Governor Kristi Noem Announces Re-Election Campaign; $10M raised, and over $6.5M cash on hand

Governor Kristi Noem Announces Re-Election Campaign
Governor Noem has more than $10M total raised and over $6.5M cash on hand upon the announcement

Pierre, SD – Today, Governor Kristi Noem formally announced her campaign to serve a second term as Governor of South Dakota. Governor Noem heads into the campaign with over $10 million raised since her last election.  Her campaign has more than $6.5 million cash on hand between all campaign accounts.

In making the announcement, Governor Noem released the following video:

Continuing, Governor Noem released the following statement today:

“I was humbled and honored three years ago when the people of South Dakota put their trust in me to lead our state as Governor.

We have been through challenging times but have also accomplished great things together. We’ve embraced fiscal responsibility, protected the freedoms of our people, fought federal government intrusions and invested in the next generation through education, healthcare, expanding broadband, and providing new career opportunities so our children can stay in South Dakota.

We have the best economy in the nation as well as the best people and quality of life.  There is so much more we can do together – I will never forget the South Dakota motto ‘Under God the People Rule.’ My administration has embraced this pledge, and it has led to success for our state.

My family and I ask for your support as we announce today that I will be running for re-election as Governor of this great state. South Dakota’s best days are still ahead.”

Leading Governor Noem’s campaign will be Joe Desilets as Campaign Manager, Chris Hupke as Deputy Campaign Manager, Kennedy Noem as Finance Director and Madison Sheahan as Operations Director.

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Direct link to video:

33 thoughts on “Governor Kristi Noem Announces Re-Election Campaign; $10M raised, and over $6.5M cash on hand”

  1. Who Does a governors announcement for reelection on a Friday afternoon after a holiday and by a press release this might be the worst announcement strategy ever seen seen?

    1. why is it that whenever a politician is successful, some triggered little snowflake says “he/she doesn’t care about anybody but him/herself” or “doesn’t do anything for anybody else” or this one “all she does is campaign for herself?”

      If you had ever volunteered for a candidate who didn’t work as hard to get elected as his supporters worked, you would know what it is like to support a candidate who doesn’t care if he wins election or not. Thousands of volunteers experienced that with John McCain.

      Once you have gotten a bunch of people to devote their time and money to the cause of getting you elected, you had better behave as if it is the most important thing in the world.

      I don’t know if they teach THAT in Candidate School but they should.

      1. Once elected the campaigning should stop until the next cycle. Noem has been abusing the governorship for personal gain, flying all over to get her face in the media.

        1. Agreed, all Noem has done since taking office is campaign. I bet she received a very nice contribution from the NCAA after her flip-flopping on the trans bill.

      2. Anne, let’s put it this way I volunteered longer and harder than you will ever do and I can’t stand this governor she has abused her office in so many ways I am ashamed that she’s a Republican.

        She spends money like a Democrat she does it also for personal gain think about the plane, think about the fence, around the mansion think about the TV studio, I think about her daughter I guess I should say daughters you’re not only employee them you clearly help them get their appraisal license I don’t care what Noem says that was a room full of intimidation.

        If a Democrat did all this would you support them clearly not so why do you support such a self serving Republican governor

        1. why are you complaining about the fence?
          I am quite interested in the fence, to know if it has kept the geese off the lawn and driveway
          My own experience rehabbing a couple of Canada Geese and some 6′ chain link fence on my property was that while they were perfectly capable of flying over it, they didn’t want to. They never got into my garden.

          In any case, since we are not informed of specific security threats it is impossible for anybody on the outside to assess the need for a fence.

        1. Springer–no, but if we had a Democrat Governor a good 1/3 of the legislature wouldn’t just kiss the Governor’s backside and might actually fight back instead of going along to get along. Right now Noem is Democrat light….If you step back and say I don’t support that as a Republican, but yet so many Republicans support her because she is our candidate instead of holding her accountable.

          She spends money like a Democrat….to benefit herself (plane, TV station, fence around mansion)….as a Republican I sure don’t support that.

          As a Republican I sure don’t support nepotism. Didn’t like Tony V working for Daugaard –worse under Noem of hiring one daughter and clearly pressuring people for the other daughter for their benefit. A benefit that cost us $200k at least…no one caused that but Noem and her Labor secretary.

          I could go on…but I know you care a lot about Abortion. How about her disinviting everyone from the signing ceremony this spring that was pro-life because they criticized her flip flopping on signing HB 1217.

          1. if you seriously believe she flip-flopped on 1217 you obviously didn’t bother to read that steaming pile of crap.
            go back and read the garbage about performance enhancing drugs and lawsuits for indirect injuries.
            It doesn’t define performance enhancing drugs or indirect injuries, but opens the door to a lot of lawsuits about them.
            What it comes down to, gender of the competitors aside, if a male player drinks a Red Bull and hurts another male player’s feelings, the one who got his feelings hurt can sue the school district because the other kid consumed caffeine. And the school district will have to pay all the legal fees.

