As a state legislator, I call upon my magical state legislator powers, and banish thee…

The short term lending campaign is getting a bit silly at this point:

Hickey does not expect this kind of commotion to die down any time soon, but says these alleged efforts will not stop his goal of capping payday loan interest rates.

“As a state legislator, I call for North American Title Loan Company to leave the state of South Dakota,” Hickey said.

Read it here.

Is that like Kathy Tyler using her authority as a legislator to overturn the decision of a court?

How exactly does a state legislator call for a company to leave the state of South Dakota? Could it be magical state legislator powers that supersede time, space, the rules of evidence, South Dakota State Translation: Property of the Legislative Research Council. Law and the US Constitution?

I’m guessing it didn’t work since he’s resigning. (Steve must not have turned his magic ring back in to LRC, and thought it would still work.)

59 thoughts on “As a state legislator, I call upon my magical state legislator powers, and banish thee…”

  1. Hickey has several roles to play in his life. Individual citizen, pastor, and legislator. I took his statement as clarification as to which constituency he was representing and in what capacity. This is a pretty stupid post, Pat. I hope it’s not the one you were pimping while driving yesterday. 😉

    1. Mr. Fleming, your justification is stupid. Especially if Hickey was acting in his capacity as a legislator.

      What legislator tries to kick businesses out of his district? If he has this authority, where were his previous excommunication of strip clubs and porn shops?

      This is just ego run wild.

      1. Anyone has the ‘authority’ to ask anyone to do anything. It’s called the First Amendment. Powers exercises this authority every day and sometime abuses it with stupid posts like this.

        1. No one is suggesting that the irreverend Hickey can’t say what he said.

          As with all hate speech, there are consequences, and ridicule is one of them.

          Just like homophobic speech or racist speech, Hickey’s bizarre hate for people and businesses that he does not approve of is well, UNAMERICAN.

    2. This has got to be just a teaser story Bill…….. No one would rocket down the interstate for this …….

  2. Generations from now, our descendents will celebrate the legend of Saint Steven for driving all the snakes of South Dakota into the sea where they drowned.

      1. Steve, you seem to view free market economics as “evil.” I don’t.

        There’s plenty of competition in the market and interest rates are established by what the demand is.

        I understand you feel your efforts will “help” people, but I believe you’ll harm more than you’ll help. You’ll simply eliminate the legal means for some people to obtain short term loans.

        You think that’s a good thing, I don’t.

        1. I view free market as evil? Nothing is further from the truth. If Republicans can incentivize some companies – and we do – we can de-centivize others – and we should.

          Our Ag Dept sides with large milk producers against small milk procedures in the name of public safety. Is that okay or nanny stating? As related to lending, some products are bad for the public and the rest of us pick up the tab. I oppose irresponsible lending.

          1. Steve, those examples are more representative of crony capitalism than free markets.

            For the most part, government shouldn’t use its power (force) to determine winners and losers in the marketplace.

            You seek to ban an industry that is serving a need, yet you offer no alternative to that industry, because, as you’ve noted, if your efforts are successful it will no longer be viable.

            The need will still exist, but you simply seek to eliminate the legal means to address them.

            I’d be more supportive of your efforts, if you were willing to consider alternatives, or offer to provide them.

            1. the real alternative is education, money management skills and discipline.

              I know there are classes for no charge, and LSS will help with some of it.

  3. The company CEO hires a professional race baiter to come to town and create a potentially violent racial incident at a SD business expressly to take out a threat to his profits.

    The voters in my district voted three times for me to not sit back and look the other way and have no coherent thoughts about anything and sit quiet 11 months of the year.

    Republicans should celebrate good business and out the bad players.

    1. Steve, who determines who the bad players? You?

      So, when an athiest is elected to the legislature, are you intimating that because of your office they’ll be proper demanding that churches be kicked out of the state? It’s a slippery slope that demands that the legislator uttering it be tweaked.

      Your constituents didn’t elect you to be the decider. They elected you to represent them. There’s a difference.

      It wasn’t cool when Kathy Tyler was trying to do it. And it’s still not.

      1. So Pat, really? Is this the thing you were so excited to post yesterday that you had to call in a teaser from the road? Please say it ain’t so, and that you have something truly interesting coming.

