Liberal Hollywood types for the Iran deal

Because we’re apparently uninformed about the awful Iran nuclear agreement, one group has decided that we need Hollywood celebrities to explain it to us:

I want to ask for that 3 minutes of my life back.

7 thoughts on “Liberal Hollywood types for the Iran deal”

  1. It is like listening to a Senator who voted to give Obama fast track on the Iran Deal now criticizing Obama’s Iran Deal.

  2. After hearing Morgan Freeman’s idiocy for the last while, I don’t care to see anything he is in, and I don’t like the man at all. He thinks because he is an actor he has some special intelligence that makes him an authority when I actuality he is simply a Kool-Aid drinker of the first order.

    Shut up and act, Morgan, you moron!

  3. Mr. Freeman has more credibility making political predictions than the sum-total of the capital C conservatives commenting here and in Washington. The list of your false predictions is vast and the voters belief in you to make another one on Iran is nearly nonexistent.

  4. So Mr. Lansing you do not believe that Iran will do any harm to our friends and allies in Israel? And hypothetically if they did what they say they are going to do what responsibility should the Obama Administration and his progressive agenda be held accountable? Can we expect the same outrage as the killing of Cecil?

  5. Iran already has bombs they could easily hit Israel with. The new Inter-Continental missiles they are working on with Russia would be aimed at the U.S. Given this deal, if allowed to go through lifts sanctions so the speed at which Iran obtains long range objectives increases. But unless they want a vaporized Middle East will never send one America’s way. Iran has called Israel a “One Bomb” country. I wonder how many warheads it would take to turn Iran into a sheet of glass.

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