Press Release: State PUC Commissioner Fiegen diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer

State PUC Commissioner Fiegen diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer

PIERRE, S.D. – South Dakota Public Utilities Commissioner Kristie Fiegen has been diagnosed with curable breast cancer.

indexFiegen said her annual mammogram displayed small calcium calcifications, similar to what has shown up on previous mammograms. A small mass was detected on a follow-up ultrasound. A biopsy confirmed it was cancer. The mass is a Grade 1. Fiegen’s medical team has indicated that the early detection leads to a very good prognosis.

“I am grateful to my medical providers for this early diagnosis,” Fiegen said. “My family is strong in our faith and appreciates the prayers and support of our many friends as we begin this fight.”

A team of medical providers in Sioux Falls, S.D., is working with Fiegen to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Fiegen said she expects to fully recover and continue her dedication to South Dakota and its consumers. She plans to be active in the business of the commission throughout her treatment.


Secretary of State hasn’t seen language on Felon voting bill, feels 2012 measure is appropriate.

In recent days, much has been written about State Senator Craig Tieszen’s proposal to relax the current voting prohibition on convicted felons voting until completion of their sentence. But don’t look for the Secretary of State to support Tieszen’s proposal.

In fact, it remains to be seen whether anyone has asked the incoming Secretary of State for input on the measure being proposed.

In an interview with, Secretary of State Shantel Krebs, while she cedes authority to propose the measure rests with the legislative branch; as the person who would work with the court system to implement it, Krebs notes that she “hasn’t seen the language in the bill” yet. Krebs went on to note that ultimately, “any changes would be voted on by the legislature.”

While the American Civil Liberties Union was active in lobbying for relaxed voting restrictions on convicted felons in 2012, as the state’s chief elections officer, Krebs hasn’t heard from any outside groups on the bill at this point.

Krebs told SDWC that “Anything that has to do with felons voting is a public policy issue that rests with the legislature.” And, while she “can’t speak for the legislature,” Krebs doesn’t “see supporting any changes to current statute,” and feels that the changes in the 2012 proposal primed by State Senator Gene Abdallah “are what’s appropriate.”

Krebs went on to say that she is in “approval of the current law.“