County Results – Congress. Dusty Johnson largely dominates across the state

Dusty Johnson left few stones unturned in the race for Congress last night, as he took all but 4 counties.  Shantel Krebs was able to compete in Harding County and Bennett County, and Neal Tapio took Oglala Lakota and Tripp Counties – but everywhere else was Dusty Johnson country.

In Brown County, Johnson won by about 250 votes..

In Pennington he dominated by about 1500 votes…

and in Minnehaha, he came roaring out of the state’s largest county with over 2500 votes at his disposal.

These results were largely mirrored across the state, and were testament to the Johnson organizations superior organizational effort. Not that his opponents had an organizational effort, as Johnson was the only campaign with a noticeable ground game in the Congressional contest.

Coming against a statewide official with plenty of exposure in Secretary of State Shantel Krebs, this race had the potential to have been closer. It should have been tighter.

Krebs was able to ably raise money, which is a pretty big priority in a statewide race. She had good media, and had hired some of the best consultants money could buy. But there were signs from day one that the Krebs campaign was going to be on rocky ground. There were hints last year when some of her parade assistance was a little sparse, but by January, the warning bells were blaring.

In January this year her PIO Jason Williams, who would have managed her grassroots efforts, abandoned ship in the Secretary of State’s office, that was an early sign of trouble. The next one was hiring professional signature gatherers right out of the gate.   And there never really seemed to be anyone in charge of ‘Team Krebs.’

That lack of organizational skill in comparison to the enthusiastic throngs of workers the Dusty Johnson seemed to constantly have at his disposal was a key difference. The Krebs campaign had this Frankenstein-like amalgamation of parts of a campaign. But it lacked a heart, and a brain. You could spend a lot of money to keep this beast alive, but is was never going to go far in a race.

Stay tuned for more results and analysis!

32 thoughts on “County Results – Congress. Dusty Johnson largely dominates across the state”

  1. Interesting that Dusty did not receive a majority. And when we add the surprise margin of victory by Noem, it seems that maybe more and more Republicans are waking up to the problem of legalized corruption in Pierre.

    1. Dusty won by a larger margin than Noem did. Not sure your theory holds water.

      1. That was because the true conservative vote was split between two candidates. Those two candidates received a total of 53%, meaning Dusty did not get a mandate.

        1. That would be assuming either Shantel or Neal would receive all the votes of the other, had this been a two way race.

          That seems highly unlikely.

          This race is over, time to move on and unite for the general election.

          1. Conservatives should not support a fake conservative in the General. There are other options besides voting for a liberal Democrat. In case you have not figured it out…the system is setup so a liberal wins regardless of Party. Read historian Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope.

  2. Will Neal Tapio and Lora Hubbel now contest the election results that they were rigged by those allied with the Lutheran Brotherhood or was it the Muslim Brotherhood? Sons of Norway? The Elks or Moose? Voting machines down conspiracy theories are probably circulating.

  3. Congratulations to Dusty and Mitchell Mayor elect Everson to help bring sanity back to Mitchell.

  4. Nice try, Steve. Dusty had higher favorables among Tapio voters than Shantel did. Had Tapio exited the race, Dusty would have gotten more than his fair share of those votes.

  5. A plurality prevailed. There is no doubt he would have preferred otherwise. Good analysis, Steve.

  6. Steve, the title of “true conservative” has been claimed by so many conspiracy theorists, screaming lunatics, suicide re-enactors, and supporters of unconstitutional appropriations of taxpayers’ money in the hopes of financing their own political campaigns, that most of us have decided “true conservative” is synonymous with “insaner-than-most,” and we are not going to vote for them.

    1. Yes, that is the common thought process for the masses as designed by those who are using Dusty Johnson as their Howdy Doody puppet.

      1. Steve have you ever thought about going to church and finding Jesus? So much hate isn’t good for ones soul.

  7. Krebs is a liberal. He has stated he will not join the Freedom caucas. The Freedom caucas are the only conservatives. Dusty can caucas with the democrats or the few remaining RINOs after this election because both vote the same and have no plans of spending less. So whether it’s bjorkman or Dusty they both will vote as liberals.

    1. You mean the pro-Obamacare, anti-Trump, anti-reform, liberal-cooperating “Freedom” Caucus RINO’s? What a bunch of lying scumbags. Noem wouldn’t touch them and I hope Johnson won’t either. They have cooties.

  8. The Freedom Caucus is anti-Trump. They are RINO’s posing as conservatives.

  9. And you are full of it. The fact that a profligate spender who cares nothing about saddling our children with debt and supported abortion for DECADES is who you hold up as a conservative is bizarre. Fighting hard not to split the base, eh Troy?

    1. At least acknowledge that what has you up in such a tizzy isn’t that they aren’t conservative, it’s that you are mad they won’t sacrifice their principles for pragmatic gains. That doesn’t make them RINOs, that makes them principled or short-sighted, depending on where you sit. The fact that you seem to want to hold up Trump of all people as some sort of conservative ideal shows how completely disingenuous you are being. Be better.

  10. I judge people by results and not words. The Freedom Caucus talks good but delivers nothing but false promises. Further, it is the height of hypocrisy and selfishness for them to go to Washington and do nothing. I hold no politician up as an ideal but I do hold up results (of which Trump delivers every day).

    I also criticize those who stand in the way of more results, especially those who are dishonest scumbags claiming to be for conservative principles but whose actions deny the people who they swear to serve the benefits of more conservative policies.

    1. So, are the tax cuts attributable to Trump and the massive, bloated spending bill attributable to Congress? I am trying to gauge the parameters of the arena in which you perform your mental gymnastics.

      1. No. I think they have to take responsibility for both. The gamble (which looks at first blush appears to be paying off) is the tax cuts will have the desired economic impact to allow Congress and the President to attack spending. This appears to be happening since both Trump, McConnell and Ryan/McCarthy are beginning the process of welfare spending reform in light of the economy.

        1. Is it? While unemployment continues to be low, non-participation in the marketplace remains stagnant and GDP growth remains slow as a result. Steven Moore has indicated openly stated that it will take multiple years of 3%+ GDP growth to overcome the deficit and the Census Bureau revised last quarters growth downward to around 2.2%. The Fed’s cheap money is keeping the market hot, but it isn’t aligning with the things that are going to make that deficit vanish. By all means, if my reasoning is bad, show me how. But employment numbers are not showing a large increase in consumer spending and people’s savings accounts are more paltry than ever before.

  11. The moron Obama said Hobd would never come back, growth would never be 3% and demigraphics are such participation was permanently going to decline. The moron is wrong on all counts and thank God he might be thrown in jail for misusing the CIA and FBI. I can not wait for Hillary or Barack to ultimately Roy in jail or fleeing to Venezuela in asylum.

  12. Hobd should be jobs.

    Just to be clear. Barack ans Hillary only avoid jail if Trump pardons their criminal Butts.

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