Borglum, late Sean McPherson win D32 House Primary over Randazzo

In District 32, Voters went with newcomer Scyller Borglum who blew out of the gate, and the late Sean McPherson over Family Heritage Alliance bigwig Ed Randazzo.

Given that Sean McPherson passed away recently, now it will be up to the Republicanprecinct committee people who represent that legislative district to select someone to run in his stead.

It could be Randazzo. or not. It’s up to the committeepeople.

17 thoughts on “Borglum, late Sean McPherson win D32 House Primary over Randazzo”

  1. Just my two cents, but the voters elected a guy that’s no longer living over Ed. Maybe it was a vote of respect, maybe a vote of memory, or maybe a vote not knowing that Rep. McPherson had passed. Whatever the reason, Ed wasn’t even close. My suggestion is to find someone else to fill the position, but not Ed. (P.S. does Dale Bartcher live in the District?).

    1. The fact of the matter is the ballot didn’t indicate that McPherson was deceased. Further, very few intelligent individuals listen to the local fake news media as their legitimacy is zero. Finally, McPherson didn’t even personally circulate his own nominating petitions to run for the position (since he was in hospice at the time). Bottom line, the Ultra-Socialists (the failed Rapid City Establishment) deceived the voters of District 32 and showed their true nature which is evil and deceit, coupled with zero honesty and zero integrity.

          1. Doubtful. I’m the one posting under my name. You’re the one claiming to be a Republican while attacking them.

    2. Why is the Mayor of Rapid City commenting on a State Representative 32 race? Doesn’t he has something better to do like actually lead the City of Rapid City? By the way, the majority of citizens in Rapid City think the City is very poorly run — you might want to actually do your job paid for by taxpayer money instead of engaging in endless and patently false political propaganda.

      1. Apparently that is not true…if they thought it was poorly run they would have voted down the civic center…to the contrary they voted FOR it.

  2. Ed stands on the right side of the issues. He would represent the district well and should be considered for the position. I think most people who voted for Sean either did it for his memory or because he had held that position and they didn’t know he had passed away. Ed would be an excellent choice.

  3. Rep. McPherson’s passing received front page coverage in the RC Journal and was well known among voters. They voted for him out of respect, but also to send a clear message that Mr. Randazzo is not someone voters want representing District 32. They want a representative who will carry on the high standards Rep. McPherson set during his time in office.

  4. Any one who know Ed and knows what he stands for and knows he will vote on the honorable side of issues. I don’t know anyone who is more informed than Ed Randazzo. I loved Sean, but I don’t understand voting for someone who is no longer a resident of earth simply out of respect. And that is what I believe most of these folks did. However there is possibly a more sinister side to the story and that is a sad black mark on society. Ed should be on the November ballot. He is alive and well, informed, stands on truth, diplomatic and willing to serve the community in which he lives.

  5. Mr. Randazzo has publically stated he supports Rep. Tim Goodwin’s proposal to drug test the members of the SD Legislature. Granted, this grandstanding legislation will never get passed, but his support of such a bill speaks volumes of his level of respect for the members of the SD Legislature and more importantly,for what he views as worthwhile legislation.. SD doesn’t need West River to send them another ineffective legislator. Especially to try to replace a highly respected Legislator like Rep. McPherson. District 32 can do better.

  6. Mr.(or Mrs.) Anonymous, I would like to address the issue you have raised regarding my stated position on the drug testing of SD Legislators. Please pardon the fact that I cannot address you by your proper name. My daddy taught me that if you can’t sign it, don’t write it and I have lived by that rule. That being said, your inference that I lack a “level of respect of the SD Legislature” is quite incorrect. I have the greatest respect for the men and women that represent us in Pierre.I also have the greatest respect for the constituents of District 32 and I believe that they overwhelmingly believe that those who make the laws should not be exempt from compliance with the laws they make.This issue is not is not a primary issue for me but I was responding to a specific question from a constituent and felt it necessary to answer the question honestly and completely. Perhaps someday when you feel more comfortable with stepping out from behind the arras, we can debate the merits of this issue or any other issue By the way, I am not seeking to replace Rep. McPherson. No one can do that. I am running to represent the constituents of District 32 and perhaps some one else “can do better,” but no one else stepped forward to do that, so I did.

  7. No need to discuss your position sir, I heard you speak on different occasions and witnessed your enthusiasm on the issue. As for my name, I assure you I used my name on June 5th when I voted, and it wasn’t for you.

  8. I cannot speak for anyone but myself. I fully support Ed Randazzo for District 32 Representative! I have known Ed for years and have always admired his knowledge of the issues that affect us and his honesty on those issues. He is a Christian, Conservative, Constitutionalist, just like me, and EXACTLY what we need in Pierre to represent us and hold others accountable to support and defend the Constitution of SD and the U.S.! The last thing we need in Pierre are more RINO or another Democrat defector to the Republican party! Ed Randazzo is a lifelong Republican in every sense of the word and will get my vote on Monday evening!

  9. Since this thread was brought back up…is Mr. Randazzo the only candidate or are there others now?

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