US Senator John Thune’s Weekly Column: Border Disorder

Border Disorder
By Sen. John Thune

There is an undeniable crisis at our southern border. So far this fiscal year, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has encountered more than 2 million illegal immigrants, far exceeding the Biden administration’s previous record, which it set last fiscal year. This doesn’t include known “gotaways,” immigrants who evaded apprehension after crossing the border – more than 1.1 million combined in the previous two fiscal years alone.

President Biden recently claimed he’s put a process in place to manage migrants and that he is working to make it safe, orderly, and humane. Conditions at the border contradict the president’s claim, as well as his vice president and appointed border czar’s recent assertion that the border is secure. Border Patrol is overwhelmed, local police departments are stretched thin, and border facilities and private shelters are beyond capacity. One Texas sheriff worries illegal immigrants may be released into communities with minimal or no screening because Border Patrol is so strained. This is especially concerning as convicted criminals, large shipments of drugs, and  individuals on the terrorist watch list are known to be crossing the border.

Deaths at the southern border have surged under the Biden administration. The Department of Homeland Security reports 748 migrants have died crossing the border in fiscal year 2022, surpassing last year’s record. The number of CBP search and rescue missions have substantially increased as well. These conditions have resulted in the United Nations International Organization for Migration declaring the U.S.-Mexico border “the deadliest land crossing in the world.”

The situation at the border is neither safe, orderly, nor humane. It is also clear the border is not secure. An illegal immigrant recently told a reporter, “Everybody believes that the border is open.” This is the message that President Biden’s immigration policies have conveyed since he first took office more than 20 months ago. The longer this inaction continues, the more individuals will be encouraged to attempt the dangerous journey across the southern border.

For months, as this crisis raged, Democrats have downplayed and outright ignored it. Democrats recently shoved their massive spending package through the Senate, containing hundreds of billions of dollars for Green New Deal priorities, but zero resources for addressing the border crisis. Republicans offered multiple proposals to provide resources to secure the border, but Democrats unanimously rejected all of them.

It was not until recently, when border-state governors began sending some illegal immigrants to places like New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., to alleviate their overstretched communities that there was a sudden and predictable outcry from Democrats who accused these governors of manufacturing a crisis. Washington, D.C., a city of 700,000 people, declared a state of emergency and requested federal resources when they received about 9,400 migrants over five months. New York City, with 8.4 million residents, has not received as many as the nation’s capital. Eagle Pass, Texas – population: 29,000 – sees 10,000 migrants each week. Where is the real crisis?

The situation at our southern border is appalling, but it’s preventable. If the president has any real interest in making it “safe, orderly, and humane,” he would make border security a priority. His record so far suggests it’s more likely we’ll see the scenes of chaos and human suffering continue.


8 thoughts on “US Senator John Thune’s Weekly Column: Border Disorder”

  1. Until there’s a “safe majority” in your senate, nothing will change. In my opinion, a “safe majority” will be at least a 59-41 majority to allow for defections from Collins, Murkykowski, Romney, Graham and McConnell who is starting to go the ‘mental way of Biden’! On a website called “Progressive Punch”, their scorecard shows Collins, Murkykowski and Graham as numbers 51, 52 and 54 after their 50 Democrats. Thune and Rounds are ranked #65 and #78 respectively out of the 100 senators. Still not enough votes though to override any veto from the current White House occupant.

  2. John’s dad was always pleased with him, and it isn’t likely that anything John has done in the two years since his dad died would have changed that.

    Are you actually trying to hurt John, or are you trying to help him by making his critics look bad?

    Your comment is garbage either way.

  3. What ever they’re doing in Florida seems to be working. Gov. DeSantis couldn’t find two planeloads of illegals in Florida, so he had to borrow some from Texas to send to Martha’s Vineyard. Actually, things must be pretty good in Florida if the taxpayers can spring for airplane tickets over bus tickets.

  4. “[I’m sorry I helped usher in this border crisis by acting less like Thomas Jefferson than I should have.]” — John Thune

    I’m not forgiving, and I’m not forgetting, but I am interested in dissecting the dynamics of your team that caused you to whip votes against an election investigation on CHRISTMAS.

    Tommy Toberville will not forget, either, but will Auburn (pronounced Ow-brun) fans?

  5. Does our senior senator have a real idea how to fix the border “crisis?” [crickets chirping]

  6. Do people really fall for this “caravan of immigrants” attack bit broadcast before every election cycle? Why am I the only one who has a memory?

  7. clowns to the left of thune, jokers to the right. that’s what i call effective triangulation. well done sir.

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