“SD Voices for Peaceful Justice & Diversity” group formed to oppose sharia law.

A group appears to have formed out west – the SD Voices for Peaceful Justice & Diversity – and is actively promoting an upcoming anti-sharia law event coming on April 6th at the Alex Johnson in Rapid City, similar to events that have taken place in Aberdeen.

Curiously, the group seems to be trying to co-opt the name of the Sioux Falls groups calling themselves “South Dakota Voices for Peace” and “South Dakota Voices for Justice.”

And while it has no immediate organization or contact information available, one of the few people noting as attending at this early date is Ed Randazzo, who is affiliated with the Family Heritage Alliance group.  Ed comments below, and it’s not him, so the mystery continues.

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  1. If you’re a progressive anarchist, #MeToo or hate speech ? If American, it’s an expose’ of a competing business model for governance.

  2. If the Family Heritage Alliance is not currently labeled a ‘hate group’ by the SPLC, they certainly are now. Aynaz Anni Cyrus is a great source for information concerning Islam and the dangers this ideology has brought to America. Hope there’s a rally in SF so we all can watch the Muslim community and their supporters celebrate attempts to disregard our Constitution.

  3. By way of clarification, Pat. I too, was intrigued by the ad for this event in my backyard and registered for the event. I have no knowledge of the organization “SD Voices for Peaceful Justice & Diversity,” but if they are promoting peaceful justice and diversity, they have my attention and interest.

    To be clear, Family Heritage Alliance is not a sponsor of this event, nor do I have any knowledge of the group, its existence, location, etc.
    I’m guessing we will know real soon.

  4. I swear I’ve seen this group somewhere before…

    “So it was that the Klan draped itself in the flag and depicted itself as fighting for traditional American political and religious values. Each knight of the order could see himself and his compatriots as battling for God and country.

    The Klan preached a message of keeping “America for Americans”—that is, white, native born, Protestants—and took as its mission securing and maintaining that birthright for them. Underlying it all was the idea that only these Americans were fit to govern America. Klan members were driven by a strong bias against Catholics, Jews, certain foreigners, and blacks. These groups were seen as incapable of meeting the Klan’s One-Hundred Percent American standard of patriotism because of their inability to assimilate fully into American life due to various impediments.”

    …Oh, yeah. That’s where I saw it.

      1. How would that happen? Regardless we must do everything we can to support Tapio in the primary. He will put a stop to this funny business!

      1. Didn’t Democrats lead the formation of the KKK? PragerU has a video addressing party affiliation of klan members. I also read that it was a Democratic president who put Japanese Americans in internment camps. Interesting what one can find doing some research and independent thinking;)

        1. Yep. The Democratic National Convention in 1924 aka “The Klanbake”. Pretty horrible. Then an odd thing happened. Civil Rights and LBJ – lost the south for the Democrats going forward. Nixon’s ‘Southern Strategy’ sealed the deal. Reagan nailed the coffin shut by embracing the religious right. Now all those former southern Dems switched party affiliation to Republican. So while the Democratic Party was close to the KKK back in the day, the people from that party are now Republicans.

          Tangentally related:
          “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”

  5. Ike, why would you presume this person or group is related to the Klan without any evidence. Are you always so quick to slander?

    Not a lot of on this woman on the internet except her personal story which is compelling for anyone interested in woman’s rights as her message appears to center on the lack of equal rights for women under Sharia, real life examples of being subjected to forced arranged marriage (as opposed to arranged marriages either can reject), genital mutilation, and other abuse (inside and outside of marriage).

    If she came to Sioux Falls, I would go here her story and make up my own mind. I don’t have to know I will agree with a person before I go here them. I like diversity of thought.

    1. It’d be libel, not slander. At any rate, I don’t think a case for either could be made since they sound an awful lot like the Klan from the 1920’s (Kelly Lieberg certainly caught the reference). I didn’t call them the Klan, just pointed out that history appears to repeat itself sometimes.

