Kind of glad that LaFleur didn’t make the ballot, and is now running in the Constitution Party

Every once in a while you get little reminders that sometimes things happen for the best. Such as when outlier candidate Terry Lee LeFleur did not obtain sufficient signatures to make the Republican Primary ballot, and announced he’s running for the Constitution Party nomination instead:

Oookay. When candidates for Governor post memes like this, we can be glad they want to represent a different political party.

30 thoughts on “Kind of glad that LaFleur didn’t make the ballot, and is now running in the Constitution Party”

    1. Colonel LaFleur probably feels more free to express how he really feels about the races in the Constitution Party.

      1. How is this any more racist than Blacks being proud of their heritage, or any other race?

        1. Because white people ARE proud of their heritage – the very idea that they’re “not allowed to be proud” is rediculous. I’ve seen everything from Polish Days, to the Sons of Norway, to Aebleskiver Days, to Daughters of the American Revolution, to the Belgian Club, to Oktoberfest, to Civil War reenactments to a Tulip Festival. Nobody anywhere is saying those events can’t happen, or the participants can’t be proud. Pretending to somehow be a victim drowns out the cries of actual victims and instead of addressing those issues, you bring the pity party back home with your what-about-isms and your false equivalence rather than just minding your own business and being proud on your own time.

          1. So I can be proud but it has to be on my own time!? Good grief. I am not a white supremacists(which is where your next comment will go), but it is NOT racist to be proud of your heritage regardless of what it happens to be!

            1. Yes, on your own time – meaning you should celebrate, but not at the expense of others, and allow others to celebrate as long as they don’t infringe on your rights. I wasn’t really going anywhere with this regarding nazis or anything – just pointing out casual garden variety racism – but way to pre-emptively play another victim card. LOL.

              1. I am not a victim and I am not playing any card, but I will never convince you, who are so quick to claim that the statement is racist, morally representative, and stupid. Do you say the same to someone who is Black or Hispanic or any other ethnicity and is rughtfully proud of their heritage?

                1. Uh, no? Why would I? I also don’t make crap up about not being able to be proud of where I come from.

                2. Springer, the liberal card is to cry racist without any provocation whatsoever. They look at this as a trump card (no, not our President, I mean trump in a card game like Rook, Ike). It gets pretty sickening, but with a media quick to side with every liberal cause and the pragmatic bent of the progressives, it is probably here to stay.

              2. Sorry, you libs are the kings of playing the victim card, and don’t pretend any differently. So shouldn’t the NFL players do their protest on their own time instead of disrespecting the flag when they are on the “job”?

                Liberals are offended at everything, so they want anybody with a contrary point of view to be boycotted, shamed, shouted down, and silenced. You know it’s true, so don’t try to deny it.

                1. I wasn’t aware that Colin Kaepernick caused you to be unable to watch the game or be a proud Norwegian.

                  Anyhoo – I’m not proud to be white, but I am proud to be an American of German descent. There’s a difference – and apparently it’s one that Mr. LaFleur isn’t able to spot.

                  1. May i just interject and ask whats with all the pride? You’re proud to be white? Why? What did you do to earn it that you’re so proud of achieving? Proud of being American? Christian? Having German ancestry? Why?. If you ask me, red yellow black or white, if you take pride purely in your race, you are by some small definition a race-ist. That’s not to say you’re a racist racist, or that you hate or descriminate other races, but you certainly identify people (and yourself) by their race at some level and that’s racist. Saying you’re proud of being white implicates that perhaps theres another race you wouldn’t be proud of being. And if that isn’t true, why be proud of being white? Why not be proud of being human? Be proud of something else. I’m proud to be a South Dakotan (I choose to remain here and I’m proud of South Dakotans, Native, white, or black) I’m proud to be a Christian because I’m proud of what Jesus stood for and endured to ensure my salvation. I’m proud of Jesus, and of myself by extension for knowing him. And I’m proud to be an American because of our history and what we’ve accomplished. History knows no colors, and the Liberals may try to portray American history as white racism, but God damnit, MLKJ, Abe Lincoln, Crazy Horse, we have so many different races of great people in our history it makes me damn proud to be an American. Pride should be grounded in accomplishments rather than pre-existing conditions.

          2. “Civil War reenactments”

            I thought that ended slavery. Shy would that be racist?

  1. Since his petitions did not meet the requirement it looks like is back to his normal posting of crazy posts & comments on his facebook page. Would Lora be his running mate?

    1. Agreed. I love it when idiots put warning labels on themselves – confederate battle flags, swastikas, and monster energy logos work well.

      1. Again with lumping in someone proud of their heritage (Southerners) with the Nazis. Typical and not unexpected by the likes of Ike. An everyone who drinks Monster Energy drinks (I don’t) is bad as well? Touchy, touchy socialist.

        1. Colonel LaFleur’s campaign slogan might as well be “Let’s Make South Dakota White Again”

        2. A southerner’s heritage is “traitor”. And you should probably scrape that big Monster Energy logo off the back window of your V6 Monte Carlo.

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