Release: Tapio Challenges Candidates, Elected Leaders to Speak Frankly About Refugee Resettlement, Islamic Terror

Tapio Challenges Candidates, Elected Leaders to Speak Frankly About Refugee Resettlement, Islamic Terror

(Tuesday, February 19, 2018) With a looming showdown over the Federal Refugee Resettlement Program scheduled for Wednesday’s Senate State Affairs Committee in Pierre, congressional candidate and Watertown State Senator Neal Tapio is issuing a challenge to every elected leader and political candidate in South Dakota: Find the courage to have an open and honest dialogue about Islamic terrorism and the statistical reality of incidental violence and terrorist threat presented by Islamic refugee populations in the United States.

“The time is long past when we can allow our elected leaders to hide behind the comfortable, politically correct language that refuses to even utter the phrase, “Islamic terrorism,” Tapio said.

“I call on every candidate for Attorney General, Governor and Congress to publicly support or reject SB 200,” Tapio said.

“Tell us whether or not you think the refugee resettlement program is safe. Tell the citizens of South Dakota if you agree with Governor Daugaard that those concerned about islamic terrorism and refugee resettlements from terror prone counties are just fear mongers, as Governor Daugaard says. Be specific. Tell the people of South Dakota whether or not you think Somali violence and terrorism is a real threat that should be addressed.” Tapio said.

“We live in challenging times. This is not the time for weak politicians to run for office avoiding the real issues, offering platitudes and throwing out breath mints. Those days are over. The issues are too large and complex and the solutions are too complicated and controversial for politics as usual. We need leaders to take a stand, not politicians that take a poll. The people just want to know what you really think.”

Tapio’s bill, Senate Bill 200, would immediately end all forced refugee resettlement in South Dakota from the five nations listed in President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Proponents call it a much needed response to stemming the tide of Islamic immigration to the United States and the risk that concentrated Muslim communities become hotbeds of radicalized Islamic practice and thought and potential incubators for sleeper cell terrorism on American soil.

To underscore the necessity of decisive action to end forced refugee resettlement in America, Tapio will be joined in committee testimony by an impressive lineup of national security and policy experts who will offerstatistical analysis of the criminal activity, propensity for terrorism radicalization and social and economic costs shouldered by communities and states where large refugee populations are proving incapable of peacefully and safely assimilating into the general population. Tapio sees it as a clear line of demarcation on a crucially sensitive matter of national destiny.

“Wednesday’s hearing on my bill to end refugee resettlement in South Dakota (SB 200) will expose the fraudsters, the cowards and the pretenders in this debate, who are not only unwilling to speak openly about the threats facing our nation, but are also helping each other profit politically and corporately by their acceptance of horrible program and policy,” Tapio said.

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  1. I challenge Krebs and Johnson to issue a press release asking Tapio to deliver results and not just rhetoric.

    The guy fails to follow Donald Trumps rule and the reason he actually won.

    People are tired of talk. Deliver results or shut the hell up.

    Tapio has never moved this legislation out of the Senate. He name calls and burns bridges. Daugaard would veto it anyway. Because Tapio is an A-hole to him.

    And that is in SD where 83% in the legislature are Republicans. He would fail miserably in DC. He would be ignored.

    Trump deserves better than a limp wristed wind bag incapable of delivering results.

    1. Tapio: talk, talk talk…

      Voters: can you deliver or do you just talk.

      Tapio: refugee crisis is the worst thing happening to USA…. talk talk talk

      Voters: can you deliver results

      Tapio: I call on all politicians to stop refugee…. talk talk talk.

      Voters: Results?

      Tapio: Islam is scary. It has to be stopped…. talk talk talk.

      Voters: talk is cheap

      Tapio: I have to be your leader because I’m so much smarter than you all are… talk talk talk.

      Voters: results? Talk is cheap. Next candidate.

      Donald Trump: hey this senator from Watertown is a politician who sure talks a lot. I deliver results. He didn’t listen to what I was campaigning on because he talks too much.

    2. 7:44 – I challenge you (knowing full well you won’t take me up on it) to elaborate on Daugaard vetoing legislation because someone is an A-hole to him. Is that how our governor decides whether or not to veto a bill? Doesn’t the Governor work for the people of SD? Many SDakotans are asking for this issue to be addressed.

      If engaging in dialogue about Islam, LSS and refugee resettlement wasn’t such a big deal, why was a SF event about Islam protested? Remember Ehab Jaber? How about the speakers whose SF event was cancelled because Muslims lobbied (pressured) the History Club to rescind the speakers? The Muslim community celebrated this shut down…celebrating 1A rights being infringed on…well, that’s exciting.