            There may be some valid complaints to be made about Governor Noem’s job performance, but her throwing 1217 into the trash where it belongs isn’t one of them.

            1. She flip flopped as she said she couldn’t wait to sign it via her tweet……either that or she was lazy and did not do the work prior to the tweet…..come on Ann…either way she was a poor leader on that bill….plus everyone knows she wanted to have it both ways.

              How is that wonderful website coming along? Anyone remember that?

              1. maybe she planned to sign it before she found out what was in it?

                all it would take to eliminate school athletic programs entirely would be one lawsuit because an athlete chugged a performance-enhancing can of Coca Cola and burped in another athlete’s face, causing an indirect injury, and a school district’s liability insurance carrier would be out of there.

                seriously you need to read that stinking mess they sent her

  2. And after her announcement twitter world responded. Here are but a few of them:
    “Thoughts and prayers for South Dakotans.”
    “Hard Pass.”
    “Dear God,
    Please make it stop.”
    “I will be donating to your opponent!”
    “That’s a big fat No for most of us in South Dakota.”
    “South Dakota’s best days are when you no longer hold office in any capacity.”
    “”Accomplished so much?” Hahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!!
    “You haven’t accomplished squat!”
    “I would be excited if you would follow the will of the South Dakota voters!”
    “Best tax shelter in the west!” (reference to pandora papers)
    “Do better this time South Dakota.”
    “Go Away please”
    “Suck an egg Kristi.”
    “Will you follow the will of the voters and legalize marijuana?”
    “I will be doing everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen. VOTE NEW IN 22!!”
    “You haven’t accomplished jack.”
    “Nope, no thank you.”
    “Boo #nomorenoem #votenoemout
    “Ha, ha. Maybe Steve Bannon can run your campaign!”
    “How many dead South Dakotans are you up to with your policies???”
    “Woohoo! Can’t wait to vote you out!”
    “So you can continue your grift”
    “”We” haven’t accomplished one goddamn thing. You’ve torn this state apart as much as your hero Dump has torn the country apart. Your lies, nepotism, constant campaigning, your shameful neglect of the Covid crisis, advocating death over vaccines, and general idiocy are shameful.”
    “She is so transparently corrupt.”
    “Oh hell no sweetie. You need to be investigated.”
    “No! You do not have my vote, & I really hope that you don’t have the vote of any family member who lost a loved one to Covid under your failed leadership. And don’t get me started on your attention-seeking ways, your frivolous lawsuits, & your “my way or the highway” attitude.”
    “You are going to get your ass beat like a drum.”
    “South Dakota can’t take anymore of your lies and lack of leadership!”
    “You’ve accomplished nothing but wasting tax payer dollars over ridiculous lawsuits and close to 3000 dead on your watch. Just do us a favor and run away with Corey.”
    “Plus, Gallivanting around the country spending the taxpayers money, and then embargoing your travel expenses! And then there’s Cory Lewandowski.Lies lies lies. Embarrassing our state. Some of the worst Covid management of any governor! ultra partisanship. Shall I continue?”
    “Kristi Noem has been the WORST governor ever just like trump was the WORST president ever.”
    One and done, Fascist Barbie.
    One. And. Done.
    “I will work hard to make sure you are not re-elected.”
    So will I! So should you!
    And most of the responses are like the ones above. Any positive responses she got were from out of state people. The majority of responses were negative towards Noem. As it should be.

    1. Unless a moderate Republican emerges to challenge Governor Noem she will be re-elected with ease. The SDDP is one of those broken down & abandoned cars on the I 90 with an orange sticker on it waiting for a tow truck to arrive and haul it to a salvage yard.

      1. I think at this point, many South Dakotans would love another choice to Noem. I think most of South Dakota has buyer’s remorse and are not happy with her. I can’t think of a single day I have not had a conversation with someone that we don’t discuss how disappointed we are with Governor Noem..

      1. I wish Mr. Sibby would come back. He was funny, in an odd looking, libbie sort of way. Sibby the libbie.

  3. Wow! She got a lot of working class South Dakota families to donate to her campaign! It takes a lot of people to get to $10M! So glad she’ll be protecting individual liberty and not corporate interests for another 4 years!!!

      1. No way! That can’t be possible! She’s America’s Governor and appears to really care about families and workers, no? I wonder who her biggest out of state donor is?!

      2. I am sure some of the money came from the sports agencies for when she flip-flopped on the HB 1217 (the anti-transgender sports ban bill).

  4. Troy Heinert just pooped his pants… just a lite bit. He gets 40% max.

    Billie would get 45-47%. I think his followers are mostly still there and the national D’s were always crazy. He still loses so I see why he wouldnt run but the D’s needed him to do that. I don’t believe losing hurts his brand. He will always need a scandal or divided GOP to win.

    1. You really think anyone in politics didn’t expect her to run again? What else would she do, sit around for 2 years? Nah she can use the office to campaign more!

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