From Brown County Fair, Attorney General Candidates and Making America Great Again

From the Brown County Fair this past week, I didn’t know Randy Seiler wanted to Make America Great Again, but here are Republican candidate for Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg and Democrat candidate Randy Seiler posing together with President Trump’s cut-out.

25 thoughts on “From Brown County Fair, Attorney General Candidates and Making America Great Again”

  1. Ravnsborg needs to tuck the polo in or wear more casual pants or shorts. Dont button the top button.

    He would he helped by a stylist.

    Seiler needs to dress more formal.

    For goodness sakes people. Look the part.

    1. They are at a fair, not in court. Geez!

      Seller doesn’t belong near even a cardboard cutout of President Trump.

    2. I bet the Democrats are going to love Randy standing next to President Trump

      #amateur mistake

    3. Nothing wrong with how they dressed, its ok to be casual at a fair. And you don’t need to tuck in a polo in jeans, its looks ugly. Maybe you need a stylist Anonymous 3:46pm.

  2. I like that they are not taking everything totally serious. It is how the people’s business is to be done.

    1. i could use a couple of flyswatters to tell the truth. i can’t find my “swatting down backroom deals” flyswatters that sam kooiker used to hand out.

  3. A public TV debate on legal policies would be the most telling. They should both wear short pants and hats.

  4. All I know is I hear and see Ravnsborg at every event across South Dakota, keep up the hard work.

    1. I too also noticed many volunteers supporting him: walking/driving in parades, handing out stickers and offering up conversation, and/or delivering and pounding posts for signage. Ravnsborg, Johnson, Noem and many others prove hard work pays off. Faith is another key component and we all know what Democrats think about God.

      1. I agree…Ravnsborg built a county by county network to win the nomination and that is paying off I am sure in the general.

        Plus the anti gun drag queen supporting candidate ( Randy Seiler) will NEVER get my vote.

  5. The message that picture sends is that Seiler has no expectation of winning, and thinks the campaign is a lark. He’s retired and plans to stay retired. In the meantime, passing out flyswatters is fun.

    1. Oh it’s the Ravvy or Roetman speaking now. Go ahead guys he’ll win. Keep up your little comments. Ain’t a lawyer in the state voting for a fraud.

  6. 3 buttons buttoned on a polo at the fair? Jackley, Barnett, Haeder and Sattgast help this guy out. Help him win and look good at the same time.

  7. Not to be mean but is it me or does Seiler look like he is older than dirt and ready for a nap?

    1. Looks like he is in good shape and running for office and put in a few log in miles too. Randy looks relaxed knowing he is the only one qualified in this race and is having fun.

  8. Never seen an Army officer or NCO be in the habit of putting their hands in their pockets. Definitely a no no and looks unprofessional in and out of uniform. If a trooper were caught with their hands in their pockets they would end up being in the front leaning rest position and pumping out 50 pushups or more. hahaha

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