      1. Relationships are very important in politics. Tapio doesn’t understand that. It’s partly why his talk is empty promises and no one takes him seriously.

        1. What kind of relationship? A toe-the-line relationship? Many politicians do what lobbyists ($$) tell them to do, this is the kind of relationship you’re speaking about?

          Many politicians forget the most important relationship takes place between them and their constituents. Seems you too have forgotten that. Tapio has been contacted by many people across the state concerning this issue, he doesn’t have to be buddy-buddy to be a voice for the people.

  2. I call on Neal Tapio to talk about ANY other issue except immigration and Islam.

    He needs to broaden his platform…

        1. Well that makes sense to me…

          On one hand you have a multiple tour combat Veteran who has served in the middle east for all of us as a Soldier who has gone around and given informational lectures on Islam and ISIS. I have heard it. It is informative and not inflammatory, I believe he even said something to the effect this will be like a history class or lecture or something like that.

          On the other hand you have an ethically challenged ineffective state senator who’s only co-sponsor on his bill is Stace Nelson.

          Got to go with Tapio on this one…boy didn’t see that coming when I got up this morning.

  3. Once again, he has failed terribly to represent his district. If all he wants to do is grandstand, he should resign. I CALL ON HIM to resign today!

  4. He failed to pass anything he cared about because be was all talk.

    Watertown can turn the page.

  5. Here is a synopsis of the next 9 months:

    Neal: blah blah BLAH blah
    Public, and leaders: Neal, shut up

    9 months later, Neal is just gone.

  6. Tapio’s bill ends resettlement to South Dakota of refugees persecuted and deemed safe for admission to the United States from five of the top ten nations for extreme persecutions of Christians.

    This is not who we are Mr. Tapio. Try as you may to appeal to the fears and the demons in us, we see you exactly for the charlatan you are.

    1. Leave it to Troy to once again intentionally misrepresent the issue and completely ignore the very real threat of islamic cultural jihad..

    2. Seems at $80000 a refugee in costs to the ya payer that should be reason enough as a conservative to have an objection to refugees. Are you just a democrat troll? By most of your responses you are either a democrat troll or a horrible represantive of the gop platform stated on Everyone is entitled to their views but the gop is not about wasting money on refugees according to their platform.

      1. SD Conservative – I love that you still have faith in the sdgop, unfortunately you’re going to be disappointed again and again and again. They have a difficult time challenging “Republicans” who want to increase taxes, who have 100% rating from NARAL and who think public schools should be the ones to teach children about sex.

        1. If more parents would actually teach their children about sex and preventative methods- teenage pregnancy rates would drop drastically.

          1. I see you’ve brought your research to the table, great work.

            I’ve got some info for you…

            Since 2000, the total teen birth rate, as defined by the number of live births per 1,000 women ages 15 to 19, has gone down by nearly 45 percent. Among 15- to 17-year-olds, that number has plummeted even further, dropping 54 percent, according a report just released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

            – Newsweek.

    3. He’s against human trafficking for slave labor. These meatpacking plants want to exploit them for slave labor. They see the dollar bill signs. $$$$$$$$. Follow the money. Where do Noem and Jackley stand on this very important issue?

      1. Slave Labor? They are not even paying them? Are they toiling away at these meatpacking plants at gunpoint?

  7. So you people aren’t interested in other candidates opinions on refugees?? You know these programs cost the taxpayer a lot of money. This is what I mean about conservatives. Ask the question? Does it cost the taxpayer money? Well yes it does. Another question does it take any rights or freedoms for comstituents? Well yes it’s proven they drive down wages and property values where they live. This is what I mean about conservatives. You guys mock the ones who support conservative values. It’s why I’m an independent. Or maybe you are the rich elitist capitalizing on cheap subsidized labor but I don’t believe Their is enough intelligence combined here to capitilze in much.

    1. Welcome to the party, SD Conservative. If you stick around long enough you’ll be called a racist, bigot or whatever the word of the week is for asking questions about refugees or LSS. Many Aberdeen residents are begging for someone to listen to their concerns. Seems their mayor isn’t interested in having a discussion, maybe that has to do with him being connected to Taneeaz Islam and her voices for peace?

      Dollar bills, dollar bills…following the $$.