          1. Heck no……they want to bring in as many un-vetted Muslims as they can. Educate yourself Ike.

            1. Un-vetted? The Federal government especially under the Trump Administration is doing nothing about it? Before Trump they never vetted them? Wow! What about those Muslim and non-Muslim who were born here? The Vegas shooter? Parkland, Florida? Deep down they must have been devoted to ISIS right?

              Whole lot of crazy going on! Always need to find someone to scapegoat!

              1. Anni will get you guys straighten out. There is a chance she may be coming to Sioux Falls too.

      1. “Left-Islamic Alliance.” This is not left or right issue. It is about how we treat each other as human beings no matter the color of their skin, where they are from or their religious beliefs.

  6. There is no way you should equate being anti Sharia law with the Klan. Believers in Sharia law maintain that it supercedes American law, and that is dangerous. It has been implemented in other nations…it is not an impossibility here given our propensity for political correctness in the name of diversity, tolerance, etc.

    1. The Klan claimed that Catholic immigrants were moving to America en masse to overthrow our way of life and install a government subservient to the Pope. Sorta sounds a lot like the anti-muslim baloney y’all are barfing up here to me.

        1. Steve depending on what time frame we are talking about in US history the Irish Catholics were not even considered to be white and were looked upon as criminals and the filth of society. The perceived idea of status based on skin color, ethnic origin and religion is shocking yet we have not moved very far in that regard unfortunately. They were considered threats too.

      1. Ike, Now! Now! Using Catholics as scapegoats is well beyond their selective history and was before many pushing todays Bigotry were born. We have new scapegoats now.

  7. KM,

    That is one paragraph which I found plus 20 others with no more detail. It found nothing provides meaningful insight into her bona fides.

    1. Well, you are able to formulate opinions about Tapio and other politicians without knowing details of their back-stories. Suddenly now it’s about taking time to learn more? Diversity of thought, that’s interesting coming from someone who calls Anonymous commenters cowards. Many debates/forums I watch have a Q&A session and people don’t always introduce themselves when they step to the microphone. However, the speaker is willing to listen and respond to their thoughts. You know, showing common courtesy and respect. Your compass is still spinning I see.

      1. KM you really need to get out of your basement and see the world and meet people that look and sound different than you. Seriously! Get to know the newcomers here in Sioux Falls or I know it will be very scary for you spend some time in Minneapolis or St. Paul. Midtown Market Exchange on Lake Street would be a great place for you to enjoy and interact.

        1. You don’t know me. You don’t know my travels. However, I do appreciate you telling me how to live my life;)

          I do get to interact with the “newcomers” in SF, they often come to the place I work. What’s difficult is getting to know people who just stare at me when I ask how they’re doing or if I can get them a drink because they don’t speak English. How am I able to get to know someone who doesn’t speak the language of the land? How do you suggest we solve that problem?

          Thanks for your insight, I have most certainly been enlightened.

  8. KM,

    If you read with an open mind what I said, you wouldn’t jump to so many conclusions.

    1) there is very little on her except her personal story. It means I’d be interested in knowing if she has expertise or experience on the issue beyond a personal story.

    2) At the same time, I said her personal story itself was sufficient for me to want to go see her if she came to Sioux Falls.

    Those to things are just statements. If you expect me to drool over her without more information, I don’t do that. Sorry.

  9. Jonathan Ellis on @SoDakPB : SB200 unconstitutional, a waste of time and grandstanding from the extremist wing of @sdgop #sdleg


    1. Get out and talk to the people. I hope he is in Pierre today. Sounds pretty mainstream to me.

  10. Dang Ellis. He took away the test.

    I always knew it was unconstitutional for a state to pass a law to prohibit on the basis of religion or national origin an individual’s right to move about freely or live where they want.

    I just wanted to find out who were racist and bigoted enough to advocate openly discrimination based on solely national origin (remember they have already been vetted by the Department of Homeland Security and given legal permission to be in the US. Tapio’s bill though set apart solely based on national origin and no other criteria).

    Racist: A person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

    1. So Troy what do you label people that want people to come in legally? The Republican party of SD is going left. You know they are in the pocketbooks of meat packing plants. I am against exploitation of immigrants for using them as slave laborers. It’s not good for towns and cities.

