According to Lora Hubbel, South Central South Dakotans are abusive and neglectful.

Seriously, I don’t go looking for this stuff. But when it pops into my twitter feed, it’s hard to ignore statements from an alleged Gubernatorial Candidate that go beyond the pale:

A child was allegedly abused in an Iowa home, and dies a horrific death. And somehow GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Lora Hubbel translates that into an indictment of the people who dwell in South Central South Dakota?

14 thoughts on “According to Lora Hubbel, South Central South Dakotans are abusive and neglectful.”

  1. Why would she put this out there? Does she think this is going to sway anyone to her side? She needs to try to think a bit more and tweet a LOT less. I would be there won’t be too many folks from South Central South Dakota that will give her the time of day.

    She doesn’t seem to have any feel for persuasion, and she should give up now and not try to act like she is some conservative savior who is going to take on the corrupt establishment.

      1. Lora Hubbel is a gradute of the highly regarded Trump University and he is her hero. She has a number of his books too.

    1. She is an RN…she cares about people…got a problem with it. Sorry you are aren’t going change her. She has that RN mindset. She cares about people.

  2. There must be a handful of loons out there that believe in her. I’d still like to know where in South Dakota these supposed FEMA camps are she said she knew of when asked by Ryan Gaddy at the SF Library press conference during her last run for Governor. Are they still there? Locations? Repurposed by Homeland Security? Lora, Tara or Lee Stranahan? Answers please.

      1. Tara no! If a candidate for Governor makes statements they better have the facts to back it up. It is not for us to go exploring loony sources or I heard it from a friend of a friend so it must be true. Tell us where these FEMA camps are in South Dakota? Where are they hidden? Do they have a Romulan or Klingon cloaking device?

  3. Is this her real Twitter feed? I had seen somewhere that she had been hacked.

  4. It’s so sad. I am sad that there are people out there who suffer starvation or abuse of this kind.

  5. I think Lora was saying that the people of South Dakota are just as apathetic as those in Iowa. She is comparing those who said nothing to South Dakota, not the ones that neglected and abused this girl. By the looks of the pictures, it was obvious that there was a problem.

    This is the second adopted 16 year girl that has been found dead in Iowa within the last year. The other one actually died from starvation, whereas this one was drop kicked down stairs. The lesson for conservatives is that those government programs designed to protect children are being abused by those who are using federal and state programs as a cash cow. That does compare to what happened in South Central South Dakota and the Gear-Up program.

    Why not have a conversation about whether South Dakota’s state government is too big to succeed? When governmental programs get out of control, it is liberals who illogically look for more government as the answer. And those of us who are blowing the whistles are the crazies?

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