What do you Democrats think?


Soooo…. Most active Republicans I know think Rick Weiland’s ballot measure is an utterly stupid idea, so that’s probably a bad place to start.

So, let me pose this to you active Democrats. I know that there are plenty who read the SDWC. What do you think about the idea of removing the party labels from the ballot? Are you in support of it? Or are you erasing the “D” from behind the name of George McGovern, Tim Johnson and Tom Daschle because Rick Weiland doesn’t think you can compete?

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  1. Democrats are so pathetic in this state they know they can’t win if people know who they are, which is why they so often hide their true colors. This is an admission of defeat.

  2. I am independent, the idea is as meaningless, unlike the Repugs across the country making it harder.for Americans to vote,not as goofy as Repug. candidates whining about questions they are asked, not as delusional as a candidate believing the pyramids were built by a bible character for grain storage…etc. etc. etc.

    1. Or Democrats like Hillary wondering aloud if 9/11 was an inside job.

      Or Democrats like Hillary denying that Bill Clinton could ever have a sexual liason in the White House with a subordinate, or multiple commit rapes.

      I suppose inconsequential ramblings about a pyramid would be preferable.

    2. You mean asking people to actually prove that the are eligible to cast a vote instead of letting anyone (dead or alive) vote like the Demoncrats propose, Jaa Dee?

      I’d put Carson’s integrity against anyone on your side of the ledger; he has accomplished a lot more in his life than Hillary or Bernie, and despite the lies of Politico passed on by MSLSD and the other liars in the mainstream media, I think intelligent (read, don’t vote for Demoncrats) people can see that Politico is a lying, Demoncrat, hack institution.

      1. Won’t matter. There isn’t an electable republican in the bunch. This election is for Democrats to lose. Unless they screw up majorly, there is no way Repubs are going to win. We don’t stand a chance with the clowns we have for candidates.

  3. I’m an Independent as well, but am happy to share my objective opinion.

    EVERYTHING that is wrong in South Dakota is due to the ineptitude and slimy manner in which the Republicans have run things.

    That’s why South Dakota gets a big red F for measurement of integrity. It’s because the Republicans who have run the show forever have no integrity.

    There. That should put an end to it!

    1. If your opinion carried any weight that might put an end to it, but it doesn’t. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that you are the measure of all that is good and right and decent.

      There, that should put an end to that!

      1. And who made you the queen of everything and can decide what is the measure of all that is good, right and decent? No one. And you are delusional.

  4. If the voters truly think Republicans are the cause of some supposed problem in the state, you would think Democrats would WANT the rascals identified on the ballot.

    This measure tells me Dems either think voters are too stupid to see that or know that the public doesn’t blame Republicans.

  5. The unicameral seems to work okay in Nebraska. The alternative is for everyone in SD to run as a Republican, which one could argue, is what is currently happening, much to the consternation of many of the R’s here.

    The way things are now, it doesn’t really make any sense to vote in any other race other than the Republican primary, does it? I guess Pat, it depends on whether or not we’re interested in having a democracy. More and more elected officials in SD are being put into office by an ever shrinking %age of the voter population.

    Added bonus, if “parties” are eliminated otherwise “straight ticket” voters might actually become interested in the qualifications and integrity of the actual candidates. 🙂

    1. The first time a Democrat goes to where the voters are, to reflect and represent their values, INSTEAD of intending to belittle and re-educate them, that Democrat is going to win. Of course that runs utterly counter to the current Dem Alinskyite culture so let’s try and rognthe system instead.

        1. You could really make your party mean something rather than have to hide it from voters’ view.

    1. At first I thought another ‘F’? Then I looked at all the results and almost all the states get an F or D. The best state I could find was California with a C. But then I look at how high their taxes are and how big their debt was and am reminded how good we have it here. So can we improve — sure. But I take that F with a large grain of salt.

  6. Lot better than the Democrats who steal the (R) to get elected, all the while raising taxes, increasing spending, and creating more govt while ruining the (R) brand.

    Imagine if the RINOs had to run on their record and do more than claim they are “conservatives”

  7. Why are the Democrats so ashamed and embarrassed to fly the flag here in South Dakota? Answer: Election results, lack of any organization and fundraising, crazies and druggies.

  8. It’s really very simple. If the Democrats ran good candidates that identify with the values of their constituents, they would win. Democrats need to put forward quality candidates that reflect the values of the people they seek to represent. If that happened, maybe SD could begin to see more balance in elected officials. But for cry’in out loud, don’t HIDE your beliefs and values. That’s about as unethical as it gets!

    1. It’s really very simple, if good South Dakota candidates who identify with the values of their constituents run as Republicans, they win. If they run as Democrats, they lose.

      1. The purpose of a political party is to win elections. Period. Any attempt to assign a political party ‘ethics, morals and values’ is laughable at best, delusional at worst. Anyone who fails to understand this doesn’t understand politics.

        1. I don’t think its quite that cut & dried.

          Republicans tend to toss their effluent overboard:

          EX: Nixon, Packwood, Larry Craig, Mark Foley,

          Democrats tend to recycle them as new & improved:

          Bill Clinton (rapist), Hillary (radical elite), Joe Biden (idiot), Weiner (exhibitionist), Marion Barry (Mayor McCoke), Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson (who’s yur daddy?)

          Democrats tends to run to win elections AND the culture.

          1. Completely agree. That’s a big reason the democrats brand in small conservative states have issues. I think it’s why the democrat party through the president is moving all of these immigrants to rural states. They want minorities to grow their population bases of dependency which they hope will result in different voting patterns. They are trying to change voting patterns in small states.

  9. So you have posed a question to Democrats in South Dakota, have you? Well, let me just say for starters as one Democrat, I find it quite interesting that you are trying to enlist the support of Democrats to defeat a measure. You must fear it will win, but lets get back to your question. Let me answer it with a quote from the book “McGovern” by Robert Anson:

    “It was no accident that even in 1968, long after the party had gained a measure of respectability, the McGovern billboards that stared out at motorists throughout the state bore the legend “Courageous Prairie Statesman” and said nothing at all about party affiliation. The one election which McGovern violated his own rule about about staying away from the party was his successful 1962 bid for the Senate.” pg. 74

    Weiland is not removing the “D,” McGovern did it long ago and McGovern was our first modern successful Democratic candidate I might note….

      1. What about Thune, Rounds, and Noem continually voting to repeal Obamacare, while Daugaard is currently in negotiation with the Feds to bring Obamacare to South Dakota, would you call that “Denial” or “misdirection” or both?

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