11 thoughts on “That’s never a good sign for a political party.”

  1. Can it get any worse for them? Just become a social club? That fellow from New Mexico is still on his 20 year quest to have those SD Dems champion legalizing pot to save the party. Poor fella wants to come home to visit SD with open arms and not open handcuffs.

  2. That fellow from New Mexico is enraged by life and like to smoke weed to mellow his anger. I say let him do it in his home town in New Mexico and let that Mr. H fellow manage the Democrat web site.

  3. Kurtz can’t handle heat, conservative viewpoints, Republicans in general, Rednecks, , or the Truth. Over at the old Madville Kurtz is in a liberal love fest bashing any independent ideology and praising guys like Bernie Sanders; who makes Obama look Conservative. Pot smoking is so productive.

    OK Larry now would be the time to Tweet something with swear words for me……….

    1. dakota free press is like a pothead den libbyland. There are some that don’t use but man there’s a lot of serious potheads there.

  4. Mr. A-pot-ymous…. Rarely have I seen such a fascination with marijuana by a non-user???? The gays came out with success. Ready to tell us something? hmmmm?

    1. Hey Porter, hey porter,

      Yours is a typical leftie response. If someone criticizes homosexuals, they are a closet homosexual, it one criticizes pot smokers and druggies, they are a closet user.

      Yup, typical leftwing response.

  5. Pat, I must have magical internet powers (as compared to magical Pat Powers). Cleared my cache, the sddp.org site and all its pages load fine on my cheapo Chromebook.

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