      1. Called an old college friend who lives in Aberdeen’s “Green Zone” and asked my old friend to turn down the TV which sounded like a war movie with gunfire & explosions since it was hard to hear. Turns out the TV was not on and Aberdeen is a war zone. The line went dead a few times until they restored phone service.

        “Dollar bills, dollar bills…following the $$.” Those fat cats on the take live in a gated fortified area of Aberdeen and drive bullet proof vehicles with their hired ex-military security when shopping or going to work. The rest of Aberdeen is fighting to survive. Many casualties.

        1. Is that you Taneeza or just one of your ‘voices of peace’ supporters? Maybe it’s Dana Ferguson, you’re also quite skilled in smearing people who question illegal immigration, Islam and refugee resettlement? Word is getting around about what your agenda is here in SD and it’s not looking as pretty as you thought.

          You forgot to call me names, here let me help….KM, you’re a stupid racist, bigot;)

    2. Can you provide some studies, sources to your claims…I am genuinely curious…I was disappointed in Tapio and Russell both for failing to do so. I would like to read more FACTS.

      Thank you.

  8. S.D. Conservative,

    You tell me all I need to know about you.

    You refer to helping a refugee as waste and you lie about the amount, significantly lie.

    I am much more comfortable with the assistance the United States of America spends to assist refugees than I am many other expenditures of my government.

  9. BTW, here are the numbers

    Each year 1.5-1.8 million people enter the US illegally and about 1.5 million illegal immigrants return to their native country in a year. The total number of illegal immigrants has been rather steady for almost a decade.

    Each year 1 million people enter the US as legal immigrants.

    Each year 85,000 people enter the US as refugees. Almost all receive refugee status as either political or religious refugees.

    So in effect, Tapio and his supporters want people who oppose the most ruthless tyrants or are Christians to stay in these worst of the worst nations. Or think these people are someone else’s problem.

    I am proud our nation gives these people refuge and support my state doing its part.

    1. Are you talking about sh*thole countries? I wonder why Muslim countries are not interested in taking in Muslim refugees? Why doesn’t Japan?

      Are you interested in your tax dollars going toward assisting veterans? How about the homeless in CA? Seems your priorities are aligned with Soros, good to know.

      America First.

      1. Our family will remain in our basement until candidate soon to be elected Congressman from SD Senator Neal Tapio gives us the all clear. Senator Tapio needs to do a live broadcast on national TV from Aberdeen but he will need a security escort and wear a flak jacket and helmet up there.

        We have our shades pulled and even put tape over our nail holes and cracks in the walls for security reasons.


        1. 7:24 – You’re afraid to engage in mature dialogue that includes facts and first-hand accounts? I know it’s difficult being an independent thinker who’s able to manage breaking free and conducting their own research. There’s hope, you visit SDWC with a purpose in mind, and I think you’ve taken the first steps for educating yourself.

          Here…here’s your participation trophy for the day;) I’ll see you tomorrow so I can give you feel-good words of reassurance you so desperately need.

  10. Troy, have you ever sat down and talked with Tapio about his concerns regarding the influx of refugees? I don’t think you would find him the cruel-hearted person you think he is. BTW, why doesn’t Saudi Arabia allow the Muslim refugees to settle in their country? They don’t, why not? Maybe we should learn why they don’t. Tapio, it seems to me, would be a good ally of Trumps. After all, Trump wanted to temporarily stop the refugees from some Muslim countries too. I suggest you talk with Tapio.

    1. Tell Tapio to stop slamming his colleagues. He doesn’t want to solve this problem he wants to be divisive and name call.

  11. Why would I support legislation from someone who is only interested in name calling and not solutions?

    Tapio is a stain on SD politics. He’s a stain on Christianity.

  12. I don’t know what is Christian about an agency which takes a check from the federal government to resettle refugees, lines them up with an apartment, takes them to the social security office to get paperwork done, and then drops them off with HR at a meat packing plant and says “Bye! Don’t call us again!”

    When I was a kid a family I knew sponsored a family of Hungarian refugees. The financial and social support went on for years. They were invited to all the neighborhood gatherings, taken on day trips to see all the attractions, if the sponsoring family was going somewhere or doing something, they brought the refugees with them. As a result they assimilated.
    LSS is doing nothing like that.

  13. 1). These are refugees he is targeting. Not legal or illegal immigrants. But Refugees the Trump Administration has vetted for admission. If this is how ally’s act, he needs not worrry about his enemies.

    2). I always hear how this is a Judeo-Christian nation. But we use as our example a Buddhist-Taoist Japan and Muslim Saud Arabia? Makes no sense to me.


