Candidate for Gov/Former Constitution Party Chair on the air. At least through Sunday

Republican Candidate for Governor Lora Hubbel has apparently gotten her credit card out, and is putting herself on the airwaves. At least for the balance of the weekend on KELO AM, according to the FCC:

2018-kelo-am-state-governor-lora-hubbel-328247-20180131-222750920-pdf by Pat Powers on Scribd

What’s the Hubbelcraft flying this weekend? Apparently this former chair of the constitution party is out parroting her paranoid fantasies in a 1 minute radio ad claiming that “a person registered as an Iowa Democrat until last year” is chair of the State GOP, so people should sign her petitions.

Really. I’m not kidding.

Hubbel is spending $384 on the radio advertisement which is actually $284 more than she reported raising in all of 2017.    I was just interviewed on this whole thing, so there’s more to the story coming out.

Can a candidate jump the shark before they’re a candidate?  We’ll see.

37 thoughts on “Candidate for Gov/Former Constitution Party Chair on the air. At least through Sunday”

  1. Now that is a perfect example of a true servant. I might have to have a fundraiser for her. Free will offering. Any Trumpster’s out there that want to get involved? Grassroots and power to the people. The media better get off their butts and start publishing her news releases.

  2. Mentally ill woman desperately seeking attention. Lora needs a 48 hour mental health evaluation. I feel sorry for her family who has to deal with her on a daily basis.

  3. It’s not an attention thing, it’s a calling. Lora is on a mission to fix SD. I admire that in a person.

    1. I agree- far to often we see corruption and it is time that the folks of South Dakota get off their butts and stand up for someone like Lora who is trying to make a positive difference!

  4. I think Ms. Hubbel is a very attractive young lady worthy of being on TV. I hope they show those commercials out here. Crazy and pretty is a combination the public loves. Bat guano!

    1. No people that get attacked unjustly do…

      Tara wy didn’t you donate to Lora you seem like her #1 supporter

  5. I am offering to do a good will fundraiser for her. In fact if there are sincere conservatives that will step up to the plate and not be fearful of the Republican brass, I will match all donations. This is a grassroots mission, not a special interest coilition.

  6. Let’s go Conservatives, step it up. Don’t be affraid. Say your name, say your name….Free speech…..

  7. I’d love to donate, but I spent all my money on a tent to put over my house to protect my family from chemtrails,

    1. No one…as she will NEVER be governor or the nominee of the Republican party….now she could become an Independent or Constitution party nominee then should could choose.

      I really don’t knw why she doesn’t run as an Independent so she can campaign into the fall….otherwise she is done come June.

  8. So much for the old adage don’t spend it all in one place….never heard of such a thing to advertise to get petition signatures

  9. I just heard the ad. Probably the least dynamic political ad I’ve ever heard. Apparently, not even Lora is excited about Lora.

  10. The only winner here is the radio station…this far out I believe they can charge the full rate also.

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