South Dakota has the ability to say “nuts” to the federal government over Harney Peak. But will they?

The Rapid City Journal has an excellent article on the forced name change to Harney Peak that had been previously been rejected by the state board on geographical names, but forced on the state by the Federal Government.

Because as a state, we have the right to absolutely ignore the decision:

The U.S. Board on Geographic Names unanimously decided on Thursday to change the name, and the move applies to all federal geographic products including maps and publications, said board member Jon Campbell, a public affairs specialist for the U.S. Geological Survey. In most cases, he said, states as well as commercial mapmakers and others honor the federal board’s decision.

But, Campbell added, the board has no legal authority to require a state to change its own maps, signs or literature.


“The state will certainly not go to any extra expense to implement this, and is still evaluating options,” Venhuizen said via email.

After being asked more pointedly via email whether the Daugaard administration now considers the name of the state’s tallest mountain to be Harney Peak or Black Elk Peak, Venhuizen wrote, “The map on our wall says ‘Harney Peak.’ That’s what we know for today.”

Go read the entire article here.

Do you think that the state will take any action on it? Or a bigger question, will this become a political issue, and possibly be memorialized in the next legislative session?

Your thoughts?

14 thoughts on “South Dakota has the ability to say “nuts” to the federal government over Harney Peak. But will they?”

  1. Does anyone really think that the pro-tranny tax-raiser in chief of SD will fight this crap?

  2. Does changing the name pose some type of threat? If so, please explain. Thank you, Conservatives.

      1. Sorry, ma’am. Mr. Powers has requested I not respond in kind to personal taunts, threats and insults.

  3. Simple. If the law says we don’t have to comply with this federal mandate, and the people of SD have not been in favor of it, then the name stays as Harney Peak. Period. End of discussion.

    1. You’ll change. You just have to be stubborn for a while. It’s the German way. When it comes time to replace signs, the new ones will say Black Elk Peak.

  4. It will be funny when the next President who hates pot sends the FEDS into Colorado and beyond to bust every dispensary and person associated with the pot business while listening to everyone whine about the Federal overreach when it hits their State.
    Porter will you whine? Presidents control the DOJ and Class 1 drug offenses are serious stuff.

    1. You sound kinda high yourself, Charles. Only 14% of adults here use cannabis. The rest of us just enjoy the tax revenues ( like all your little casino sinners). The next President may do that or she may not. Didn’t you just take a vacation to Colorado? Maybe not, huh? Anyway, you’re off topic and as usual looking for a fight to lose.

      1. Porter I usually am not the brawl starter but I have ended many. You are smart enough to get my point and in fact know that when the Republicans take charge and push a Conservative agenda You and the Drive By Media will scream bloody murder. Obama incites violence regularly among our Black Youth and you double down on Liberalism in silence.

  5. It’s on federal land. The federal government gets naming rights because the federal government owns it. If Denny Sanford bought it he could name it Sanford Peak.
    That’s how it wirks

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