After whining about bonuses being given to city workers, Taneeza Islam finds herself walking backwards.

Taneeza Islam is finding her path to losing the race for Sioux Falls Mayor is 1 step backwards, and two more steps back after she criticized Mayor Paul TenHaken for giving bonuses to retain city workers.. and found herself being blasted for it by organized labor:

After both ordinances were approved — the vacation time 6-0 and the bonuses 5-1, with Councilor Pat Starr against — Islam tweeted it was “inappropriate for the mayor to ask the City Council to approve a substantial pay package for City employees.”


(Kooper) Caraway (SD Federation of Labor) added “to insinuate that receiving bonuses they’ve earned through negotiations with the city will sway the election is condescending at best” and said the bonuses could not wait.

Read the entire story here.

Oops. You know you’re in trouble as a liberal Democrat when the head of the Federation of Labor lets you have it for trying to use bonuses for workers as a point to complain about.

4 thoughts on “After whining about bonuses being given to city workers, Taneeza Islam finds herself walking backwards.”

  1. Silly season. I get that she has to do something as opposition to TenHaken. But this was really dumb – does she expect him to not govern during the few months leading up to the election?

    Truth is that TenHaken has been a good mayor and certainly does not come off as self important like a previous mayor. So very difficult to run against this guy and should be. He’s a good one and will be interesting to see his path going forward.

  2. If I was advising her, I would have had her ask what took so long?

    Regarding organized labor .. it’s funny, but, the truckers are organized labor.

    “[Power to the people (my people)!]”

  3. She is very young, Mr. Dale. And inexperienced in the ways of the campaign. And probably is using all 5 of the Gs, every day, so you know her brain is as rotted as some others.

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