Terry LaFleur still crying about having a fool for a lawyer.

In the hearing yesterday to determine whether the Constitution Party’s candidates could be placed on the ballot (either faction of them), “Dr” Terry Lee LaFleur, who acted as his own lawyer (but not an attorney) because Gordon Howie stole his attorney away is continuing his own personal sideshow in a missive posted on Facebook in the past hour.

I think he’s being a bit of a cry baby, but this is the man who claimed he had enough signatures to get on the ballot as a Republican and was “railroaded.” At some point you’d think he’d accept his loss like an adult.

But, why would he start having any dignity now?

In his facebook manifesto he calls the South Dakota Judicial System a Kangaroo Court, claims that the Secretary of State lied and used hearsay evidence against him, and that “South Dakota has the best Circuit Court Judges money can buy.”  And that he “secretly recorded the whole hearing.”  (Can you do that? I would think the Judge wouldn’t care for that.)

But the best part? “Dr.” Terry Lee has declared “I’m still in this race it regardless of what this kangaroo court decides.”

I’m not sure how he’s still going to run when he’s not on the ballot. But..

Does this seem too nutty to be true? Don’t take my word for it. Read his public Facebook posting for yourself (Before it disappears):

Update… When “Dr.” Terry Lee complained about it being a Kangaroo Court in the hearing yesterday, do you think it sounded like this?

20 Replies to “Terry LaFleur still crying about having a fool for a lawyer.”

    1. Lee Schoenbeck

      that’s probably a pretty good example of why he could never get to practice law – unbelievable. Plus, he was in front of a pretty respected judge.

  1. Anonymous

    Prima facie, not prima facia, Whatsupdoc. No wonder you couldn’t pass the bar. You are, as the great Jerry Clower described it, educated beyond your intelligence. Good luck with the appeal.

  2. Enchanted

    NOW is time for the popcorn! Still waiting to hear just exactly WHO was behind this colossal mess????How and WHY did it get to This?

    1. Tired of John T

      Wow John, every time you take to the keyboard you just look dumber and dumber…why don’t you go practice yelling at people for the next time someone asks you to make a speech.

      1. Anonymous

        I don’t know who is using the handle “John T” on this website or who Tired of John T is but I use my full name , John Teupel, on any and all of the posts I have made on DWC. Tired of John T: If I’m the “John T” your tired of, please PM on Facebook so that we can have a conversation.

    2. Pat Powers Post author

      John, for someone who earlier said he’d support the nominee and send him a check, I’m gathering you put your checkbook in the same place you put your promise.

      When asking the delegates to support him, your guy came in third, and the candidate who had won over the delegates emerged victorious. At some point you have to realize that.

      I would agree with the other commenter. it’s kind of a broken record.

      1. Anonymous

        Pat: Please do not associate me with the individual using the handle “John T” on DWC because I am not he. John Teupel.

    3. Anonymous

      I would like to know who is using the handle “John T” on DWC because I seem to be getting credited with your posts. I, John Teupel, always use my first and last name when posting on DWC and have not posted on this blog since June 2018.

  3. anon

    He might want to go back and look at his evidence notes. Pretty sure there are a few exceptions to the hearsay rule that would allow Mrs. Krebs documents from the SOS office in. Business Records for one. There is a reason he is not an attorney and why is will never come close to sitting in the govs office.

  4. Anonymous

    [redacted – we don’t know that for sure. – PP] Maybe the legislature should pass a law that requires candidates to get a mental health evaluation before their petitions are accepted. It is obvious that Dr. Terry is delusional. I will pray for him because he really doesn’t have a clue as to the mess he has caused.

  5. Troy Jones


    John T has a crush on Jason and feels scorned the love isn’t returned. Give him a little leeway to get a hold of his emotions.


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