Sore loser Heidelberger calling the pot black

Was Cory Heidelberger, the most liberal man in South Dakota just calling someone a sore loser?

For his part, Mayor Thorson goes out sounding a little less classy

Thorson’s Facebook kiss-off isn’t much better

Read that here.

That is an awfully selective memory Cory has. In case he needs reminding…

Looking forward to 2018, I think its worthwhile noting that Cory must not plan to run again, as he continues to ignore basic rules as he moves forward. On election night, when his defeat was clear, Cory didn’t bother to call his opponent and congratulate him. In fact, in his first postscript on the election, as opposed to congratulating Novstrup, he stooped so low as to engage in name-calling. It was the ultimate in being a sore loser.

Read it here.

Do as Cory says, but not as he does. Check.

14 thoughts on “Sore loser Heidelberger calling the pot black”

  1. And if you read what Thorson actually said, Cory’s description does not come close to fitting. Another example of delusion coming out of Dakota Fake Press.

  2. Heidelberger needs to get the log out of his own eye before he looks at the mote in someone else’s eye. He can ask his wife what this means.

  3. Out of curiosity, how much of Heidelberger’s traffic do you think comes from links from your blog to his? I tend to believe his blog is one of those things that gets little attention except for when someone links one of his articles that nobody else reads.

  4. It is true that Mr. H can fly into a disgruntled rage at times, but let us be fair to him about criticizing the old mayor who got beat by the disgruntled employee. I expect Mr. H is more about being pro-disgruntled employees then he is anti-former mayor.

  5. Cory Heidelberger should not be elected to any public office period! He lacks credibility, class and temperament. Look what happened in Georgia last night. The Democratic party brand is toxic in some parts of the country. Heidelberger, a number of his blog commenters and a faction of the SDDP just add to that toxicity. Their very negative actions overshadow and hurt the efforts of good public servants, future candidates and volunteers within the national Democratic Party and SDDP.

    1. Cory H will never win an election in SD. He is nothing but a loudmouth that will never listen. Keep running Cory, your taking a spot up on the ballot so a weak republican candidate can win, You have already proven that with your last election.

  6. Steve,

    When one has no integrity and willing to spin anything based on how it looks best for extreme liberal orthodoxy, false equivalency is just a tool of the trade.

    1. Troy,

      It is no secret that Cory Heidelberger is not a fan of Mike Huether but ironically it may be because they have so much in common. Both are opportunists.

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