    2. Troy Jones,

      Islam is not a race. A Muslim is someone who practices Islam. The only people that need to be worried with the religious part of Islam are Muslims. It is a FACT that all Muslims must imitate Mohammed in every way and detail of their life. Those that don’t immitate Mohammed will go to hell. With that being said, if you have the facts about Mohammed then you realize that Islam is political when dealing with Kafirs (those that don’t practice Islam). I would highly suggest Troy that you stop learning about Islam from the main stream media and educate yourself with the FACTS!

      1. What’s with these people? The fb page I grew up in Huron and damn proud of it just shut down the KELO story on diversity in Huron. You wouldn’t believe the comments.

  11. Leo Hohmann from Georgia told the legislators who kindly reminded him of his time limit which applied to everyone. “You don’t want to hear the truth apparently.” He was going over his list of crimes all across the country committed by Somalis and Muslims. He had just started on his list he told the committee.

    1. Leo Hohmann from World News Daily? LOL. Yeah, just another alt-right nutter who’s found out that he can make a living hucking fear and hatred to disaffected people who can’t figure out why all the spoon-fed promises from the politicians haven’t resulted in them being no-longer-temporarily-embarassed millionaires.

  12. Tara,

    I call them people who believe in the rule of law.

    Refugees are people in our country legally. So, what is your point?

    1. So Troy Whatever town you live in, bring them all there and support them. OK. Put your money where your mouth is.

  13. “Patriot” “American”

    I am sorry for the confusion. National Origin Discrimination (which this bill does, not religion) is a form of bigotry often lumped with racism as their psycholigical defects are so similar.

    Bigotry against different creeds and religions are lumped together for the psychological defects are again similar.

    Since you are anonymous and I have no idea on your theological credentials on Islam, I will disregard you screed on Islam.

    1. Troy,
      I know far more FACTS about Islam than you would ever bother to research for yourself. You can disregard my facts all you want, it’s pretty typical when one has not educated themselves on matters that really will have an impact on our country. Keep the blinders on and keep believing what you want. In the end, it’s all of us who have taken an extraordinary amount of time to learn facts on our own that will be just fine. We aren’t scared of Islam or Muslims and don’t spread hate or racism, we are informed. There is a reason we are called “Islamaphobes”, it’s because we know TOO MUCH about Islam. We know what it’s all about and have seen what is currently happening in Europe and realize that we must keep on getting the FACTS out there because sooner or later more people will realize that we were right all along and not so naive! So keep on blabbing and making the comments because it is very comical and entertaining waiting for you to say something substantial.

      Patriot American

      1. Who is this Patriot American? Will you come around more often, I hope so.

        You see, Troy here thinks you’re a coward because you won’t state your name. Now I see he thinks you can’t bring anything worth acknowledging to the discussion about the dangers of Islam because you’re possibly not Muslim. Did you catch the comment he made about diversity of thought? Seems a bit hypocritical reading his statement below.

        Leftists and feminists are notorious for this rhetoric or a more familiar term – identity politics. You can’t be part of a discussion about abortion if you’re a man. You have nothing to offer Natives if you’re not Native. Can’t talk about religion if you’re not religious. From what I recall, it was white men who wanted to abolish slavery. Abraham Lincoln was a white, Christian male, what if he had stayed silent?

        The West is the Best!

  14. Oh my. Tapio said the essence of the bill is to stop agencies following their understanding of their Christian call from providing charity to people from these nations. Does not that repulse anyone?

  15. Al,

    In case you have missed the news of the day, the crime of the day is school shooting by college age boys. Let’s start searching your NSC boys?

  16. honest question….I listened to the testimony until they went till noon….but then they said they would reconvene I thought in the afternoon but that audio is not up yet…what happened? what was the outcome?

  17. I have had a lot of non-Catholicswho claim to have done research try to tell me what Catholics believe. Same with non-Mormons telling me what Mormons believe. Similarly with about every other religion. So, an anonymous self appointed non-Muslim telling me stuff on Islam has no credibility to me.

