Gubernatorial candidate intimates we should execute juries if she disagrees with decision

I suppose that’s one way to have jury nullification…

I wasn’t there, so I have no idea of the evidence or the strength of the case presented by the prosecution. But advocating that they’re evil and should be hung because she doesn’t like the decision is pure crazy talk.

And another message brought to you by “Lora Hubbel is completely unfit for public office.”

46 thoughts on “Gubernatorial candidate intimates we should execute juries if she disagrees with decision”

  1. Sounds like something Donald Trump would say and he is our President. I think it’s refreshing to have an outspoken individual running for Governor. If you want someone who is politically correct, go join up with the snowflakes.

    1. Tara, it is one thing to disagree with a verdict. It’s entirely another to say the group who reached the verdict is evil and intimate they should be hung.

      Being a snowflake has nothing to do with it. Being batshit crazy….?

      I’ll leave it to others to judge.

      1. Pat’s right. You can disagree with the jury’s decision and question their motives, but advocating that they be killed for their decision is wrong. If we killed everyone we disagreed with, we’d be in a sorry state of affairs as a country.

        I don’t think this is a case of being PC or not PC, it’s just a case of we shouldn’t kill others simply because we disagree with them. You don’t have to be a snowflake to understand that.

        1. Oh my goodness Malachi……Lora is not a Nurse Ratchett. No, I don’t buy into your pc talk. I like straight shooters. You must be rubbing off on Pat. lol.

      1. Not very clever. What worked for Donald Trump is not going to work for you, so you should maybe try something else to gain an ounce of credibility. (This isn’t Anonymous 11:17, just so you are aware)

  2. Hubbel is a deeply troubled woman who wants the power to punish the world which she doesn’t comprehend.

  3. Usually people who try and tear people apart have issues. How does she want to punish the world. All she wants to do is make SD great again.

  4. You use the terms like they have a meaning I don’t understand. Please Tara Volsky, define “politically correct “ and “snowflake “ or just STFU.

  5. I’ll explain politically correct and snowflake when you tell me what STFU stands for. Thanks.

  6. Young Ms. Hubbel is absolutely bat shit insaner than most, and I find her strangely appealing. But not as a Governor. She should get on the city council.

  7. Just went you think Lora couldn’t possibly post something even dumber…every time she opens her trap on Facebook, she has less of a chance. She’d be better off just shutting up.

      1. Tara, where did I say anything close to that? All I said was she’d be better off if she shut up. Which is true.

        1. You said she would be better off just shutting up, why? Have an open mind when it comes to the issues, in which nobody wants to talk about except Hubbel.

          1. Why would she be better off shutting up? Because every time she says something, she’s giving all the serious candidates ammo to use against her. Not that she has any real chance anyway. The only votes she’ll get will be against someone else, not for her. She’s simply not electable.

                1. And Trump is no Lora. Jon Maybe you’re not use to a women that won’t bow down to the brass. She is brutally honest, which maybe makes some people uncomfortable. They both are similar in the sense that they can’t be controlled.

                  1. *woman. I’ll make you a wager. If Lora makes it through a primary, I’ll buy you a steak dinner any where in Sioux Falls. If she doesn’t (she won’t), you have to come on here and admit the reason why you really supported her in the first place

                    1. A steak….yum. Now she really better win. I like self-made, hard working, Independent thinking candidates that aren’t influenced by party or big money and out of state groups. Pretty simple. She is also a true conservative that will eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse.

  8. Actually Pat I can read what Lora posted and see it as just a statement rather generic of her disappointment in the jury missing an obvious guilty based upon what we all think we know. I was just on a jury and thought chairwoman was literally ready to harm (physically) one of the jury members who IMOP should have been screened out as she “hung” us up. But if we keep at each other’s throats this mean-spirited it will not matter as a possible flip of the state could happen. Just saying the other side supports each other most of the time and United. But then again we would have to figure out how many sides WE have. Make sense?

  9. I haven’t read all the details but I believe the jury bought the argument that the perp didn’t know he was in possession of a gun until after he fired it? What, he thought it was a water pistol?
    If the jurors were dumb enough to believe that maybe they really do suffer from Too Stupid To Live Syndrome.
    In any case it sounds like it was an accidental shooting, not murder.
    And after all, it’s California, where all shootings are blamed on the guns and the NRA. So there’s that. Only fruits and nuts live there, let them shoot each other if they want to, and the rest of us can avoid visiting sanctuary cities. They don’t need our money anyway.

  10. Like Pat, I wasn’t there.

    I sounds like defense succeed with their defense, that it was an accidental shooting.

    The jury should consider the evidence that is provided in court, and not buy into the conclusion presented by the media and social networks. We should be extremely careful about passing judgement on blogs, social network and office watercooler talk, because often time we are missing some facts of a situation.

  11. He’s already been deported 5 times. He should have received some form of punishment. He should be held responsible. Some of the jury were probably sleeping.

    1. So he should be convicted of murder on the basis of past deportations? Her own father testified in a way that indicated the shooting was an accident. Why are you mixing up critiques about immigration (which makes sense) with murder? Your feelings can’t be substituted for the penal code.

      1. Killing someone by accident justifies no consequences? Nothing? There’s something really wrong and twisted with your thinking.

        Would that logic apply to a death caused by a car accident? Just want to make sure I understand that the law has now changed. Maybe the DOJ will sort it all out for us.

        Involuntary manslaughter – the unintentional killing of another human being.

        Synonyms for unintentional…accidental.

        Facts don’t care about your feelings.

        Build. The. Wall.
        Americans First.

  12. She’ll flip Pierre like she flips houses. No worry, she is not going to execute anybody, just do some house cleaning and drain the swamp.

    1. Co-opting Trump’s language won’t garner you his supporters automatically, you transparent sycophant.

  13. People, like young Ms. Hubbel, who are bat shit crazy behave irrationally (and frequently violently as well) and make normal and sane measures of dealing wth them ineffective. A fungus from the bat guano has infected their brains, leaving them behaving in a psychotic manner.

    1. Grusz sounds like the friend you have breakfast with at Talley’s upon seeing two nice police officers enter for a cup of coffee he ran out the back so fast he left his false teeth on the floor

  14. When I was young, a common questions from my parents was “if someone jumps off a bridge, will you jump, too?” Well, if its just one person jumping, most likely not. However, if everyone on the bridge is jumping, its probably because the bridge is on fire. Might be a smart choice to jump. Tara, it seems like this bridge is fully engulfed and you’re getting burned.

    I understand you want to stick up for a friend, and I truly do believe that you and Lora are good people. However, at some point you have to see the forest through the trees and realize why the general public doesn’t want to support someone who publically shares things like this over and over and over again.

  15. I am willing to take the jump. I can’t do herd mentality. SD needs to see the forest through the trees. They are good people but they need to start voting ethical, honest and conservative candidates. It’s time to drain the swamp. Anon, thanks for your concern.

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