17 thoughts on “Making the rounds…”

    1. There are going to be some very shocked republicans come November 9th. And by shocked republicans, I don’t me the rank and file republicans but the establishment types that don’t represent the people.

      1. Whatever…I dont know any Republicans Establishment or not that are for T, V, 22 or 23…..the only “Republicans” supporting these are Liberals who actually left the party years ago

        1. I think the Republicans are all too aware that the millions and millions of dollars in and out of state dark money may be sufficient to pass these horrible ballot measures. It is really sad that a process that was supposed to empower the people has instead empowered out of state billionaires.

    2. Good idea. Let’s not look into them and understand them there ballot measures. I mean, ain’t worth the time to become informed. Ugh, that would be terrible if people actually read stuff. P.S. Merica. Make South Dakota great again everybody!

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha,…..This must be why I received a robo call from the Governor asking me to vote “Yes” on “R” today.

    Didn’t anyone think that a cross the board “No” strategy might have a collateral effect?

    You always need to be careful for what you hope for…..Or should I say vote for…..or against in this case?

  2. Yes, all that out of state money . . . wait, isn’t your site currently being funded by ads from No on 21 (the out of state Payday lending companies), Marcy’s law (CA billionaire), John Thune (70% out of state mostly from folks who want to buy access so he votes for them over SD constituents), and Americans for Prosperity (Koch Brothers)?

  3. I will vote for the youth minimum wage and that’s it.

    I toyed with voting for the 36% interest rate cap, but if someone is desperate enough or dumb enough to pay 70%, who am I to stop them. Although my initial impulse was to support the interest rate cap, I will vote against the cap.

    1. You fellows don’t understand what a Constitutional Amendment is.

      Vote NO on Everything. Even if that R one burns up too. Nobody really cares about creating a new wing of government for those vo tech schools. Leave them in Watertown and Mitchell to be dealt with.

  4. I’m certainly tired of this election. I’m also tired of having to work, pay taxes, mow the lawn, and wash dishes. “No!” on everything is lazy and stupid. Do your damn DUTY and INFORM yourself. Voting is a solemn responsibility – take it seriously! Do your homework! Yeah, it sucks this year, but tough! Suck it up, Buttercup and be a responsible citizen.

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