ICYMI: Wall Street Journal Publishes Noem Op-Ed on Industrial Hemp

ICYMI: Wall Street Journal Publishes Noem Op-Ed on Industrial Hemp

PIERRE, S.D. – In case you missed it, the Wall Street Journal today published an opinion piece written by Governor Kristi Noem entitled “Why I Won’t Support Legalizing Hemp.”

“When I was sworn in as South Dakota’s governor in January, opposing industrial hemp and marijuana legalization weren’t on my list of key issues. But during the first legislative session of my tenure, I vetoed a measure to legalize industrial hemp. If the issue comes up this year, I will veto it again,” Noem writes.

Noem reiterates her concerns that legalizing industrial hemp legalizes marijuana, evidenced by other states like Texas, where hundreds of marijuana cases have been dropped, or Ohio, where law enforcement officers have stated that distinguishing between hemp and marijuana is “not possible.”

“Every experiment needs a control. I believe the social experiment our nation is conducting with highly potent legal weed will end poorly. But to create evidence for a comparison, we need leaders willing to stand up and say, ‘No,’” Noem concludes.

Read Noem’s full WSJ op-ed here.


13 thoughts on “ICYMI: Wall Street Journal Publishes Noem Op-Ed on Industrial Hemp”

  1. Governor Noem I fully support you on this matter! South Dakota can turn this into an economic opportunity. Those states that legalized are a mess! Businesses and families are looking to escape that mess. Let’s welcome them to South Dakota.

  2. I also strongly support Governor Noem on this issue. Many states have embarked on a dangerous social experiment with no real knowledge of the impact that marijuana use will have on its citizens. Profiteers offer the medical benefits as a convenient excuse for legalization. This is a ruse. Marijuana is not harmless. Ask a doctor about the effects of prolonged use on their patients. Ask a teacher about the impact that parental marijuana use has on their students. Although a few may benefit from THC, our government and charitable institutions will face an increased burden when these states experience an increase in mental health related problems and more children are abused and neglected by their pot-smoking parents.
    Good Job Kristi!

      1. Big Pharma is now invested in Big Marijuana aka Big Tobacco 2.0.

        Russia using their propaganda news network being RT would love to see the United States destroy itself from within with the legalization of today’s high potency marijuana and other drugs. It is an old Soviet Union Cold War goal that is happening.

        1. Lol. Not concerned about Russia conspiring with RNC, NRA, Trump campaign to win an election but very concerned Russia is wanting us to get high and…what? Forget to clean our bedrooms?

  3. Ask a doctor about the long term misuse of alcohol, porn or gambling. I’d guess bills should come along this year to eliminate all three. And someone please ask why Gov. Noem votes yes on this while in congress and now a change of heart? Google how many people die as a result of alcohol abuse each year.

    1. Google…misdirection..that is where we will find your argument

      She has said repeatedly she did not agree with hemp in the farm bill but they vote up or down on the entire bill

  4. “Noem reiterates her concerns that legalizing industrial hemp legalizes marijuana”———————— Educating the world on the stupidity of S.D. voters…,

  5. I’d prefer if she didn’t publicly embarrass us like this and kept her idiotic ideas outside of the national press.

    1. go back to your basement…the only one embarrassing anyone is the one falling for the pro pot positions

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