      2. Common decency determines the bad players. Amazing public support for Josiah’s and outcry against Deacon Pete and I gave voice to that as a rep. It’s okay for an elected official to note the self-evident and say we don’t want that here. To me its as telling who sits quiet when issues arise as it is who speaks out. SD needs some leaders, moral leaders. I reject the Republican value that says if it makes money that’s all that matters.

        1. Such as moral leaders who in the past railed on about mixing of the races? Or perhaps those moral leaders who said young women should be quiet, being seen and not heard?

          That’s the problem with those who place themselves above others and declare themselves to be the moral authority. Usually it’s just about their own ego.

        2. “You are wrong! We are the moral leaders who determine how you will act. Anyone who does not follow the will of Allah will be beheaded!”

          I’m kidding. I’m not really affiliated with terrorists. But that’s what Steve Hickey is starting to sound like with all his moral leadership talk.

  4. Hickey is going to end up being sued by this Aycox guy. And I think a judge would agree that Hickey has made false defamatory statements about him. Hickey needs to produce some evidence or shut up before he gets hauled into court for the baseless attacks.

  5. Last night when I woke up and have my usual glass of milk, I admit I checked in to see what I was “hanging on” for. Nothing. After my shower, still nothing. Get to work and I read this.

    My first reaction was, huh? So I read it twice and said to myself “this has to be a joke” because in a democracy, legislators declare nothing and the statement is ludicrous. I read it again and I actually chuckled and then chuckled at Pat’s “magic ring” rejoinder. Even serious issues can use some humor to keep the tension down.

    Steve has taken a lot of heat for placing himself on a pedestal as THE arbiter of good and evil. I immediately assumed it was a self-depracating parody of himself said tongue-in-cheek. Steve has resigned and soon is leaving for to study in his vocation. Yep, Steve and Pat are “conspiring” to make a joke. I’m not going to be part of the joke. So, I waited for the punch-line.

    But, then I read Steve is seriously putting this out as part of his “coherent thought” and my laughter became incredulity. OMG, Steve isn’t making a parody of himself. He has become his caricature. Write it down, on August 13, 2015, I’m truly speechless.

    1. Troy, as I noted above, this wasn’t what I told people to hang on for. Sometimes I work on things for a while, because I have a job.

      Actually, I took on 2 new ones this week, one big, one small, and I’m hoping I can get another project that’s been percolating for a while put together today.

      So as for yesterday’s teaser, “Hang on. It’s coming….”

      1. Pat, my comment wasn’t dissing the significance of what you actually posted. Because it is serious and not a joke, it is significant.

    2. Is not Steve Hickey just stating his opinion? Many Republicans and a whole lot of others agree with him and are outraged by this outfit and their tactics. My question is… why isn’t everyone? Why does their behavior not alarm you? You can look the other way while these guys try to ruin a local business?

      Oh, I think I get it now. Hildebrand wants a law that makes it harder for them to make their profits so they are getting even. Is that it? If so, there is one big problem with that. Hildebrand and Hickey are asking the voters to decide. These “lenders” have decided they can shut someone down on their own.

  6. In my capacity as citizen I hereby decree that His Holiness Steve Hickey should depart the state. And preferably the Country.

    Let’s see if it works.

  7. Steve,

    I might have been made speechless for a obviously a second.

    “Common decency” includes the word common implying consensus and not what you declare. “Hickey decency” does not automatically equal “common decency.” Thus, your use of “self-evident” is appropriate.

    And, your last comment “Republican value” = “making money is all that matters” sounds like crap Bernie Sanders is saying. The reality is no business survives and people don’t keep their job unless the business makes money. Demonizing making money is in effect demonizing self-reliance and human dignity of every person who works.

  8. Mr. Hickey, I applaud your efforts but think you have it all wrong. In a free market environment rather than legislate against something you should provide a competitive service and charge what you think is fair. True competition not regulation is the ONLY method to improve quality and lower cost. If you are serious about protecting these consumers put some skin in the game.

  9. Steve that last comment is why I can no longer take any of your crusades seriously . If you really believe that it’s a Republican value that says if it makes money that’s all that matters you have truly become irrelevant . Those of us who are proud to call ourselves Republicans must , by your criteria support organized crime , selling baby parts & organs , drug cartels etc. It’s a blessing that you are no longer a legislator & are leaving the country .