    By the way, I have read six books on Islam. One on the history of the first 100 years, one on the theological differences of Shi’a and Sunni, one on the intellectual and cultural basis for the growth of radical Islam. The others are historical books. I am not naive about the threat of radical Islam. I just don’t think policy, action, and rhetoric based on broad generalizations based on the worst among them rational, helpful or honest.

    1. Troy,

      First of all, just because I choose not to use my name doesn’t make my statements any less factual. With that being said, it’s great you have read 6 books on Islam. So when reading those books you should have read how many civilizations that Islam has completely wiped out and no longer exist over the last 1400+ years. Did you read that North Africa used to be Christian and part of the European civilization and that Afghanistan was Buddhist? The most tragic thing is that Turkey at one time was Greek Christian civilization and look what it is now, Islamic. Sure it took many years to accomplish but do you know how it was accomplished? I won’t discuss “radical” Islam on this comment because I would rather stick to one question at a time. And for the record, I am not giving broad generalizations. I am giving facts.

  18. You are not providing facts. You are providing your assessment, interpretation or opinion on certain facts (militaristic actions of Muslims from 700 AD to 1850 without regard to militaristic actions of others). A fact is a matter that is “indisputably the case.” Much of what you assert isn’t a majority of opinion. Doesn’t mean your assessment is wrong but they are not facts.

    I absolutely am aware of what Islamic countries have done as conquerors as two books were about the Crusades and the rise of the Ottoman Empire. However, if you have also read about the Vikings, the Visigoths, the Mongols, the Persians, the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons, Germanic Tribes, and the Spanish, they all look more alike than different despite the disparity of religion. The period between 200 BC and 1850 was pretty much non-stop war in Europe, Western Asia & Northern Africa.

    FYI: There is a historical theory that the Crusades were basically a “bait and switch” by the Muslims. They never really valued Jerusalem (Mecca and Medina are central) but knew the Christians did. So, they baited them to fight in in their territory or have them cross their territories while they solidified themselves in the what we now know as the primary Muslim countries. Today’s entire Israel/North Africa focus we have might be a corollary to that strategy.

    1. Troy,

      Wow! I didn’t realize that there was a major concern for Vikings, Visigoths, Mongols, Persians, and Roman refugees…yada, yada, yada being resettled here in South Dakota! Thanks for the history lesson that currently doesn’t apply to the discussion of this post. Ya see, ISLAM is STILL carrying on their part in history.
      Once again, I am not providing my assessment, interpretation or opinion regarding how Islam wiped out those civilizations. You know one of the ways they decimated those civilizations was one of the many forms of jihad, civilization war. You can read Tears of Jihad (Amazon) to get a better understanding of how the Islamic doctrine of then is still the exact same as the Islamic doctrine of today. It will never change.
      The difference between you and I is that I have educated myself and am considered an Islamophobe, where you are an Apologist. I am not intimidated by the uneducated Apologist because I am not ignorant of the facts and the doctrine of Islam. Ignorance is not better than knowledge. I have knowledge, and knowledge is power.
      And for the record, a “radical” Muslim is not really radical. They are merely following the Koran of Medina (Mohammed).

      1. Great to see you fellow Patriot,

        Another great read which also proves Islamic doctrine of then is still the exact same is ‘Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates’. Do you know how Marines received the nick-name “Leather Necks”? Because Muslims’ choice of death (centuries ago) was beheading and Marines would wear thick leather around their necks to help prevent this certain death. “Radical” Muslims still prefer this method, not much has changed. I learned that from WallBuilders.

        I noticed Aberdeen is now teaching the 5pillars of Islam to public school students. Do they teach the 10 Commandments too? Nope. Creeping sharia? Yep.

        I’ve read No-Go-Zones, some chapters twice. I will check out ‘Tears of Jihad’, do you have other recommendations?

  19. “I noticed Aberdeen is now teaching the 5pillars of Islam to public school students.”

    That would be a violation of the Establishment Clause.

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