27 thoughts on “Campaign kicks off against IM28; measure would remove taxes on tobacco, vaping”

  1. Rick Weiland understands there is no path for him to win a SD statewide election.
    So he is now the champion of SD initiative measures.
    Any internet sluths out there that can determine how lucrative of a position this is or isn’t?

    1. Have to admit, it’s the smart play on his part. Even if he only get 1/2 of his measures to pass, it more success then he has ever had when his name is in the ballot.

  2. Kristi Noem dug a huge hole on this one. She filled Weilands sails. They will use her words in every ad. Just like slick rick did in every response.

  3. Weed always creates a windfall in tax revenue, but only if the state can tax it. How do other states with legal recreational weed and no ability to tax it make everything work?

    1. They all tax it. And SD will too. This is a bunch of fear mongering – the legislature can simply define “consumption”. Vote Yes if you’re a real Republican that wants lower taxes!

    2. False! Even when taxed It is a money loser for states when all the costs are factored. Taxes go up or there are cuts in services. Those pushing full legalization and commercialization of THC never ever mention costs.

  4. It will be a sad day when grudznick has to pay tax on my seafood dinners and tasty adult beverages, while the tokers sleeping in the bushes just outside Arrowhead are lighting up twice as much in flakes of the demon weed, wrapped in the papers from the ZigZag, and paying no taxes. A sad day indeed.

    Almost puts me back to the old Libertarian Flat Tax days. But Mr. Wieland would mess that one up too, as he cannot write a legitimate or functional measure, initiated. My close personal friend, Lar, used to have a saying about this.

    1. Only if your seafood and adult beverages are not fit for human consumption. And if that’s the case, you should probably find a different place to eat.

    2. Most of the Tokers get their fix from their black market dealer and always will since it is and always will be cheaper plus it is tax free. The minority of recreational users who purchase legal THC products will be tax free under this too?

  5. Amazing how these MAGA people can’t figure out how to have less government in our lives and less subsidies for their lifestyle. You want to solve this problem, STOP SPENDING, it is that simple. We don’t need a new billion dollar prison, we don’t need our governor to fly all over the country on a private plane, we don’t need our SD National Guard in TX for publicity stunts, we don’t need to join every federal lawsuit, this list goes on.

    Instead of trying to convince people that if they save a few bucks on the grocery bill you will still tax them to enable your lifestyles, maybe consider spending less. I’ll be voting DEM for the state offices this year, this is getting ridiculous!

  6. You find out quickly how much government is concerned about your health when they are threatened with loss of tax revenues on items they supposedly wish you wouldn’t buy in the first place.

  7. Tobacco and vaping? Seriously? No way has this been proposed to eliminate from being taxed. Show me the proof!

    1. You need proof? Read the IM. It’s right in front of your nose. And even more alarming, under the IM, you’ll be able to wipe your arse tax-free.

      1. Yeah, we should be charging people for air, we make the job creators (the corporate donors) go through hoops to not pollute it. It should be bottled and sold, and taxed. Also, this wiping arse notion is liberal propaganda, you don’t need to do that, just wear a diaper like a real patriot.

    2. IM-28 would eliminate the sales tax on “anything sold for human consumption, except alcoholic beverages and prepared food.” The definition of “electronic smoking device” and “tobacco products” (both defined in SDCL 34-46-1) includes the term “intended for human consumption” in their definitions. IM-28 would undeniably exempt tobacco and vaping devices from taxation. This would create an absurd situation where a rotisserie chicken (prepared food) would be subject to tax, but cigarettes would not. IM-28 is a major problem.

      1. So legislators change the language after it passes. Not like they haven’t done that in the past. Kristi Noem agrees, tax on food needs to be gone.

    1. Absolutely right. If it’s not because of sales tax, it will be because of skyrocketing property taxes. Something has to give between these.

    2. No sitting GOP legislator would vote to implement a state income tax, it would be the nail in their political coffin. There are thousands of people who live here just because we don’t have a state income tax, if implemented they would leave the state. What would Noem brag about in her commercials if we had a state income tax? SD hands out $1.5B in tax credit to special interest groups, how about we trim that number and help out actual SD citizens? Five states don’t tax groceries or have a state income tax, if those states can figure it out, so can we.

      1. Tiffany did you always know that Tobacco and Vape products would be exempt from taxation? How about Marijuana products? Minnesota does not have an exemption for these.

        1. Tiffany Hello? No answer? Evidently now we will see many South Dakotans that were going to vote for this now vote against including our household and will work to get the word out. Who the heck wrote this anyways. Dakotans For Health? All the work and time we spent getting signatures were a waste!

      2. Might want to look at the property tax rate in those states. Where did you get the 1.5 billion number? Legitimately curious.

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