Kirk Chaffee selected to replace Larry Rhoden in D29 House Race

Word is out tonight that Kirk Chaffee beat Bill Kluck 28 to 18 in the 3rd Round of voting to win the nomination to the vacant District 29 house seat. The seat was open as a result of state representative Larry Rhoden being named as Kristi Noel’s running mate in the race for Governor.

If you’re not familiar with Kirk, here’s a little more information about the new nominee as found it in an email that he sent out to prospective district 29 nomination voters:

As a registered Republican residing in District 29, I am seeking the Meade County Central Committee’s nomination for District 29 Representative. I’m seeking this nomination and honor as I believe I have the qualifications, knowledge, integrity and desire to best represent the people of District 29 in the South Dakota State House of Representatives.

Born in Belle Fourche, SD, raised on the family homesteaded ranch near Union Center until moving to ranch north of Sturgis and eventually beginning my career in public service, I am a native son. I’ve spent the past 31 years in public service for Meade County as the Director of Equalization and Planning while also partnering and working in numerous family run businesses.

I have proven, tenured experience working with individuals, township boards, cities, counties, legislators and federal agencies in numerous capacities with a large, established network within District 29 and across the state of South Dakota. As a seasoned professional with strong leadership and consensus building skills I am aware of and understand tax payer issues on local and state levels that directly and indirectly affect citizens.

One of the unpleasant, albeit necessary, components of government operation is taxation. Being a “tax assessor” for 31 years requires not only a thick hide, but also a high level of ability to read, comprehend and apply South Dakota Codified Laws while routinely performing duties that are heavily regulated by the State of South Dakota. I have consistently applied the laws equitably and with respect for the taxpayer. When allowed by statute or finding and testing the statue limitations, I have consistently and compassionately sided with the taxpayers within my jurisdiction while balancing the need to fund essential government services. In a profession that is often unpleasant and where few people, if any, are happy; I have a proven record of listening, being consistent and fair to all citizens.

I am considered an authority on local government issues and sit on numerous Meade County and City of Sturgis committees as well as am considered the State’s leading agricultural property taxation authority. I would be happy to provide a complete list of past and current committees and boards of participation at your request. The list alone is more than a typed page. I am well known and comfortable speaking at or directing public meetings. I have been a Lobbyist advocating local government issues and an invited speaker before legislative committees. I was appointed by both the Senate and the House as a member of the Ag Land Assessment Oversight Task Force as one of the longest serving individuals to that committee. Prior to that I was a member of the working committee which included Kristi Noem, Larry Rhoden and others who originally worked tirelessly to set the framework to eliminate the escalating, agricultural “market based” system. Along with drafting and reviewing legislation I provided practical and technical advice while lobbying both the committee’s position as well as that of Meade County.

Respectfully submitted and thanking you in advance for your vote of support.

Kluck had previously ran unsuccessfully in this years’ District 29 State Senate primary against Gary Cammack.

9 thoughts on “Kirk Chaffee selected to replace Larry Rhoden in D29 House Race”

  1. Excellent choice. Kirk is conservative, common sense and will make a mighty fine legislator.

  2. The best man won, however the worst choice came in second. Be sure to thoroughly vet candidates in these special elections. Kluck has pretty ugly stuff in his closet and there is always someone else to blame for everything. The legislature does not need another Stace Nelson and thankfully, that didn’t happen.

    Kirk will be a positive addition to the legislature and bring dignity to the process. He’s very knowledgeable and has had to have a backbone of steel being in the line of work he’s been in for decades. Hats off to Kirk!

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