      1. That is the essence of Mike Verchio. He truly is a very small person. He is nothing but an empty suit for manipulation by “Republican Leadership.” Truly a waste of good hot air, but a wonderful windbag.

        I’m no fan of Hickey’s liberal ideas, but I’m not a fan of Verchio’s liberal ideas either. Verchio is a much better a$$ kisser than Hickey. Verchio was chairman and Hickey was vice-chairman of the Transportation Committee.

  10. This post is pretty funny and knowing Hickey well he is shrugging his shoulders and laughing as I am on all the Republican Free Market jive going down. If we truly were a group of Free Marketers we would be demanding the legalization of pot because that black market is certainly not good for tax revenue. And who are we to tell some poor dude that smoking weed ain’t good for him. Free will man, free will!! It is truly laughable.

  11. On a more sincere note I do agree with Rep Verchio that in being a legislator we never have any single monopoly on power but together the 105 certainly do. Also there should be a very high standard of humbleness applied to every public exchange. It’s good for public opinion of us all and votes.
    The general public will get to place their opinion on pay day lenders. And when the public speaks a good legislator listens.

  12. This little initiative in SD is about as good a vehicle as I can conceive of for illustrating the differences between the social conservative and libertarian trains of thought within the GOP. A fiscal conservative like myself is likely less interested in the outcome of this measure than I am in other issues.

    Just to close the loop, however, so all sides of the party are weighing in: what’s this law going to cost to enforce?

    Oops! One more view, as I’ve neglected the Trumpster’s out there: Hickey, Jones and Powers are all fat, stupid losers . . . blah, blah, blah.

  13. Let me try to turn the rhetoric down and ask some questions.

    Above Steve said, “I oppose irresponsible lending.” Besides sounding like someone is saying “I support irresponsible lending” which is like saying “I support irresponsible driving”, on its face, we don’t need a law to outlaw irresponsible lending because lenders who aren’t paid back ultimately go out of business in the market. So, obviously Steve meant something else. And since I presume he isn’t against lending, the operative word is “irresponsible” so I ask Steve who is being “irresponsible?”

    1) A Lender who won’t make $500 loan to a person with bad credit history in exchange for $507 in two weeks (36% Annual Percentage Rate allowed under this bill)?

    2) A Borrower with a bad credit history who in exchange for $500 today is willing to pay back $570 in two weeks (360% APR)?

    3) A Borrower with a bad credit history who in exchange for $500 today is willing to pay back $200 a week over three weeks (roughly 360% APR)?

    1. On it’s face this sounds Okay.

      Where we run into problems is, people can’t pay back the entire $570 (or $700) to the fix is to get a loan for ABC company for $570 to pay XYZ loan. they can’t pay ABC company the $640 so the cure is to get Another loan…. it turns in to a vicious cycle.

  14. MC,

    Before we can get to whoever the “we” is in the “we run into problems,” shouldn’t we first determine the one being irresponsible? Also, under your scenario, ultimately the amount gets to an amount where the the last lender holding the bag doesn’t get repaid and goes out of business. This is always where the discussion stops. “On its face this sounds okay” or some other statement and we go back to calling people evil.

    We have people in our midst who run into emergencies and the only solution they have before them is pay day lenders. With conversation that just stops with calling people evil, I’m not willing to accept taking away these adults only option. If there needs to be a governmental intrusion into the market, it needs to be justified and discussed. Neither of which occurs.

    Maybe Steve is busy but this isn’t the first time I’ve posed this or similar questions trying to get a rational justification out of Steve. I’ve offered to give him space on here to present it. And, everytime he goes silent.

    Until he shows he is willing explain his position in a way that is “cogent” to anyone who doesn’t just knee-jerk with 360% is too much, I’m left to reach two conclusions:

    1) He thinks I should just trust him because why I have no idea.
    2) He thinks he can invoke the poor and expect me to just accept his cause without question or reservations the cure is worse than the disease.

    Not happening.

    1. For a one time emergency, I can see a where one of these would be helpful.

      However when someone takes out a loan, The total cost may not be explained to them
      or they may not completely understand all of the terms.

  15. MC, to your two points:

    1) Federal and state regulations require full disclosure.

    2) This implies the WORKING poor are stupid and should be wards of the state. I don’t buy that.

