story that inspires a lot of folks. Should be an interesting race.

    1. Sutton was on the GOAC committee and did nothing. It was Republicans who revealed EB5 and GEARUP, fired those responsible, prosecuted the crimes, and proposed laws to prevent them. Dems like Billie grandstanded with bills that grab headlines and wouldn’t do anything to prevent those things anyway.

      If Kristi’s campaign is smart (and at this point I think we can agree they are) they turn all that around on Billie.

      1. There was nothing wrong with eb5 as intended. Allowing a Joop Bollen to torun it into a cash cow and then move into the theft of 500,000 of our state money was the issue. Jackley not wishing to bring Rounds into a full blown scandal refused to prosecute to the full extent of the law, blaming another judge for not giving Bollen any time. Like blaming the judges and Noem ganging up on him on sexual harassment scandal. Not easy to be a great prosecutor when the judges don’t agree with you.

  10. Billie would have been a great alternative to Janklow. He’ll struggle against Noem.

  11. For a Democrat to win, they need to make sure to take off their cowboy hat. For a Republican to win, they need to make sure to wear it from time to time….

    Billie will run better than most Dems in West River. This race, however, will be decided along the I-29 corridor.

    1. Hopefully the I-29 corridor is populated by voters who understand that pre-K education, teacher pay raises, college tuition, Medicaid, and public financing of political campaigns all cost a LOT OF MONEY.

  12. wazzzup, the only bridges Kristi burned were with people like you that she never would have won over anyway.

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