  14. Sorry. Accidentally hit send before done.

    3) Anne, as I said earlier or on another thread, you are right the LSS isn’t providing significant individual assistance/guidance. At least in Sioux Falls, LSS’s efforts and responsibilities are more macro in scope. Individual micro assistance/guidance/mentoring etc. is handled by other groups specific to the nationality and religion of the refugees. But, you bring up a good point. Specific refugees may being ill-served by the specific groups who should be providing these services. If this is teh case, we’d be better served calling out who is actually failing instead of castigating and impugning LSS, whose focus is not individual assistance and guidance.

    Let me give you an example of how important specific individual help is. A refugee who doesn’t speak English just got a job at Morrells. That is good right? But, now he needs a car to get to work, driver’s license and insurance. Those things don’t just happen. While one person is calling around trying to get someone to give this persona jalopy, another is finding someone who is bi-lingual (usually one of the teens in the group) to come with them to the insurance agent, and another might be arranging the anther teen to come with them to translate the driver’s test. This is not LSS’s responsibility. In the case of the Burmese in Sioux Falls, we are fortunate to have a retired school librarian and retired school teacher (husband and wife) who act as the first contact for these refugees. They then marshall from their notebook of literally hundreds of volunteers with specific skill sets.

    And, these people have some unique challenges. I’ll try to make this short. A refugee and his wife live in an apartment. He gets job and car. Goes to work and comes home. Looks out window and sees a policeman and a tow truck taking his car (he parked by fire hydrant but couldn’t read sign). Now he thinks he is being targeted by police (remember they come from a place people disappear in the middle of the night) so he and his wife barricade themselves in the apartment. How is it discovered? They aren’t seen by anyone at work or church for days. They didn’t want to leave the mountains their families had lived for centuries. They don’t need help because they are lazy or bad people. They are here and need help because there was an ethnic/religious cleansing going on and staying would have meant their annihilation.

  15. P.S. The specific groups might be failing not out of ill-will but not knowing what to do. Not all areas are blessed like the Burmese were of getting “assigned” to the right place with a Priest willing to learn their language and two good souls willing to take on this central responsibility. These refugees might be not well-served because those who desire to serve them don’t have the resources and don’t know how to get it.

  16. 1) How much money does Lutheran Social Services receive from the government for each refugee they bring into South Dakota?

    2) How much, per refugee, is spent by federal/state/local government agencies over a five to ten year period?

    3) Who tracks the movements of refugees?

    4) How long are refugees allowed to remain in our country?

    5) Do the children born to refugees here in the United States receive automatic citizenship?

    6) I’d like to see a graph showing the relationship between the growing number of refugees in Sioux Falls and the increase in crime in Sioux Falls.

    1. Those would be great issues for Tapio to solve as a state senator if he wasn’t just interested in rhetoric.

  17. 1) I don’t know but whether it is paid to LSS or an agency in another state, it will be paid. These are people approved for refugee status by the Trump Administration. They are coming to the United States.

    2) I don’t know but here is one analysis.

    3) I don’t think anyone does. They have been vetted and determined safe for admission. I think we’d be better served tracking people with mental health problems or terrorist sympathies. Christian refugees from Syria, Sudan, and Somalia not so much.

    4) Refugee status gives the person permanent resident status.

    5) Anyone born in the US are citizens as per our Constitution. It doesn’t matter whether their parent is a citizen, a tourist, a business traveler, legal immigrant, illegal immigrant, or refugee.

    6) You realize there are 85,000 refugees a year in the entire US. Illegal and legal immigrants are 2.8mm. But, to answer your question, I’ve asked both senior law enforcement and cops on the beat- refugees are not disproportionate serious crime contributors but do violate many laws out of ignorance like truancy, driving violations, and the such.

  18. I’ll vote for Tapio, he’s the only one wanting to talk about the refuge problem. He will support Trump in Trump’s efforts to protect the US.

  19. The whole refugee process is a total sham. Go Tapio! This is a winning issue, better get used to hearing about it.

  20. On January 29th, with additional screening and vetting, the Trump administration announced it will resume accepting refugees from Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Iran, Libya, Yemen, and North Korea. Refugees from these countries had been banned since October to allow the US to institute better screening procedures.

    On February 1st, Neal Tapio introduced a bill to prohibit refugees into South Dakota from Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Iran, Libya, Yemen, and North Korea.

    Looks like Mr. Tapio doesn’t trust President Trump’s judgment and the ability of his Department of Homeland Security to do its job. Or is there an even more nefarious motive?

