Governor Noem and former AG Jackley issue mutual endorsements in respective 2022 elections

Governor Noem and former AG Jackley issue mutual endorsements in respective 2022 elections

FEBRUARY 17, 2022

Pierre, SD – This afternoon, Governor Kristi Noem and former Attorney General Marty Jackley issued mutual endorsements, with Governor Noem endorsing former Attorney General Jackley in his election to retake his former post as South Dakota Attorney General and former Attorney General Jackley endorsing Governor Noem in her campaign for re-election this year.

Governor Noem stated the following in her endorsement of former Attorney General Jackley:

“South Dakota needs an Attorney General that believes in the constitution, has the confidence of law enforcement and the legal community, and understands the law. When any of these are lacking, our entire state feels the effect.

And so today, I am announcing my endorsement of Marty Jackley to be the next Attorney General of South Dakota. I believe that together we can work to uphold the law, keep our communities safe, and do great things for the people of South Dakota.”

Former Attorney General Jackley stated the following in issuing his endorsement of Governor Noem:

“South Dakota is thriving under Governor Noem’s leadership. She has my full support in her campaign for re-election. I am committed to working with Governor Noem and law enforcement to fight crime and to keep our South Dakota families safe. I am honored to receive her support and to offer her mine in this election.”


45 thoughts on “Governor Noem and former AG Jackley issue mutual endorsements in respective 2022 elections”

  1. This seems odd, they hated each other during the primary 4 years ago, and now they are endorsing each other? Seems like there is more to this.

    1. They both only care about getting to the next office and will do whatever it takes to do so.

      Most selfish people I have ever met and that is saying something for career politicians.

      1. Yeah .. I find myself getting that invested and I try to just back away and remember that we’re all human and working together we are stronger (assuming we have solid leadership).

  2. Dumb as a post Jason Ravnsborg is radioactive. Given his killing of Joe Boever and given his actions in the year and a half since, Noem had little choice but to throw him under the bus.

    1. He never killed anyone, it was ruled an accident. Get over it.

      Why was joe out in the middle of night, in the dark, in dark clothes, on the road?

      1. You mean with the light being on his cell into the next day. He was on the shoulder off the road, not expecting a reckless, distracted driver to not be in the driving lane. Read the report before making stupid comments.

      2. I think a more grammatically appropriate and accurate restatement would be “he killed Joe Boever by accident.” Say what you want, but despite intentions (or lack thereof) he was indeed the instrument of death.

        1. Right? I keep seeing this falsehood again and again. Jason Ravnsborg was a but-for cause of Mr. Boever’s death, but he was not found criminally culpable. They aren’t the same, and yet the misinformation just keeps getting repeated.

        2. Or Sunka, you could say “Joe killed himself by accident by being out on a dark road, in dark clothes, overmedicated, and stumbling in the road.” That is an accurate statement.

  3. Two of the most scandal plaqued candidates in our states history endorsing each other… oh how nice

      1. He’s not decorated. Bronze stars without V devices mean nothing and are regularly given to officers simply as a function of deployment. Source: am a vet, you don’t know what you are talking about.

        1. Ravnsborg is plenty decorated…look at his photos at the guard dinners each year.

          Hexham a lot more medals than most Sdirrs I know and I too am a vet…he had more than me

          He was deployed any times…you can try to pick on him but not on his litany service which is a lot more than most that run for office…like Noem and Jackley who did not serve at all.

          1. I’m not picking him. I’m picking on the people who portray a transportation officer who rarely left the fence as Sgt. York. He can be proud of his service without you making him out to be something he isnt.

  4. This is lovely.

    Three days late for Valentines Day!

    I feel bad they had beef in the first place.

    I’m wondering .. what does Governor Noem want prosecuted?

    Was it because our team “killed it” in the Belle Fourche parade last year? Cause that was just metaphorically.

    Then again, maybe she doesn’t want somebody prosecuted, but someone on her team is cooking something up.

    Who knows.

    Glad they’re getting along and showing how to do it.

    This cycle will be interesting.

  5. “We can work together to uphold the law”

    I never laughed so hard in my life when I read line

    1. Haven’t both of them broken or at least conducted questionable things?

      We no Noem did with her daughter and he has many skeletons in his closet.

  6. Looks like most of this string was written by Sour Ravns-grapes. One of the posts says “What was Boever doing out in the middle of the night…yadda yadda.” Ok, let’s make the dead guy the bad guy? WOW. Someone is living in an alternate reality.

    Decorated veteran? Yup, decorated his Taurus windshield with Joe Boever. So there’s that.

    Sheesh, what ever happened to accountability? Answer, it’s on the way.

    1. Accountability is on its way—it sure is–

      illegal robocalls
      daughter appraisal scandal
      misuse of the state plane

    2. Hutton, seriously? So it’s ok for a guy to be on the road walking to his truck that O by the way he recked that day. And on top of it all, he was so over-medicated that he was stumbling all over the road. But nope, Joe did nothing wrong. Had he stayed home, maybe he would still be alive today instead of causing an unfortunate accident?

      That is not making the dead guy the bad guy, that is owning up to the fact that Joe played a very significant part in his unfortunate death.

      1. Anonymous. That is horses*t. Yeah, put in on the dead victim. Rav was grossly negligent, distracted and driving in the ditch. Read the reports.

        1. Show me the facts and evidence Bull!!!! I listened to everything I could, and the investigators/prosecutors stated he was not distracted, he was not on his phone. What was the distraction, that’s right you can’t name anything.

          But we do know Joe was stumbling in the road, we do know he was way over-medicated, we do know he crashed his vehicle that day, we do know his own family stated his preferred choice in suicide was to be hit by a car, we do know he was on a dark road in dark clothes at night.

          And how was Ravnsborg in the ditch driving??? Did you listen to the committee tear that apart? Paint chips against the grass that were blown in the wind and by vehicles driving by for 24 hrs. O ya, there was a bolt in the road along with other factual evidence to point to he was in the road and could not have been that far over.

          Tell me this Mr. Detective, have you ever driven on the side of the road in a ditch??? I know I have never, even after I have looked down at my radio or speedometer, I never drifted over that much and crossed a rumble strip twice without knowing. It is almost near impossible to be driving that far over in the ditch. This is all a political shame.

          So sit down bull and let the big boys that can actually support their claim.

          1. Good for you. Mr R didn’t. Judge Brown found Ravnsborg guilty of two misdemeanors after the attorney general took a plea deal that allowed him to plead no contest to driving outside his lane and driving while using an electronic device.

  7. Go Hauggard and Ravnsburg. Noem runs from debating Steve. Kristi, Steve is ready to ask you some tough questions. Why are you so afraid of him? Marty and Kristi are on Sanford’s payroll. They do not have our best interests at heart.

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