So, did he even get out of this car? PUC Candidate complains can’t read opponent’s disclaimer.

I’m sure law enforcement will get out and check Chris Nelson sign disclaimers for Jeff Barth as soon as they get done catching all the murderers and rapists.

Seriously? Did Jeff just not get out of his car?

8 thoughts on “So, did he even get out of this car? PUC Candidate complains can’t read opponent’s disclaimer.”

  1. This is L A M E. Sign of a desperate candidate. Nelson will be tough to beat. Seems that his strength is that he’s been a public servant for like 30 plus years. I personally would prefer to see my office holders have some real private sector experience, but some guys are built for this stuff I guess.

  2. Did you scroll down on the Scribd doc? There’s a close up photo there and the sign clearly violates the law:

    “shall prominently display or clearly speak the statement: “Paid for by (name of candidate or political committee).”

    You call that prominent? Funny coming from you who’s always posting about the disclaimer missing.

    1. Show me on the doll where the size of the disclaimer hurt you, and then let me know where “clearly” or “prominently” is defined in the law.

      Nowhere does it say you have to be able to read it from the road. The local states attorney will get to it when they’re done prosecuting rapists and murderers. Otherwise, voters range from “who cares” to “that’s nitpicking.”

  3. Didn’t the establishment SD GOP use this to ween out candidates in 2016? Jackley, Bosworth, quit acting like this is a petty move, it was developed by the “inner party” of South Dakota. We reap what we sow.

    1. There’s an old proverb that says something to the effect of anyone speaking with a forked tongue crushes their own spirit.

      Jeff Barth has no spirit left.

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