    1. full disclosure sometimes isn’t enough. When someone’s situation gets to the point that they have to turn to a short term lender, they are often too concerned about the situation,to worry about the money or the cost of it. No they are not stupid, or should be wards of the state. Sometime their situation makes them do things they otherwise wouldn’t have done. I’ve been there, it is not a fun place.

      I’m all for putting this to a public vote. Normally such topics should be left to the legislature however there has been so much back and forth, let’s put it to a vote.

  16. MC,

    I didn’t ask a very tough question of Steve. But rather than answer a question and explain his proposal with regard to pay day lenders, I want to note that he had time to impugn via innuendo and accusation those who aren’t on his side. Just FYI as this has been standard modis operandi and he wonders why I won’t just accept what he declares to be good, bad, etc.

  17. MC,

    So in this situation, they should just be pseudo-wards of the state?

    Why do you doubt the legislators haven’t looked at this and have neglected the best solution? Because Steve Hickey tells you? Because he couldn’t get them to adopt his view of the world? His ineffectiveness isn’t a reason to put an issue to a vote.

    1. Troy your right… But his vindictiveness is a reason for him to put this to a vote…Lets face it these operations provide a service,, there wouldn’t be one on virtually every corner in Sioux Falls if they didn’t.. I get it.. Hickey has run into people who have destroyed their lives by abusing this service… I have run into people who have ruined their lives by abusing all you can eat restaurants. Do I think there should be legislation that limits these restaurants from encouraging their customers to come back? No…… Do I then get angry and decide to petition for a law to destroy these restaurants? No… Because I understand that the problem does not lie with the service….

  18. Comrade Lansing payday loans and shopping for mortgages are completely different and one would be coming from a completely different place in life when considering these? Do you realize how out of the ball park such a question is?

    It’s one thing to be a Communist but a stoned communist.

  19. The sad thing concerning payday lending is the fact there is a significant market for the loans.

    The concept is fine….emergency funding. But all too often, someone turns to this type of loan and cannot break the cycle. They keep borrowing and borrowing, digging deeper and deeper into a hole with no escape ladder.

    Part of the problem is people will turn to these lenders too early instead of exhausting other options. It’s the easy route, with very negative consequences. The number of these loans in play would shock you. Are that many of us truly in a financial emergency?

  20. Mr. Powers aka Anonymous … Did you know there’s an app where you can submit comments made on blogs and compare them to other comments on blogs for digital footprints, punctuation, word syntax and other common elements? Guess what? There’s a 98.7% assurance that you are the above anonymous poster, Mr. Powers. It’s like a digital DNA and used by the FBI. It’s sad. You must have had a terribly abusive childhood to need to post insults and name calling as you do. I’m hoping for your contentment, sir. Please continue to post as Anonymous but know you’re no longer hiding from yourself and the others on Dakota War College. PS … I won’t out you about the post of mine you deleted. Your reputation is secure with me.

    1. Let’s see here;

      1) This is Mr. Power’s blog! That means it is his rules. If he wants to post anonymously, guess what? he can!

      2) you have spent entirely too much time and energy to determine something that nobody really doesn’t care about. However it is your time to spend as you see fit and your energy to waste.

    2. Porter, aside from this being off topic, as you have a tendency to be lately…… let me guess… You read about it this super secret detective app and it’s guarantees of accuracy based on a few snippets of text on the Internet? Of course it’s true. By the way, did I mention I was a supermodel?

      First off, I’m not sure what Anonymous comment you’re referring to. And as I’ve noted many times, I write the blog. I comment as myself, although I might use different user names, depending if I’m logged in, or doing it remotely, but it’s pretty distinctive when I do, using my name, avatar, or handle. I’m not sure what benefit I would receive by being anonymous.

      Otherwise, as the blog overlord, I’ll delete what I want, when I want, on the basis of appropriateness, most importantly being on topic. Your ability to post is solely at my discretion. If you keep it on topic, are relatively civil – and I grant BROAD latitude on that, refrain from being slanderous, etc., I generally don’t care. It’s an open forum for discussion.

      Post trash, or go off topic, generally act like an entitled idiot, etc? You might find your post removed for editorial purposes. Continual abuse, such as Mr Kurtz has found, will find you banned.

      Don’t like it? I don’t care.

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