Thune gets Internet Tax Ban Passed in Senate.

21 Replies to “Thune gets Internet Tax Ban Passed in Senate.”

  1. crossgrain

    Oops. Sorry, Marion. John doesn’t think your arguments about level playing fields apply to his corporate handlers.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you Sen. Thune for protecting the poorest among us.

    Thank you for protecting the homebound and at-home businessmen & women.

    Thank you!

    1. crossgrain

      How does this protect the poorest among us? Last I checked, the poorest among us aren’t really all that concerned about getting t-shirts from customink or binging on ‘Orange is the New Black’. They seem to be more concerned about having food for supper – food that’s taxed, mind you, and will be taxed more if we need to pay teachers what they’re worth, according to Dennis.

          1. Anonymous

            Lemme guess-you’ve never operated a business or one that has any significant internet sales.

            yeah, figured so…

  3. SDGOPer

    Have to get a chuckle when one of our Senators rises on the Senate floor to speak out against the bill of our other Senator. I thought those days were supposed to be over when we got a new Senator?

    1. Anonymous

      Which one of them is wrong SDGOPer? Thune cut a tax but it’s not a federal tax. I still like that. Rounds said he would have cut the same tax but only if the online tax was packaged too. I don’t disagree. Kinda get both sides here??

  4. Anonymous

    This only applies to internet access, it does not prohibit the states from taxing purchases made over the internet. South Dakota will have to phase out its sales tax on access.

  5. Anonymous

    Thank you DC for cutting a state tax. Very conservative of you. Lord knows the state legislative body would never do it.

  6. Anonymous

    Agreed! Congress has no problems pulling the rug out from under the states and cities but let’s not cut federal taxes here. One more way to get states under the thumb of the federal government by taking more revenue away so they have to be more dependent on Uncle Sugar.
    Im sorry but internet is still a luxury compared to food and clothing.
    I’m having a wtf moment here; cutting taxes for internet access, raising taxes on food!!

    1. Anonymous

      Pulled the rug??

      There was no rug 20 years ago! The rug NEVER existed 20 years!!! There was NEVER any revenue there because there was no rug there to tax! One cannot “take taxes” from that rug when there was never any rug there to tax!

      So, if states & cities never had this rug under them, how do you claim that the rug was pulled?

      That’s like saying that the feds are taking revenue from state sales taxes by not allowing states/cities to tax the sales of interplanetary personal transport machines.

      The main folks wanting to raise taxes on food are the teachers. The feds have little to do with teacher salaries.

  7. Anonymous

    Alert! We’re going to need some sort of a tax increase in South Dakota to pay for SB 160. Deb Peters and her leadership friends are calling for 150% raise for themselves through added pay for legislators. This should make your blood boil

  8. Anonymous

    What a bunch of clowns, they can’t take any action that affects our federal taxes so they screw with the states. Kristie needs to understand that her actions will haunt her in 2018 when she tries to run for governor. Wonder how much money she will get from the Amazon’s of the world. Cha-ching!

  9. enquirer

    every time some well meaning tinkerer messes with the balance of fees and taxes in sd, its a nudge in the direction of a state income tax. just sayin’.