Not sure that I believe them when they say “all” the hotel rooms will be taken.

So I guess if the South Dakota Bikers for Trump are to be believed, Mike Lindell, the pillow guy, is coming to Sioux Falls and nooooo one else will be able to have a hotel room in Sioux Falls unless they’re invited, because everything will be reserved for federal officials, press etc.


I’m not sure that I believe them when they say “all” the hotel rooms will be taken.  And after the event that was recently held in Mitchell, I’d be a little surprised if any elected federal officials are in attendance. But we’ll see.

In all reality, it does sound as if there will be an event taking place, and Lindell himself claims he’s reserved up to 1000 hotel rooms. But that’s about all the detail we have. Lindell had previously claimed that this symposium would reinstate President Trump after his loss in the November election, and recent reports do place the event in Sioux Falls, and taking place on those dates.

We’re not entirely sure on the location, as It’s not clear what venue this symposium is taking place at. But we’ll let you know when there’s more data on it.

9 thoughts on “Not sure that I believe them when they say “all” the hotel rooms will be taken.”

    1. The only time you will say there is election integrity is if your guy gets elected. Just freaking admit it already.

  1. I think I figured it out, Kristi will secede us from the union and declare Trump as the president, she will be the VP. The rest of the Trump family, along with the pillow salesman will be our senior cabinet leaders. We can finally do away with elections and just have these true leaders lead, FINALLY!

  2. They couldn’t even spell “Sioux Falls” correctly.

    These people are suffering from severe mental illness and need help ASAP.

  3. Freedom of speech is alive and well. You can shout crazy from the rooftops, without a care about its accuracy. I love this country.

  4. How many people were at the Mitchell rally? I thought the Corn Palace pics looked like it was well attended although the story was not very flattering. But then it was the Arduous Liar, which this site likes to ridicule frequently. I don’t follow Mike Lindell much, but I do believe he has some points. If he gets a bunch of people to come to Sioux Falls, good for him. We can use the business. I’m sure Brookings would like to have it.

  5. Just checked to reserve a hotel room in SF for tonight, August 11, 2021, through Saturday. No problem getting a room. Rooms available all over in nice enough hotels. Looks like a “low show” to me. I don’t think the CCP is coming either. I guess it would look like a bigger crowd in Brookings and a really big crowd if he held his rally in Parker and a humongous crowd if he held it in Egan.

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