State Dem party fighting with Largest county org; calls emerging for Tornburg’s ouster.

Ann Tornburg is apparently set on destroying the State Democrat party, if one author and Minnehaha County Democrat activist is to be believed. From Sioux Falls Drinking Liberally:

The South Dakota Democratic Party (SDDP) shows little sign of life. Democratic registration, after a slight bump up prior to the 2016 election, has resumed its post-2009 downward trend, declining by 637 voters since the November election, against a Republican increase of 1,738 and an Independent/Other Party rise of 3109. Statewide voter registration now stands at 255,854 Republican (47%), 170,057 Democratic (31%), and 124,225 Independent/Other Party (22%). I only know the SDDP is still alive because two of its staff people appeared at the last Minnehaha County Democratic meeting to contest the appointment of two local Democrats to Precinct Committeeperson positions. Under the direction of Ann Tornberg, her staff seems more interested in meddling in the affairs of county Democratic Parties than engaging local Democrats, registering voters, and building an organization. The SDDP’s new slogan must be “Building an organization is hard work. Buying one is much easier.” Ann Tornberg is running the SDDP like she ran the credentials committee of the South Dakota Farmers Union convention a year ago. She must go.

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And this isn’t the only time they’ve pointed out the Tornburg machine’s failures:

As if this wasn’t enough to depress you, the South Dakota Democratic Party (SDDP), lies moribund on the political road, seemingly unable to respond to this Republican maneuvering and still conducting listening sessions around the state in an effort by Ann Tornberg to maintain her control over an institution whose statewide candidates haven’t received more than 36% of the vote in six years.

Lately, the SDDP has turned on itself and encouraged its staff to run for local Precinct Committee positions against local Democrats who may not properly support Ann and her crew. The SDDP’s new motto seems to be, “Who needs an organization, we’ve got Staff. Gimme some money.” Democrats aren’t going to win anything with this crew. It is time to get rid of Ann Tornberg and make the Democratic Party democratic again.

Read that here.

Will Democrats throw off the yoke of Ann Tornberg, as she continues to steer the opposition party around the swirling drain?

Stay tuned.

11 thoughts on “State Dem party fighting with Largest county org; calls emerging for Tornburg’s ouster.”

  1. Where you really see a weakness for the SDDP is in statewide down ticket races. Republicans already have some great new candidates running for AG, treasurer and SOS.

    Where are their youthful and energetic statewide candidates?

    1. Herseth, Brendan Johnson, Weiland, Hildebrand all have an obligation to get involved in their party and recruit donors and downticket candidates.

      Even if it was only for Minnehaha. Call it the Minnehaha Project.

      1. Hildebrand, Samuelson, and Stavrianos need to come back to Party politics and save this Party, and call it Operation Purple…..

        1. It is too late and not enough time. Nothing has changed and it is just getting worse for the SDDP. Time to leave it for dead and those that remain could have a social club while another entity emerges that actually gets things done.

          1. Perhaps that “another entity” should be led by Steve, Drey, and Pete…….

            1. They could certainly help this new entity hopefully being a new political party in SD.

              1. They should just set up a shadow party… And let the other ones continue to play Boys State and Girls State….

  2. The SDDP had one executive board member recently that has only used the party position to get recreational weed legalized and recently posted on that she did not vote for the DNC nominee and it does not matter if you vote R or D? Really? If you are a non office holder in a state party that is one thing but making comments while being a state party executive and later county chair that is another to publicly make those statements.

    With 2018 coming up fast they either need to totally clean house within the SDDP or dump it, in the short term run as Independent candidates and build a new competitive unique to South Dakota political party. Our state badly needs a competitive non-fringe opposition party.

    1. correction: She posted that she did not vote for the DNC Presidential candidate and then complained about Trump.

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