Drinking Liberally sums up District 15 State Senate Primary Race…. and the state of their party.

Sioux Falls Democrat Blog Drinking Liberally has a post that sums up the state of the Democrat party, as well as the District 15 race:

Closer to home, the Democratic State Senate primary in District 15 continues to intensifies. As near as I can tell, Democrats from outside District 15, unable to elect Democrats in their home Districts, continue to the battle for control of the Democratic Party’s direction in District 15. Former State Senator Sandy Jerstad from District 12 sent a letter into District 15 in support of Reynold Nesiba, who, you may remember. just recently moved into District 15 from District 13 to run against long-time District 15 incumbent Democrat State Representative, Pat Kirschman. The whole thing reminds me of four years ago when the same people sponsored Mitch Fargen, a District 8 Democrat and romantic interest of Erin McCarrick, the former Democratic Party Executive Director, to move into District 15 and challenge the sitting Democratic Representatives too. Mitch lost and Erin and he moved to San Francisco.

I do not agree with Mr. Kirschmann on a number of issues but I support him because he is grounded in his District. I want to make the Democratic Party larger, not smaller, and I think the elitism and arrogance (You don’t find Kirschmann and his supporters calling his opponents stupid) which rests at the core of this constant bickering is not healthy for the Party and in large part is responsible for its continued spiral into irrelevance.

As evidence, look no further than last month’s voter registration report: statewide the Republican voter registration advantage over Democrats increased by another 1015 voters. Democrats once equaled Republican registration in the State but he Republican advantage over Democrats now stands at more than 70000 voters. This Republican advantage has increased almost every month since 2009. The South Dakota Democratic Party is ill and it appears it is getting worse. It is sad and, I think, it is very unhealthy for our State.

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“The Republican advantage over Democrats now stands at more than 70000 voters.”  Somehow, I’m ok with that.