12 thoughts on “Incoming Senator Lance Russell in commercial for Marsy’s Law”

  1. I wish Lance was still our State’s Attorney in Fall River County. He fought for victim’s and wasn’t afraid to stand up against the establishment.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you Representative Russell! Reagan pushed a constitution amendment for victim rights in the 80s. Since then, most states have passed constitutional rights for victims. Sad to see SD is so far behind.

  3. Just out of curiosity is it possible to say that if you want to donate to a ballot question committee that you live in SD?

    How many of these measures or amendments are funded by wealthy people from out of state?

    All they need is 50% + 1 to amend our constitution.

    The legislature should change that to a 2/3 requirement for any amendment to the constitution.

    1. you can donate to any ballot measure you wish for or against.

      S,U, V, 22 and 23 are all funded from out of state heavily….S, V and 22 over $1M each from out fo state or thereabouts.

      I agree the standard for an amendment should be higher than that of an IM…some of these Amendments would make radical changes….

      NO on out of state amendments and measures…

    2. There was one donor to this ballot committee. He gave $1.2 million. Isn’t it amazing that one person from California can change South Dakota’s constitution?

    3. Anon 12:23 that is the smartest idea I have read in months.
      Tax increases right along with it!

  4. I sure wish Nielsen would have polled this question to see where we are at on this measure.

    V is trending down…good NO on V

    22 was not polled either….can’t believe people will buy that horrendous price tag No on 22

    1. I have seen posts by Stace against T and against V but not much on the rest….where does Stace stand on this?

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