Steve Hildebrand provided advice to Hillary Clinton to help shut out Bernie Sanders

Wikileaks released a number of e-mails from the Hillary Clinton Campaign recently, including several communications between the Clinton campaign and former Obama campaign advisor Steve Hildebrand:

Re: FW: Some unsolicited advice

To: [email protected]
Date: 2016-01-20 00:49
Subject: Re: FW: Some unsolicited advice

Read this and other Hildebrand related messages to the Clinton Campaign here.

7 thoughts on “Steve Hildebrand provided advice to Hillary Clinton to help shut out Bernie Sanders”

  1. I think that would be Russian leaks”— The last dump appeared on the RT site 23 minutes before the Wiki site……. What would the conservatives be saying if Dems. were using a site controlled bu the KGB to attack Trump?

    1. That has not been proven on the Russians. Notice it doesn’t bother liberals that they cheated a fellow democrat or that the rule makers were tilting the scale to one. It’s like a teacher catching a student cheating but the student blames another because his paper was so easy to see. Blame someone else. Damn clintons are slick.

    1. Vote yes on R though. It takes control of the votechs away from k-12. It doesn’t belong with the school board but more to help business and jobs.

  2. Gracious sakes, recommending that Mrs. Clinton should “get personal” and advertise to all that she would “fight for me” leaves me nauseated. I don’t want any politician at any time pretending to know me, nor do I want any of them fighting for me. And stay off my lawn.

  3. Not much attention is being paid to the Wikileaks releases because of the “he said, she said” accusations.

    He said on the tape that he did it. And now about a dozen women have also said that he did it.

    Wait. Our new talking points are here. Everyone lied.

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