No tresspass order issued against DiSanto over arguing with constituent in Serenity Dennard matter.

Self-declared ‘media personality’ Lynne DiSanto has apparently earned herself a time-out from one of her constituents over her continued pursuit of the matter of the missing little girl in the Black Hills:

A written police report about the situation says that if DiSanto appears at the complaining person’s property at any time for any reason, DiSanto will be arrested.


The police report says the situation arose from communications between DiSanto and Patricia Kassner, of Box Elder, on Facebook. DiSanto runs a Facebook page titled “Lyn Seeks Truth. com,” which she launched in May and has devoted primarily to commentary, videos and other content related to the Serenity Dennard missing-person case. The page describes DiSanto as a news personality, author and motivational speaker. DiSanto also has a similarly named website,

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When a politician calls themselves a ‘motivational speaker,’ it usually isn’t intended as motivating people to call the police on you.

14 thoughts on “No tresspass order issued against DiSanto over arguing with constituent in Serenity Dennard matter.”

  1. Kassner is NUTs.
    If you watch the Netflix Documentary “The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann” you will see that the experts in such cases advise an unrelenting publicity campaign to keep pressure on law enforcement and the public to keep looking. Madeleine McCann’s parents hired a PR agent. DiSanto is doing that for free. At least she is being sympathetic to all the parents involved. I saw a clip of an interview with Lora Hubbel who said Serenity was “a child nobody wanted,”

      1. So? PR firms do it for money. What’s the difference as long as somebody does it? Or should everybody just forget about the child?
        As for being sympathetic to the parents involved, I stopped paying attention several weeks ago. All I saw were the early interviews she recorded with them. If she has turned on them over a birthday party I missed that. Sounds bad to say I’ve lost interest in the story but probably most of us have. That’s the problem. People forget about these kids, don’t remember what they looked like, wouldn’t recognize them if we did see them. How many of us study the “missing” posters we see in public places? That’s why the incessant publicity campaigns are important, to get the faces of missing children out where people will see them. Eventually somebody might see a missing child and actually recognize him or her.

    1. Sympathetic to all the parents involved ???? You are the one who is NUTS. Tht is absolutley not true and with all the evidence of it not being true I am shocked you would lie about that. Wow !!!

  2. 1) There was no crime.
    2) There was no threat.
    3) Law-enforcement has no role in this and should have declined to involve themselves.

    1. Agreed. Total BS order. A crime is a crime when it occurs, some weirdly-concocted pre-order notwithstanding. DiSanto’s a grandstanding Nancy Grace wannabe, but, this is out of line.

    2. Well, do your civic duty and tell them they don’t know what they are doing…

    3. Lynne was not charged with a crime. A no trespass is the right of every citizen to keep someone off their property. Lynne Disanto over stepped when she told someone she never met she planned to stop bu her house uninvited. BTW Patricia is her constituent Lynne is supposed to represent her not harrassment her

  3. Lynne Disanto has done 1000x more than anyone else in the state of SD to aid in finding Serenity Dennard. The adoptive dad and step mom haven’t even went as far as putting up missing posters! Neither of them have mentioned they love, missed, or wanted Serenity to come home! Lynne was offering this nut case a ride to aid in searching the hills and to show her what has already been searched! Sad that an attention seeking religious cop caller has to bring attention to herself in order for Serenity’s name to get out nationwide! This little girl deserves ALL of the nationwide attention she can get, to get home safely to her adoptive mother, Darcie Gentry! Not this wolf crying nut case! Lynne did no wrong. She has done an amazing job keeping Serenity’s name from turning into a cold case.

  4. 100% of what Stormy DiSanto “does” is to benefit the personal agenda to benefit Stormy DiSanto.Anny

  5. I find it so interesting that the minute anybody has an ounce of what many people would say to be very fair criticism… Her army of social media trolls start screaming about how the critics must not care about the missing child.

    Everybody’s thoughts are with the missing children. The critic’s thoughts are also saying that she’s turning a tragedy into an opportunity to showcase herself into a media personality.

    If her SOLE interest was generating information about the missing child – the missing child would be above the fold…

    Lastly, the now taken down social media page was like bad reality television. There were plugs going out saying things such as, “tonight I tell the TRUTH that only I know” and “WHAT ARE YOU NOT BEING TOLD – TUNE IN TONIGHT.” or “TONIGHT WE’RE TALKING TO THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER – WHAT DOES HE KNOW?!” (not actual quotes, I’m replaying from memory so I could be a little off on the wording but not the intent)

    That’s not a plug to help the authorities find a solution in a tragedy. That is a stone cold promotion to talk about yourself by using tragedy as a disguise.
    It’s patently offensive. I can’t imagine a cop in the world who wants a social media attention seeker stepping all over an investigation over a potentially dead child. I mean it’s simply that offensive and if you don’t see it, your eyes are closed.

    (Note – I’m positive she has incredible qualities and I think what she does for human trafficking is mostly selfless. I’ve never personally met her. I would rather lose a limb than vote for her because I think she’s 100% unqualified to hold office – but that doesn’t mean she’s the devil.)

    1. So apparently you have been following Lynne’s Facebook stuff? It’s offensive but you follow it? You aren’t required to do that, you know. If her self-promotion annoys you, turn it off.
      If you live in her district, and she annoys you that much, maybe you could run against her. If you don’t live in her district maybe you could support a challenger. But if you aren’t inclined to do either, maybe you should just unfollow her Facebook stuff and chill.

  6. She has created an army. An army of sycophants. Some of them believe she should be President. Some equate her to God. Some say she is the only one doing anything for Serenity. I followed the page she created after Serenity disappeared, until she castigated the family and the public for not showing up for HER birthday party for Serenity. It made me sick to my stomach. When people took up for the family and the public, she accused them of not caring. Not everyone needs or craves publicity to care.

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