Another Legislative resignation coming tomorrow….

I’m hearing this evening that there’s a legislative resignation announcement coming at 10AM tomorrow.  (Dagnabit, the person who confirmed the rumor said it’s not public until then… so I need to honor that.)

Sounding like someone got a new job, precluding their continued service. And good for them for the opportunity.

9 thoughts on “Another Legislative resignation coming tomorrow….”

  1. Don’t run for office if you don’t have the integrity to fulfill your commitment.

    1. Like you would NOT take a better job opportunity if one came along. Your distain for people on the right is very obvious.

  2. This is why we need to pay them $15k a year. We should also pay our statewide officials more so Dusty Johnson, Jarrod Johnson, Larry Long, Steve Kolbeck etc can afford to stay on the job.

    1. I don’t think pay was a big factor for any of those resignations, except for maybe Kolbeck. Larry and Dusty served the citizens in a different capacity, and I think any increase in pay was a nominal consideration. Jarrod had family issues.

  3. Whoever this person is, Republican or Democrat, I thank them for their service and wish them the best.

    If they have discerned this is good for them and their family, I believe this is their only moral choice. I do not believe I or the public have a claim on them which supersedes their obligation to God or family.

  4. I was hoping it was Peters, so the Gov. could appoint Hubbel to take her place. Of course the way Peters hung around Rave, maybe she’ll be the next to quit !

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