The Lora Hubbel for Governor campaign. Now with frontal nudity.

Not a lot of takeaways from the Hughes County Lincoln Day Dinner. Nothing earthshaking. No new announcements.

Although, one of the few things pointed out to me that got people’s attention was the campaign handout from Lora Hubbel with bare-chested women.  When I first heard that, it was almost a spit-take moment, and I had to pause and ask “What did you say?”

My vast network of spies (or at least one of the dinner attendees) managed to get a copy sent over to me today, and we found out what she was passing around to entice people to vote for her:

As far as the nudity goes, it’s fairly PG-13 rated, given that the people in the State Capitol live and work underneath these classically painted State Capitol murals every day.  But weirdly, Lora used this piece to tie into her speech to the dinner crowd, and in addition to her ‘air-Uber’ proposal, it came off as one of the bizarro moments in her prepared remarks.

If you go to about 40 minutes into this video, you can listen to where Lora spoke.

When she brought up this campaign handout, she noted “We are a Christian nation, and that is how we solve our problems.” Then she cited the artwork in the Capitol as containing Christian bibles, the doorknobs as noting “under God the people rule,” and that as Governor she will “take that sheetrock off of that painting and display that in the Governor’s office….”  And kind of ended there.

She didn’t really have a point to make, as much as the disconnected phrases were uttered forth from her mouth.

Ooookay. Another day on the campaign trail.

38 thoughts on “The Lora Hubbel for Governor campaign. Now with frontal nudity.”

  1. I’m actually going to miss these stories after she gets obliterated in the primaries. Unless, of course, she ends up being Sutton’s running mate.

    1. Sounds like she will run every cycle for now on. What party or as an Independent or under the new Nelsonian Party who knows?

    2. Sounds like somebody should do one of those “What if Lora Hubbel and Billie Sutton had kid” pics. Nothing wrong with a laugh now and then. Or, more scary, Stace and Hamburglar.

  2. I haven’t really been paying attention, as the only place I hear her name is here, but I listened to the beginning of her part in the linked video. I’ve got to say I agree with her on South Dakota being very liberal when it comes to Obamacare, REAL ID, and Common Core. I didn’t really follow much after that, but don’t find the pictures offensive.

    1. I don’t know where she gets that stuff about being Obamacare compliant. We didn’t even expand Medicaid.

            1. And that site directs you to the federal exchange. South Dakota does not have a state run exchange, has not expanded Medicaid, and was one of the states which joined others in a lawsuit against Obamacare.

              The insurance companies which opted in to the federal exchange are private companies doing their own thing. The state didn’t make them do it.

              The state of South Dakota is not at all compliant.

              1. We basically have 2 choices and you CANNOT chose your own Dr. So do you like your insurance premiums and deductibles? Again, something the other 2 candidates won’t talk about.

                1. It doesn’t matter whether you like the choices in Insurance or not. That’s not the issue.

                  They are private companies which chose to join the federal exchange. That does not have anything to do with the state. If Lora thinks the governor can order these insurance companies to leave the federal exchange she is insaner than I thought.

                    1. Tara you have really lost it now: Idaho set up a state-run Insurance exchange and their plan is to let other insurance companies sell policies through it. Says so right in the article you linked to.
                      Explain to Lora how you have a plan to “get rid of Obamacare” but first the state needs an Obamacare exchange.

  3. Calling America a Christian nation is like Dallas Cowboys calling themselves America’s Team. In the field of religion, there are a few Browns fans out there too. Not to mention Vikings, Packers, Broncos, Redskins, Raiders, Jets, Giants…

  4. Isn’t SD still a Christian state? She is a Christian running for Governor? Got a problem with that?

    1. “Got a problem with that?”—- D— right…Define christian state….Only (c)histians can run for office here? The (c)histian fairy-tale is superior to all other fairy-tales?

      “She is a Christian running for Governor?”– You want to claim it, fine.

  5. I at first saw the headline and was scared for the first time at the war college to scroll down….

  6. Zero chance of winning the nomination. Entertainment in a sad sort of way but that is about it. She may have a better chance in a different reality such as Star Trek Discovery alternate universe Terran Empire but not here and now. 🙂

  7. The trouble with Real ID now is that non-compliant states have received extensions so that their residents can continue to board aircraft without proper identification.

  8. The Hughes County GOP should not have invited her to speak. It is an affront to the guests that they were subjected to the insanity.

  9. Anon,

    I agree. I do not like the extensions for more than airports. You have the problem with KYC (know your customer regs for banks), identity theft, law enforcement fraudulent identity, illegal immigration issues, and a host of other problems that are statistically significantly more prevalent in non Real ID states.

    As a matter of national security, these extensions MUST stop. In fact, relevant to this discussion, a terrorist would rather try to assimilate into society in a non-Real ID state than a Real ID state.

  10. She is the only candidate the is addressing health care and education and corruption. If you think that is insane, maybe you need to look in a mirror. Her strong faith in God is a concern also.

    1. A gubernatorial candidate addressing health care and education is okay as long as the issues are factual and not born of hysteria.
      Leave the corruption to the State AG and US Attorney.
      Ask them what is to be done about it.

  11. The US is a Christian nation? Do we have an official state religion? Or an official church? No.

    1. not yet but the way things are going it is only a matter of time before our legislature will deal with that.

      1. Yes, it wouldn’t surprise me if legislation is introduced in the future to establish SD as a Christian state.

    1. Out? Out where? Outside? Out in Buffalo? What do mean? Does a candidate have to be Christian? Because that would be unconstitutional. There is no reference to God in the US Constitution. One can say the US is a Christian country but that is factually incorrect.

      Reading all your comments, it appears your objective is to create confusion, attempt distraction and create fear among voters. Nice. Tara Trump. Sounds about right.

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