Marty Jackley statement on potential Bosworth sentencing


From Attorney General Marty Jackley, a further explanation of the sentencing guidelines in the Bosworth case, the future of her medical license, and how much of this could have been avoided by Dr. Bosworth’s own actions:

Marty JackleyWhile the state does not usually discuss plea negotiations, based upon the continued misrepresentations of both law and fact by Mrs Bosworth and the Bosworth campaign representatives I will generally confirm: 

1). Mrs Bosworth’s public statement (ap) that she would have been required to plead to every felony count is absolutely false and inaccurate and her lawyers have been advised of that in writing;

2) While the Attorney General has many responsibilities, licensing physicians is not one of those responsibilities.  The state medical licensing board made up of South Dakota physicians determines medical licensing issues. Because at the Secretary of State’s request the Attorney General handled the criminal prosecution the Attorney General is not involved in providing legal advice to the medical board in relation to Mrs Bosworth’s potential medical license issue;

3) Before bringing any charges I consulted with my colleague state attorneys general and there are several cases of similar type petition violations such as the Butch Morgan’s case out of Indiana;

4) All plea negotiation attempts by the Attorney General would have put Mrs Bosworth in a better place then she currently is in relation to any potential sentence or permanent record.

Whether or not Mrs. Bosworth’s continuing actions and statements constitute acceptance of responsibility will be for the court to determine at sentencing.

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  1. Shocked, shocked to hear that Boz, Gordie, Pornahan, and that other clown are lying about the plea offers!

    1. Boz can do something else besides practice medicine after she pays for her crime. Chad can finally get a job. Their clown supporters? They can return back to conspiracy focused reality.

      1. While a person could get a job that person wont. Any wages made would be subject to IRS garnishment.

          1. Anne – I get your viewpoint but for the kids’ sake, I sure hope they are unaffected as possible. I’m sure you feel the same way but the comment could be taken differently. 🙁

      2. Supporters? Few and far between. Let’s not pretend she has tons after getting only 5,000 uninformed votes… Guessing most of those are not more informed. I hope anyway.

  2. Her continual lies and smears, not only throughout the case itself for over a year, but continuing post-verdict, should be penalized. If not, others will be incentivized to engage in smear campaigns against law enforcement and witnesses in the future. Furthermore, Bosworth made false and misleading statements in her direct mail legal appeals and that fraud should also be considered.

    1. If she’s made false statements to solicit donations using USPS, I wonder if she faces potential Federal charges?

      1. That’s a fair question. Misleading people by mail is probably covered by some rules somewhere.

      1. Tara, Cut us some slack and stop wasting your time. Boz is so self righteous that it’s sickening. She broke the law and won’t accept responsibility.

        She reminds me of some other people I know in politics who make a bunch of accusations and then smear someone for no other reason that they are hateful people. Lora Hubbel, Stace Nelson and the Boz can just go away. No one wants them around and their poor showings displays that clearly.

        1. Lumping Stace Nelson in with Boz and Lora is just stupid. It appears you are the one that is hateful and have issues.

  3. I would like to believe a few years in prison would straighten Annette out. But I don’t believe it would help.

    1. My husband and I just discussed this tonight. While the charges are against her, Chad is equally guilty and I would prefer he go to jail rather than her but not sure which the kids would be better off with and we can’t change who the charges are against anyway. Maybe they can spend some time at Grandma’s house…

      1. Wrong! She is grown woman and doctor, not a marionette! You should be thinking about what she did to Joell Arends and her other victims.

        Arends is the victim of Annette’s smears for over a year. It’s incredible that even though she deliberately lied about a decorated, combat-veteran, and family man who himself does pro-bono legal work in the community and organized missionary trips abroad, that some people STILL want to position HER as the victim. She is not the victim. She is the victimizer.

        1. I’ve read many of your posts, Anonymous, and you evidently fail to recognize just what’s going on right-under-your-nose.

          Jackley, the State AG has designs on the Senate seat in 2020 and would find it harder to run against Dr. Bosworth than Rounds, a professional politician who stands a chance of being caught in the conspiracy you mentioned in an earlier post.

          Dr. Bosworth “crossed” Jackley’s path on the Mette Rape Case and Jackley has been looking for a get back . . . he found it.

          All of this will surely unfold over the next couple of years . . . making his run in the 2020 Senate race mute.

