5 thoughts on “Chris Christie’s first TV Ad – Leadership”

  1. He has no leadership qualities just those of a loud mouth jackas* that is overly concerned about compensating for his lack of leadership

  2. I’d probably never vote for Rick Santorum, but I believe he and Carly Fiorina would make vastly more constructive contributions on the debate stage than Chris Christie or Rick Perry, and part of me wishes Christie and Perry would both just go away.

    1. Agree on Christie but not on Perry. Also, if Santorum were the one running against whichever socialist the Dems put up, I’d vote for Rick every day of the week and twice on Sunday (Oh, wait, I’m not a Democrat so I believe in only one vote per CITIZEN).

  3. I think he read the prompt wrong. It isn’t “I mean …” It should have just said “I’m mean.” He is a Jersey jerk and as BIG of a RINO as they come in more than one way.

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