9 thoughts on “Daniel Haggar for Minnehaha Co State’s Attorney posts campaign video”

  1. Three candidates:

    Paul Bengford, graduate of Creighton University School of Law and currently serves as an Assistant City Attorney for Sioux Falls.
    Daniel Haggar, graduate of University of South Dakota School of Law and currently serves as an Assistant City Attorney for Sioux Falls.
    Crystal Johnson, graduate of University of Kansas School of Law and currently serves as interim State’s Attorney, as appointed by Judge Houwman.

    1. Easy choice here. I will back the Sioux Falls guy. Haggar grew up in Sioux Falls and knows it’s needs better than the others.

  2. A good guy. Another one who married way up. 😁 If his wife was running for something, I would definitely send a check.

  3. Fantastic video. Great person, and yes he did marry way up, which is once again a sign of his talent and appeal.
    Those of us that watched them meet and grow together as spouses and parents and professionals, we’ll…it’s a pretty good example about what’s pretty good about South Dakota

  4. That is a lot of good solid information in a short ad. Personally, I like the end best where he said he would pursue every case to achieve Justice. Justice by definition is giving what one is due. Nothing more. Nothing less. It speaks to a person “right-minded” regarding the role of a person in this sacred position of public trust.

    Question: Where is his son? Did he get grounded? Was it just?

  5. Solid, principled, conservative. Knowing him, he will bring the kind of leadership to that office that Minnehaha County needs. Don’t really know or care about any dynasty. I’ll judge the man himself.

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