Another oil train derailment which didn’t have to happen.

From the Associated Press:

A train that derailed and caught fire early Wednesday in rural North Dakota was hauling crude from the state’s oil patch, but it wasn’t immediately known whether it had been treated under new state rules aimed at reducing the volatility of oil from the region.


The train had 109 cars, 107 with crude oil and two buffer cars between the tankers and engine that were loaded with sand, BNSF said. It was unclear how many derailed. There was no immediate word on the cause.

Since 2006, the U.S. and Canada have seen at least 24 oil train accidents involving a fire, derailment or significant amount of fuel spilled, according to federal accident records reviewed by The Associated Press. The derailment Wednesday was the fifth this year and comes less than a week after the Department of Transportation announced a rule to toughen construction standards for tens of thousands of tank cars that haul oil and other flammable liquids.

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And if we had a better oil pipeline infrastructure, would it have happened at all?

4 thoughts on “Another oil train derailment which didn’t have to happen.”

  1. What else do trains carry which requires buffer cars?

    This is crazy. The pipeline should be built by now.

  2. Thanks for making note of this here Pat. The environmental network is taking notice of the Dakota Access project here in SD and taking swings at it. This is an important issue and I appreciate your interest in it.


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