          1. Hey bud go back to investigating the fake lunar landings and fake death of Elvis.

      1. That sounds like a title to a song. Your rendition of ‘Turn Down For What’ by DJ Snake & Lil Jon? Oh, you got it Tara. Bring it home, girl! Lady? Old lady??

    2. Just because she’s a nonconformist doesn’t make her a bad person. She has a very strong faith that has gotten her through this ordeal.

  4. Interesting issues but what is most interesting is that an “anonymous” and a “anon” contributor are given space to vent their opinions…Newspapers don’t print anonymous letters…there may be a place for anonymity but not in a public forum…not very American…

    1. Most interesting is that the attorney general has been forced to make a direct comment because he and his office have been lied about so frequently by the individual whose behavior he addresses.

    2. At the risk of going down an off-topic rabbit hole:

      “Inherent in the panoply of protections afforded by the First Amendment is the right to speak anonymously in diverse contexts.This right arises from a long tradition of American advocates speaking anonymously through pseudonyms, such as James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay, who authored the Federalist Papers but signed them only as “Publius.” ”

      It’s about as American as it gets. However, It’s up to each individual reader how much credence to give unsigned comments.

        1. Because some people are just better off blocked for hurting the conversation.

    3. That’s just your opinion, “Lars”. And that doesn’t mean you’re right.

    4. Um, freedom of speech? I don’t recall the constitution stating anything about anonymity or not. But to your point, they didn’t know the internet would exist. However, there are probably very good reasons some people (like myself) prefer to stay anonymous. Doesn’t make a viewpoint less accurate.

  5. Mr. Aaning, I see here on this YouTube video that you made in support of medical marijunana that you know Ryan Gaddy

    Mr. Gaddy circulated petitions for Annette Bosworth but it does not appear that he signed any of the petitions as a circulator? Does that bother you? Does Annette Bosworth lying about Joel Arends bother you?

    Maybe the only things that bother you are free speech and marijuana laws. Just curious.

    1. To trash a highly respected man such as Dr. Aanning? Shame on you. This is a strategy to shut the other side up and to keep them from running for office. Lora, make your announcement. I wish all Doctors would come out for legalizing medical marijuana. I am going to grow hemp next spring.

  6. Free Speech? So you can make up anything up you want about a person with no consequences? Well I can see a few people coming together and starting a blog to go after the blog sites that destroy good people.

    1. “I can honestly say I have not witnessed all signatures when I circulated petitions. Does that mean I get to go to jail?” Tara Volesky 2/22/2015 Madville Times

      1. Get to work Pat. Start with my school board petitions. I won’t waste my time on the dozens of candidates and circulators that have not witnessed signatures. There are more important things do than dig dirt on people.

        1. Tara –

          If you’re addressing me as ‘anonymous,’ you’re quite mistaken.

          I write this website, so why would I need to comment anonymously?

          Anyone who thinks otherwise has a rock in their head.

          – PP
          Editor and Blog Overlord.

        2. Not too long ago, you were praising Mr. Powers because he linked to a story that the Daily Republic published about you and your campaign for school board. Now you’re admonishing him. You remind me of a politician who says one thing and does the opposite.

          1. Do I have to agree with everything Pat says? Thanks Pat for not blocking me. I am forbidden to comment of Dak Unfree Press.

        3. to dig up dirt on someone is the hard way, when you are out to ruin someone the best way to do it is to plant someone to set up the perfect scenario and then act so surprised it came to light for you! then you can start the “this person needs to do time for the crime ” drama. When you have power you are a a dangerous person when you use it for vendettas.

  7. Most of those questions I asked that were anonymous were from me. I forgot to sign in.

    1. Tara,
      I am going to admit up front that I do not know you. I feel badly for you though because you appear to have been duped by masters in deception and schemes. Mrs. Bosworth, her husband and some of their other associates have truly hoodwinked you. For your own good, for a positive future free from scandal, please, I beg you, just walk away. I have no reason to believe you are not a good person, but based on all the comments you left on this thread, it is glaringly obvious they have sold you a bill of goods and you paid too much. I promise you, a disassociation from these folks is the best course of action. Mrs. Bosworth needs to get her life back on the rails and prison may be the only thing left that will work. Please don’t continue to be a victim. Just get out and get away.

      1. Thanks for your concern anonymous but I always look at the good in a person, and until Chad or Annette do something to me to change my mind, I will continue to believe they are good people who are raising 3 wonderful kids.

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