  21. Listening to the SB200 discussion, quite informative. The 1st speaker had a great point: how can we trust the vetting process by countries refugees are coming from. Some don’t even have a stable govt. Tapio has gathered well-educated, well-respected and experienced speakers…they’re probably racist though since they are requesting a pause in resettlement and fixing current issues with the program.

    What state has the most generous welfare programs? Sounds like studies and numbers show Maine and refugees know where to go. Refugees can receive all welfare programs except TANF. Refugees receive grants, well that’s lovely. I’d prefer my tax dollars go toward supporting our vets, the homeless and the children who aren’t able buy a school lunch. Americans First.

  22. KM asks: “how can we trust the vetting process by countries refugees are coming from?”

    1) The countries that are doing the persecution don’t do the vetting. The United States Department of Homeland Security conducts the vetting and makes the determination if they are safe to be admitted to the US.

    2) On January 29th, the Trump Administration announced they are resuming the admission of refugees from these nations. I trust President Trump’s judgment since he has access to all the relevant information. What information does Tapio have? None.

  23. Thankfully the Governor’s office is once again the voice of reason in regards to SB 200. Otherwise the proponents are just cherry picking and they could of substituted Somali or Muslim with Irish, Jews, Roma, Russians, Chinese, Poles, Bosnians, Catholics and all the other specific groups that have faced discrimination and demonization in our history.

    1. How much $$ does the Governor’s office receive from LSS lobbyists?

      The silent majority is irrelevant. There is a violent trend with Somalian refugees in American. Why is this so difficult to acknowledge?

  24. The worst arguments:

    1) The long list of bad acts by individuals. It is bigotry to paint other with the stain of the acts of one.

    2) These refugees are a source of cheap labor we can take advantage of? We neither need or want people to move here so we can be exploited. I want people who see the opportunities in SD as the best option for them and their family on all levels without regard to their race, creed, national origin, etc.

    1. Yes, Troy, they are most definitely a source of very willing cheap labor, that’s why we get them. The groups (Agri-business, the Chamber, etc.) that want these refugees so badly, let me tell ya, it has nothing to do with compassion, it’s all virtue signaling, to disguise their true intentions. They are brought over to fill awful and poorly paid jobs, that South Dakotans are unwilling to work, for the prevailing wage. So many examples to illustrate from. Dakota Provisions in Huron? Do you have any idea how awful that work is? And how little they make for it? It’s shameful

      Calling people racist and bigoted is a sign of a losing argument. But most importantly it stifles legitimate and much needed discussion and debate about how the program works, the lack of control SoDak has over it, and its cost and affect on neighborhoods.

      Good day

      1. Jack,

        I want to have that conversation. I’m sure I’ll learn somethings and maybe you will too. You are correct too often lines get drawn in the sand and everyone talks past each other. Neither of us want people to be perpetual burdens or stains on society. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be a shining light.

        But on your end you need to control the bigotry of Tapio and the guy who listed bad acts and painted all people from those countries with those behaviors.

  25. I think a forum including Anne Beal and Betty Oldenkamp would bring a packed house. With the few comments I’ve read by Beal, she’s already discredited what Oldenkamp is currently saying.

    Because Oldenkamp doesn’t see something, it doesn’t exist? Doesn’t she believe in God? Goodness this woman is difficult to listen to.

    1. KM open your heart. I have met numerous enterprising Somalis and Muslims from some of the banned countries by the Trump Administration. Polite saying please and thank you with chasing the American Dream owning their businesses or working for others. Make an effort to actually meet and interact with the newcomers. It may be very scary for you but one needs to sometimes get out of their comfort zone to learn especially when they are right here in your community.

      1. Nobody is saying these are bad people. Please stop pretending this is about race, or compassion. That doesn’t further the discussion. This is what your government wants you to do. Disappoint them.

        Good day

        1. Jack that one proponent testifier would of gone on the whole hour with cherry picking the list of crimes focused on one nationality(religion). That group in Aberdeen sure focuses on them as terrorists and criminals.

  26. Worst argument 1(b): The student listing her Moroccan conversations. Just as we can’t paint all Muslims with the bad acts of individuals, we can’t paint all Muslims with the good acts of individuals.

    While both 1(a) and 1(b) can be debunked by multiple logic fallacies, I think the “Association Fallacy” is most pertinent: Because they share religions, they share a disposition to harm people in the case of 1(a) or be good to Christians in the case of 1(b).

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