In District 5, Byron Callies plans on returning to the House in 2024

Noting that 2 legislative hopefuls have announced recently, Glen Vilhauer running for District 5 Senate, and Matt Roby, running for District 5 House,  State Representative Byron Callies reached out to let me (and voters in his district) know that he will be seeking re-election for District 5 House of Representatives in 2024.

Callies, who will be completing his first term of office representing Watertown, had a first good session getting his introductory bill past the legislature and signed by Governor Noem, as well as several other measures he co-sponsored.

Byron currently serves on the House Commerce & Energy Committee, House Education, and on House Military and Veterans affairs.  In addition to being a college professor for 10 years, Callies has served the state and nation in the National Guard, completing nearly 41 years of service, retiring as a lieutenant colonel in 2006. And in the past, he has served as the national vice-commander of the two-million member American Legion.

(His daughter, Melissa Magstadt, Secretary of Health, is pretty cool too!)

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