Annette Bosworth’s Latest fundraising plea. Marty Jackley runs DSS with his minions, Annette is 100% innocent, and other tall tales.

Is it February yet? I’m not sure it can’t come too soon, so the Bosworth circus can finally pack their tents up and break camp.

I was mentioning ‘Bosworthian’ fundraising pleas yesterday, when I was talking about Rick Weiland’s latest cash beg. Coincidentally, today brings us an ACTUAL new Bosworth fundraising plea.

Although it was dated for December, my correspondent received in the last few days. And as you might expect, it’s a bit much:

New Boz Letter

“That 8-page letter made it into the hands of Attorney General Marty Jackley as well as several of the other establishment politicians in South Dakota.

Well, no kidding. When you send out thousands of letters, a few are going to come back to SD for episodes of eye-rolling.   And people wondering exactly when all this alleged “preacher interrogation” took place that she keeps bringing up.  And if you thought that claim continues to be a stretch……..:

The Department of Social Services, run by AG Marty Jackley, receives hundreds of millions of dollars in federal money to care for them .

Did I miss it when the Governor handed over the Department of Social Services to the Attorney General?  No? Then I guess the letter would be lying here.

Which has an effect of impeaching it’s testimony in other places, such as where it claims – I AM 100 PERCENT INNOCENT.

The problem with this claim is that Bosworth has publicly admitted the conduct for which she’s been charged with. I’m not sure how that makes her 100% innocent.  Or even 75%.

Anyway, according to the letter, you can donate $500, $1000, or $2500 to Annette’s legal fund.  And even better, the donation form has a place for you to put all your credit card information on the donation form, including the CVV number for your card.

Oddly enough, much like many of the claims she makes in the letter, I’m not sure that I would be comfortable with that.

10 thoughts on “Annette Bosworth’s Latest fundraising plea. Marty Jackley runs DSS with his minions, Annette is 100% innocent, and other tall tales.”

    1. Hey Dicta, when are you going to respond to my challenges on alternative marriage arrangements?

  1. Pat, if you’re not comfortable giving her your card information, you could always just send her a check.

  2. Are Howie and Hubbel going to do a “Live Aid” type thing to help raise funds for her legal bills? I’d pay to NOT have to watch that.

  3. I am fairly offended on how she uses the Christian Faith in this manner, does that make me un-christian?

  4. Love the constant references to the “old RV”. Maybe she shouldn’t have posted all the photos of the thing. Nice, class III, probably $80k used.


  5. At least the return address is Tea, not DC. However, it has the look of a nationwide letter like they used from that fraudulent company (can’t think of the name). I wonder if they now ‘own’ that list of donors from the primary to continue to swindle them? That’s unfortunate, if so and it looks like it.

    Also, that writing/verbiage seems to be of Chad’s, not Annette’s. If so, Chad, you forgot to capitalize “He”. And also, I think the ‘not be surprised or shocked when you go through painful trials’ is actually meant when you’re doing good, not bad.

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