Here’s a non-shocker. Stan Adelstein supporting the non-Republican.

I think I’ve lost count on how many Non-Republicans that former State Senator Stan Adelstein has supported in the past, but apparently, he’s adding another one to the list:

—– Forwarded Message —–

From: Senator Stanford Adelstein <[email protected]>
To: Stanford Adelstein <[email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2016 3:50 PM
Subject: An opportunity for our small state to make a big difference in the presidential election

After careful thought, I have agreed to be South Dakota chairman of the Johnson/Weld presidential campaign. 

In a presidential election year when both major party candidates are so unsuited for the position, many of us are wishing for another option. Fortunately Gary Johnson, former Republican Governor of New Mexico, and his running-mate William Weld, former Republican Governor of Massachusetts are that option. 

Yes, we are a state fiercely proud of our Republican identity and values. Sadly, we will have to look outside our party to find a candidate whose values are in-step with our own this presidential election.

More so than in previous years, we will have to look personally at the substance of those we are electing more than the letter next to the name. With Governor Johnson on the South Dakota ballot we can enter the voting booth with excitement to cast our vote for a president with the experience, heart, and judgement that this country needs.

The Johnson/Weld ticket will appear on the ballot in all fifty states for the Libertarian Party. If Governor Johnson can secure enough votes to deny both the Democratic and Republican candidates a majority of electoral votes the House of Representatives could still eliminate still both candidates—and our magnificent Constitution might rescue us once again. 

The Johnson campaign considers winning South Dakota to be important and will have staff visiting the state next week. You are among a small group on individuals who I am reaching out to first, because of my respect for your leadership and experience, to ask to help this strong ticket achieve a majority vote in South Dakota.

I believe that South Dakotans of both parties care more about what happens in the future, than partisan politics. Also, we are a small state whose people are rather connected together—we are uniquely positioned to take this opportunity to make a difference in this year’s presidential election. 

I will call you in the coming days to discuss what a win for the Johnson/Weld ticket could mean for America and with the hope that you will agree to join the campaign.


So, when you do get that call, at least you can let it die on voicemail, and not wonder what it was about.

In case you were wondering about Johnson’s positions….

Johnson supports “a woman’s right to choose up until the point of viability”[43] and wants to keep abortion legal.[44] He has been very vocal in his beliefs.[45] He supports legislation banning late-term abortions and mandating parental notification for minors seeking an abortion.[46] Johnson believes Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided and should be overturned because it “expanded the reach of the Federal government into areas of society never envisioned in the Constitution.” He believes that laws regarding abortion should “be decided by the individual states.”[42]

Johnson asserts that much of the violent crime in the United States stems from the failure of the federal drug policy of the United States, just as occurred with the Prohibition of alcohol in the United States between 1920 and 1933.[47] He says, “Since only criminal gangs and cartels are willing to take the risks associated with large-scale black market distribution, the War on Drugs has made a lot of dangerous people and organizations very rich and very powerful.”[47] He says that, like alcohol prohibition, prohibition of drugs creates “overdose deaths, gang violence, and other prohibition-related harm.”[47] He points to his views on ending the War on Drugs as a remedy for most violent crime in America.[47]

Johnson believes that crimes “committed online,” including “fraud and child pornography,” “should be investigated and treated identically as crimes not committed online.”

Death penalty
Johnson opposes the death penalty completely.[49] Initially, as Governor of New Mexico, he had sought to expand capital sentences to minors, while limiting appeals; he now calls that position “naïve.”[49] He believes government inevitably “makes mistakes with regard to the death penalty,” and does not “want to put one innocent person to death to punish 99 who are guilty.”[49]

Drinking age
Johnson is in favor of lowering the legal drinking age to 18, or eliminating the drinking age outright.[50]

Read it all here at Wikipedia..

17 thoughts on “Here’s a non-shocker. Stan Adelstein supporting the non-Republican.”

  1. Adelatien dances to his own drum. He supported Stace Nelson also. He’s a smart man in my opinion even though he is often more liberal than I am. I respect him and his service to the USA and SD.

  2. The libertarians are not the answer. The choices this year are all bad. And the “republican” nominee is strangest of all of them.

    So what is it today? Trump is saying that the only way he loses Pennsylvania is if the democrats cheat. Never mind that the polls ALL show that he is losing the state. Never mind that he has no campaign or advertising there. He has nothing, but he can’t blame himself now can he? Just what kind of narcissist would do that?

    Here’s an idea. Why don’t we all start asking him to do the right thing and step down. The Presidency, Supreme Court, and the Senate can still be saved.

    1. maybe because last time Obama won precincts 10,000 to 0 for Romney and there were a lot of irregularities especially in Philly

  3. Why would a wealthy man reject the Republican Party?
    ~ Every month liberals in Democratic states reach into their paychecks and send money to Republican states (every Republican state except one) so they can pay their bills. Liberals don’t demand that they raise taxes and start to pay their own way but it’s a tell that the states that get the most federal welfare are the ones that hate government the most. (*HINT – It’s because it’s easier psychologically to hate than to feel shame.)
    The 10 states receiving the most in federal aid as a percentage of their general revenue, in order, were:
    Mississippi, 42.9% federal aid as percentage of general revenue
    Louisiana, 41.9%
    Tennessee, 39.5%
    *** South Dakota, 39.0%
    Missouri, 38.2%
    Montana, 37.4%
    Georgia, 37.3%
    New Mexico, 36.6%
    Alabama, 36.1%
    Maine, 35.3%

    1. Small states get more federal dollars mostly because of infrastructure costs, roads, bridges, etc. Aside from that , the reservations and the ton of money the Feds throw out the window there distort the numbers.

      1. Every state has roads. Why do we have to pay for yours, while you sit on money and bad mouth the government. This country was formed as a group; became a world power as a group and leads the world as a group. South Dakota and red states et al would collapse into poverty without the money we liberals send you, ingrates.

  4. Supporting the murder of babies, but not in favor of the death penalty seems somewhat contradictory. Supporting Johnson would be difficult. I have been hearing about another alternative, Evan McMullin.

    1. It’s not a baby until God breathes life into it and blesses it with a soul at birth.

      1. That’s your opinion, Mr. Lansing. It might be interesting to hear you run that one by God when you see him. BTW, the Bible states “I (i.e. God) knew you before you were born,” not after you take your first breath.

        1. The invented term “unborn baby” is using anthropomorphism in an unconstitutional attempt to steal rights from a pregnant woman while cruelly shaming her in the process.

        2. In your Bible quote the “you” in question was Jesus. Jesus wasn’t a human or a human fetus or a human baby. Try again.

  5. Trump most likely does not need my vote. He will most likely win SD. If the polls show that when I go in to vote, then he will not have my vote. There is one reason and one reason only to vote for Trump. And that is because the alternative is worse. I don’t really blame Adelstien for supporting Johnson. This is what happens when we get the kind of mess to vote for that we do now. I will say this for Trump. He is much more interesting to listen to than Hillary.

  6. Mr. Lansing, who wears a bow tie as well as I and wears a haircut similar enough he might be mistaken for my grandson if I had one, is not taking into account all the money that is pounded away into supporting the reservation way of life.

    1. Those figures don’t involve reservations which are USA expenses. Everything that has lasted in South Dakota came from Washington. Mt. Rushmore, Oahe Dam, Interstate highways. What exactly have you Republicans built. Being against new things isn’t building. It’s destroying.

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